2019 Annual Reports

 Table of Contents

Agenda 2

Chairperson’s Message 3

Minutes of February 17, 2019 Annual Meeting 4-7


Presbytery 8

Ministry & Personnel 9

Pastoral Charge Supervisor 10

Board of Trustees 11

Property 12

UCW Report and Officers for 2020 13

UCW Financial Statement & 2020 Budget 14-15

Mission & Service 16

Neepawa Pastoral Charge Mission & Service Fund 17

Senior Choir 17

Worship 18

Church Brunches 19

Sunday School 19

Membership 20

Neepawa United Church Statistics 21

Neepawa & Area Pastoral Charge Financial Reports 22-23

2019 Income Statement and Bank Reconciliation

Neepawa United Church Financial Reports

Income & Expenditures – Exhibit A 24

Memorial, Intern & Building Funds – Exhibit B 25

Neepawa United Church Balance Sheet – Exhibit C 25

2020 Budget 26

Nominating Report 27
2020 Church Board 28

Presbytery Financial Report 29



Neepawa United Church

Annual Congregational Meeting – Sunday February 23, 2020



Opening Worship

Call to Order

Opening Motions

Minutes of the February 17, 2019 Annual Meeting

Chairperson’s Message


Scripture Reading

Minister Search Committee Report


a) Prairie to Pine Region

b) Ministry & Personnel

c) Pastoral Charge Supervisor

d) Board of Trustees

e) Property

f) UCW Report, Officers 2020, Financials & 2020 Budget

g) Mission & Service

h) Neepawa & Area Pastoral Charge Mission & Service Fund

i) Senior Choir & Financials

j) Worship

k) Church Brunches

l) Church Sunday School

m) Membership

n) Neepawa United Church Statistics

o) Neepawa & Area Pastoral Charge Statistics

New Business

a) Rita Friesen’s Re-Appointment as Sacraments Elder


Financial Reports:

Neepawa United Church 2019 Financials

Income & Expenses – Exhibit A

Memorial, Intern & Building Funds – Exhibit B

Neepawa United Church Balance Sheet – Exhibit C

Neepawa & Area Pastoral Charge Financial Report

2019 Financial Statement

2019 Bank Reconciliation

Neepawa United Church Proposed 2020 Budget for Adoption

Financial Report for 2019

Motions for Signing Officers and Financial Reviewer

Minute for Mission

Prayers of the People and The Lord’s Prayer

Nomination Report

Motions re: Nominations

Commission and Blessing





Chairman’s Message – Annual Report 2019


This will be my last report after four years as Chairman of the Board.

Some of the highlights of 2019 have been:

Our Financial Records have been reviewed by Judy Elgert, CPA, CMA.

The Charitable Tax Return and the United Church Statistical Report have both been submitted as required.

Bert Lowry, Chairman of the board


Neepawa United Church

Annual Meeting

February 17, 2019


Brian Elgert chaired the Annual Meeting which was held as part of the Church Service. Members present had a written copy of the Annual Report.

Brian introduced John Lea, our Pastoral Charge Supervisor, and Heather Lea, the Head of the Regional Committee on Community Faith Support.


Opening Motions:


1. MOTION: Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Donna Newton that Brian Elgert be the chairperson for this meeting. Carried.


2. MOTION: Moved by Brian Bailey and seconded by Ella Jarvis that Linda Hart be recording secretary for this meeting. Carried.


3. MOTION: Moved by Ann Nielsen and seconded by Susan Phillips that all adherents along with the members of Neepawa United Church be given the ability to speak to the meeting and vote on temporal matters. Carried.


4. MOTION: Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Jane Goudie that the Order of Worship be the agenda for this meeting. Carried.


5. MOTION: Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Jan Bailey that the congregational annual meeting be adjourned immediately following the Blessing song with no further motion necessary. Carried.


6. MOTION: Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Elsie Slimmon that the minutes of the Annual Meeting of February 4, 2018 be adopted. Carried.


Chairperson’s Message

Brian Elgert referred to the Chairperson’s Message by Bert Lowry in the Annual Report. Brian highlighted Bert’s thank yous to the Worship Leadership Team, Rita Friesen, Neepawa United Church Choir and organists, United Church Women, Nick Eu, Dwayne Petch, Doug Guy and Dawn Gardy.


Ministers Profile Committee Report


Brian Bailey reported on the work of this Committee. The Ministry Profile and Financial Viability forms had been completed with Brookdale as part of the Larger Parish. After notice that Brookdale wanted to be a single point charge, the forms were redone with information for only Neepawa United Church. The Committee is currently waiting for the appointment of a new liaison representative from our Region.





Brian referred to the following reports in the Annual Report:


a) Minister’s Report

b) Presbytery Report

c) Ministry & Personnel Report

d) Board of Trustees Report

e) Property Report

f) UCW Annual Report, Officers 2019, Financials & 2019 Budget

g) Mission and Supply Committee Report

h) Mission & Service Report

i) Neepawa & Area Pastoral Charge Mission & Service Fund

j) Senior Choir Report & Financials

k) Worship Committee Report

l) Church Brunches Report

m) Sunday School Report

n) Membership Report

o) Neepawa United Church Statistics

p) Neepawa and Area Pastoral Charge Statistics


MOTION: Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Kay Kristjanson that the reports in the 2018 Annual Report be accepted as printed, with the exception of the Financial Reports. Carried.


New Business

a) Single Point Charge

John Lea took the Chair for this portion of New Business. Heather Lea spoke to the single point charge issue. Brookdale has requested to become a single point charge and leave the Neepawa and Area Larger Parish. Neepawa United Church must decide at a Congregational Meeting if they wish to do the same. This allows the congregation to be informed and to ask questions. Congregation members expressed both sad and hopeful feelings at the dissolution of the Neepawa and Area Larger Parish. Best wishes were sent to Brookdale United Church. The disbanding of the Neepawa and Area Larger Parish has caused some delays in our search for a new minister.


MOTION:  Moved by Brian Elgert, seconded by Brian Bailey

“Whereas Brookdale United Church has advised of their wish to proceed as a single point pastoral charge, I move that we proceed as a single point pastoral charge as Neepawa United Church as soon as all the Neepawa and Area Pastoral Charge issues have been addressed” Carried


Heather Lea informed the Congregation that Neepawa and Brookdale have to decide on the date when the Neepawa and Area Pastoral Charge will be disbanded and send that information to the Region for them to act upon it.


b) Neepawa United Church Policies and Procedures Manual

Brian Elgert resumed as Chair. He noted that Bob Durston had coordinated the revision of the Policies and Procedures Manual.


MOTION: Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Ann Nielsen that the Neepawa United Church adopt the Neepawa United Church Policies and Procedures Manual dated January 15, 2019. Carried.


c) Rita Friesen’s Re-Appointment as Sacraments Elder

Susan Phillips indicated that Rita Friesen must be approved as a Sacraments Elder for a further one-year period.


MOTION: Moved by Susan Phillips and seconded by Bob Durston that the Neepawa United Church recommend to the Region that Rita Friesen be authorized to continue as a Sacraments Elder from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2010. Carried.


Financial Reports


a) Brian Elgert referred to:


MOTION: Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Susan Phillips that the 2018 Financial Statement and 2019 Budget and allocations for the Neepawa and Area Pastoral Charge be accepted.



b) Brian Elgert referred to the Financial Report for Neepawa United Church as follows:


MOTION: Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Ella Jarvis that the 2018 Neepawa United Church Financial Statements & Report be accepted as printed. Carried.


c) Brian referred to the 2019 Neepawa United Church Budget printed in the Annual Report.


MOTION: Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Brian Bailey that the 2019 Neepawa United Church Budget be accepted. Carried.









Nominating Committee Report for the 2019 Annual Meeting





Bert Lowry term extended to 2020


Vice chair


Jane Goudie one-year term to 2020

Past Chair

Brian Elgert term extended to 2020



John Douglas term extended to 2020


Pastoral Care

Betty Ebner term extended to 2020


Ministry & Personnel

Brian Bailey term extended to 2020




Linda Hart term to January 2021



Bob Durston term to January 2021

Regional Rep


Susan Phillips Chair term to January 2021

Mission & Service


Susan Phillips Chair term to January 2021



Pat Fedoruk Chair term to January 2021

Members at Large


Judy Elgert term to January 2021



Ella Jarvis term to January 2020



John Forke term to January 2021



Dave Cochrane term to January 2021



Jan Bailey term to January 2020



vacant - to be elected for term to 2021




Nominating report submitted by Bert Lowry and Brian Elgert February 17, 2019



Brian Elgert asked for nominations from the floor three times. There were no further nominations.


MOTION: Moved by Nora Kaye and seconded by Donna Newton that the Nomination Report for 2019 be accepted and further that the Board be given the authority to fill vacant positions on the Board. Carried.


Motions for Signing Officers and Financial Reviewer


MOTION: Moved by Eileen Newton and seconded by Dave Cochrane that Judy Elgert be appointed as the financial reviewer for this year. Carried.


MOTION: Moved by Patricia Mitchell and seconded by Norma Owen that any two of Jane Goudie, Brian Bailey or Bob Durston be signing officers. Carried.




Report from your Prairie to Pine Regional reps


2019 saw the end of presbyteries, so for the first time ever, there is no Presbytery Report!

Instead, Donna Newton and I will report as your Prairie to Pine Regional reps. Prairie to Pine Region covers northwest Ontario (from the time zone change, west of Thunder Bay) to the Saskatchewan border. The Region held its first Annual Meeting in Brandon, in June. We met for 3 days and listened to many reports from many dedicated people. We were introduced to our moderator, The Right Reverend Dr Richard Bott. It is a joy to be in the same room as Richard, so if you have a chance to meet him, do take the opportunity! We learned a little more about how the new church structure might work—it really is a work in progress! And we talked about ways to stay connected with our neighboring communities of faith. We sang and prayed and laughed and worshiped. The worship and singing are the highlights for me. (Well, laughing is pretty good too, but when you get to worship and sing with about 300 other folks, and some very talented musicians, it really is something!)

One way the Region is helping us to stay connected is through a newsletter that is emailed regularly. This newsletter includes updates regarding policy and personnel, as well as notices of all kinds of events that are happening all over the region. If you would like to know more about this, please speak to either Donna or me and we can have you put on a mailing list.

As Leonard Cohen wrote, the times, they are a changing! It can feel strange and confusing, but together, we’ll get it figured out!

Thank you for the opportunity to represent Neepawa United Church!

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Newton

Susan Phillips


















Ministry and Personnel Committee Report - 2019


The Ministry and Personnel Committee for the Neepawa United Church consists of the following individuals: Rita Friesen, Susan Phillips, Dave Dyck, and Brian Bailey. It has been an uneventful year with only a few issues requiring resolution. Much of what goes on in this committee remains confidential as we deal with various personnel issues. It seems appropriate that we share the duties of this committee as we really need a fifth member on our committee. Knowing the responsibilities of membership in this committee, hopefully, makes it easier to volunteer. Please be aware that any concerns regarding staff must be made in writing, duly signed and submitted to the M.& P. Committee. Hearsay concerns will not be addressed.




One of the current requirements that we are addressing is the necessary Criminal Records Check and Child Abuse Registry reports that must be experienced by all staff and volunteers who have contact with children and/or vulnerable individuals. This will be an ongoing requirement for those in positions of leadership within the church.


Our weekly ministry supply has been very capably handled by Ruth Hanke. She has drawn from a group of worship leaders to provide us with supply ministers every week. Thanks to Ruth for providing us with a pleasing variety of worship leaders. Also, thanks to the Leadership Team that has provided occasional worship leadership throughout the year. All of this adds credence to the claim made on our welcome sign that the minister here includes “All of Us”.


Respectfully submitted by,

Brian Bailey





Supervisor’s Report

Neepawa & Area Pastoral Charge / Neepawa Pastoral Charge

January 2020

Named, initially by the Conference of Manitoba, and now with the authority of the Prairie to Pine Regional Council, my purpose is to be with you - the Boards, and congregation to support, encourage and generally to supervise the work of the pastoral charge.

In the past 18 months I have accompanied you and specifically the folk on the Board(s) through normal workings of church life. Hearing what your committees are up to (or not), encouraging conversation about best steps to deal with issues, responding to questions about structure, membership, protocol, including changes that are being implemented at the regional and general council level. [“can we …? how do we go about …? is it Ok if …? where might we find …?”]

I have supported your board(s) with their decision to split the Neepawa & Area pastoral charge into separate bodies (which happened April 1, ’19). I continue to relate to both Brookdale and Neepawa, until a more permanent ministry solution is found. Others appointed by the Region are working specifically in the search process with the folk you have named.

I have responded to invitations from the M. & P. committee to seek guidance in their process, to hear their thinking & frustrations with issues under their purview. I recognize their hard and diligent work.

With you, I acknowledge the large contribution of Rita Friesen in leadership of worship, Sacraments Elder, as well as funeral and community ministry. I hear positive reviews of the work of the worship leadership team, the GAP folk, and others as worship has continued uninterrupted.

I was glad for your willingness to feature the reflections on the residential school display. You use the building and provide some leadership supporting community ministry (after school learning of nutrition, cooking, etc.)

I am encouraged by your participation in inter-church Lenten meditation and reflections. Blue Christmas services.

You continue to address issues of the building by upgrading heating and structural repairs.

With you, I acknowledge the support of UCW financially, and their real ministry of caring and serving: Lunches at funerals, acknowledging anniversaries of deaths, keeping in touch with similar groups within the community.

I have appreciated Bert Lowry’s gifts as chair of your board, his availability even while being “not live” (his term meaning “in body”) at the board table. I look forward to experiencing Jane Goudie’s touch as she assumes the chair-person’s position.

I have appreciated the confidence that you have in yourselves, and the humour that sometimes shows when shortcomings are acknowledged. It is good to work with you.

-- John Lea --







Board of Trustees Report



The trustees for 2019: John Forke, Dave Cochrane and Jan Bailey

In November/December, we discussed the renewal of our insurance. John has had discussions with Don Schmall at Gill and Schmall Agencies to ensure our coverage is correct.

Insurance has been renewed with Red River Mutual.

































Property Report

2019 was a very busy and expensive year. We tendered the replacement of the two furnaces to high efficient furnaces due to the chimney liner failure and code requirements. Neepawa Plumbing and heating was the low tender. At the same time, we took out the gas hot water tank and replaced it with electric. The old gas hot water tank which was only a couple of years old was repurposed and replaced the 2-year-old gas hot water tank in the church.

The A/C unit that was put off last year for the meeting room was replaced this spring.

The CEC main area was painted this fall and the plan was to paint the whole CEC kitchen, bathrooms, stairwells. Halfway through the job our painter left use, but we are working on having the job completed by this spring.

With all of the heaving rain this summer/fall we found some foundation and drainage problems. We have been working on rectifying this issue and did a lot of work until an early snow fall and freeze-up shut this project down about 50% complete. It should be complete later in the spring when the ground thaws. This also included some roof/downspout issues.

Some work was done around the outside of the church to trim back trees and shrubs to make it easier to maintain the yard.

A concern was raised regarding lighting at the front entrance, so we increased the wattage of the existing lights plus added a wall wash light to the front entrance. We hope this will address the lighting concern.

After our annual insurance inspection there were some issues raised by the insurance inspector. With the donation of some fire extinguishers by Gill and Schmall and some work for Doug these concerns were addressed to the satisfaction of our insurance carrier.

The snow clearing schedule is working well for the most part and we thank all of those that have volunteered to fill all of the weekends. Finding enough volunteers to fill all of the weekends continues to be a challenge and will continue to be a challenge in the future.

Pat Baker has been doing a wonderful job of clearing the parking lot along with sanding it.


Many thanks to our touchwood clients for clearing snow and doing our spring and fall cleanups.  

I would like to thank Doug for all his hard work and effort in making things run smoothly and keeping things looking so good.

I would also like to thank Dawn for keeping me organized and for all her hard work.

Respectfully submitted
John Douglas


UCW Annual Report for 2019

Our UCW consists of 3 units who meet monthly or bi-monthly. Our general meetings continue to be held on the first Wednesday of the month from September to June at 10:00 am in the meeting room. And we continue to do the work and ministry we have always done. The UCW makes regular visits to Country Meadows, the hospital, and private homes as well as making lots of phone calls. We serve as greeters at Sunday morning worship. We maintain and supply the kitchen. We deliver cookie trays to our shut-ins and bereaved at Christmas (67 this year, as well as cards to those outside our area, or with dietary restrictions.) We participate in World Day of Prayer and Fellowship of the Least Coin Services in our community.

We held our usual fund-raising events: Soup and Sandwich Lunch in May and Gently-used Sales in April and October. We decided to hold a “Supperless Supper” in place of our usual Fall Supper at the end of October. That brought in $3920.00 along with lots of positive comments. In 2019, we catered 22 funeral lunches. Thank-you to all the members of the congregation who generously offer their time and support for all these events!

In 2019 we wrote cheques to the Church Board for $18,000 and Mission and Service for $2,000. We donated our Christmas Party offering ($276.55) to STARS ambulance service, as we know how important that service is for people in our area. For a complete list of donations made in 2019, please see our annual financial report.


The UCW at Neepawa United Church is alive and well, and will continue to serve where we can!


Thank you to all the women who, year after year, contribute time, talent, money and food to our numerous causes and events, and to our dedicated executive and unit leaders. God’s blessing on our very valuable United Church Women!

Our 2018 executive is as follows:

Co-Chairs Nora Kaye and Jan Bailey

Secretary Susan Phillips

Treasurer Elsie Slimmon

Kitchen Noreen Hollier

Visiting Ella Jarvis

Mission and Supply Eleanor Nicholson

Advertising Donna Newton

Gently Used Sale Conveners

Vice Chair

Fall Supper Convener


Respectfully submitted, Susan Phillips, Secretary

























Soup, Sandwich & Dessert Luncheon


Supperless Supper


Gently Used Sales




In/Out (Least Coin/Special Offering Christmas Meeting)







Church Board


Mission and Service


Secretary/Treasurer Supplies


Kitchen and Kitchen Equipment


Church School


Senior Choir




Community Friendship


Prairie to Pine Regional Council Bursary Fund


Rossbrook House Inc.


Operation Eyesight


Neepawa Community Ministries Centre-


SA Thrift Store and Christmas Cheer


The Leprosy Mission Canada


Sandy Saulteaux Spirtual Centre


Rock Lake United Church Camp Inc.


St. Andrews College


Annual UCW Fees


Catering (Funerals and Luncheon)






In/Out (Least Coin/Special Offering Christmas Meeting)




























































Mission & Service Report


Your Mission and Service committee consists of Leona Kutcher, Donna Smith, Elsie Slimmon, Donna Newton and Susan Phillips. We meet as required, to discuss ways of making M & S more relevant in our church community. We look for opportunities to pass on information about Mission and Service in the wider church, inform you about global initiatives and show, through stories and videos, how you are making a difference here and around the world with your M & S donations.


In 2019, we re-introduced our loose coin collection. During Lent we collected non-food items for Salvation Army. Over the summer we collected donations for school supplies. We arranged for the Brandon Indian Residential Mobile Learning Centre to be displayed in our church for a period of 2 weeks in the fall. During Advent, we worked with the Worship Committee and Sunday School for White Gift Sunday. We put up our Mitten Tree again, and we promoted Gifts with Vision--there are still catalogues in the narthex.


And thanks to your on-going generosity, we reached (and slightly surpassed) our 2019 goal of $15000.00! In addition, the UCW makes an annual contribution of $2000.00, which brought the total from Neepawa United Church to $17,027.05.


Thank you for your continued support. Loving our neighbour is at the heart of Mission and Service!


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Phillips
















Neepawa United Church Mission and Service Fund 2019 Contributions

Neepawa United Church 15,027.05
Neepawa United Church Women 2,000.00
Total 17,027.05

Respectfully submitted by Dawn Gardy, Office Manager








Senior Choir Report

The choir meets for practice the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM and each Sunday morning at 9:30 AM. preceding the service.

We are happy to have Greta Wiebe join us. New members are very welcome.

We attended the annual “Christmas in Song” in December when members of the Presbyterian choir joined with us.

We support families for funerals if requested and we are grateful for members of the congregations that join us. We also visit at Country Meadows to support the worship committee.

Thank you to our faithful leaders Brian Bailey, Carolyn Durston, Belinda Critchlow and Myra Bennet for their guidance and support.

Respectfully submitted by Evelyn McConnell

Worship Committee Report

The Worship Committee members for 2019 were: Colleen Taylor (Choir Liaison), Patricia Mitchell (Recording Secretary), Murray Hart (Membership Convenor), Lynda Lowry (Assistant Chairperson), Pat Fedoruk (Chairperson and Sacraments Convenor). We were also assisted by Cathy Ford (Ushering Convenor) and Judy Elgert and her team Nick Eu, David and Dale Elgert, Greta Wiebe (Audio & Visual equipment). Dwayne Petch and Tracy Richardson provided camera support for NACTV recording. The blessing of music for our Sunday services was provided by organists Carolyn Durston and Belinda Critchlow, and Brian Bailey and the choir. We are grateful to Myra Bennett and Pam Miller for filling in when required for regular and special services. The HIMS also contributed their talents.

Without a minister for the past eighteen months, the work of the GAP committee (Ruth Hanke and Dawn Gardy) has been vital. They scheduled speakers for the pulpit each week. Continuous words of praise go to Dawn Gardy and Judy Elgert for all of their behind the scenes work. They collaborate with the lay speakers each week to make Sunday services happen at Neepawa United Church.

The Sunday school team of teachers, Sandra Wiebe, Jacqui Acree and Allison Bailey capably provided spiritual guidance for the children of our church family.

Membership details for 2019 are found in a separate report. These were kept updated by our dedicated Roll Clerk, Murray Hart. Our committee met ten times over the past year. We recommended baptism and membership requests to the church Board. We assisted Sacraments Elder, Rita Friesen, with four communion services and a guest minister, Rev Joe Ball, with one. We provided assistance for baptisms, Lenten, Holy Week, Easter, Advent and Christmas services. Musicians for Holy Week were arranged. We honoured Mothers, Fathers and Graduates. An indoor picnic in June was organized. Summer services with St. James Anglican church were coordinated. For our community outreach project during Advent we prepared the Christmas morning service baggies. These were distributed with the UCW cookie trays, with the Salvation Army Christmas hampers and to our congregation. We sent out invitations and advertising for the Blue Christmas service. Refreshments were provided following that service and to the carollers on their evening.

Throughout the year we changed the sanctuary and narthex decor and banners to reflect the seasons of the church calendar.

The Worship Committee is grateful to all who have served through greeting, ushering, communion and other often unnoticed actions. Together we are the Neepawa United Church family. Please continue to pray for a minister to answer our call to our place of worship.

Respectfully Submitted, Pat Fedoruk Worship Committee Chairperson









Church Brunches Report


There were five brunches this past year, with the numbers served on average being 55 people. Brunches are usually held once a month with the exceptions of Oct. and Nov. due to the fall supper and Thanksgiving, and April, due to Easter and the UCW Spring Luncheon. The brunch price was raised from $8.00/plate for adults to $10.00/plate while children remained at $4.00/plate.

Team captains for the past year were:

September Noreen Hollier & Ruth Hanke
December Bruce & Sheila Bremner
February Donna Newton & Jan Bailey
March Donna Smith & Sharon Petch
May Linda Lowry & Sharon McCreath

Thank you to our dedicated captains and wonders as well as the congregation for your donations and support. If you have not been called to be on a team or you would like to help out with a brunch once a year, please call Sheila. (204-476-2455)


Submitted by Sheila Bremner



Sunday School Report


Our unit of study from Fall to December was entitled Kids Can Celebrate, which introduced the children to the Psalms, ancient prayers of Israel that God's people have sung and repeated for centuries. 


The children learned that there are Psalms of celebration, to sing with exuberance and dancing, as well as Psalms for times of sadness and regret.  They recognized that some Psalms express anger at God, while others express and deep longing for God. 


Throughout the session, children were invited to express their feelings to God.


They also celebrated that God understands and cares for us.


Respectfully submitted by Jacqueline Acree



















Membership Report

The Membership Roll includes only those who have been received as members of Neepawa United Church through Profession of Faith, Confirmation or Transfer in from a previous church.



Membership January 1 2019


Resident members


Non-Resident members


Total =




Received in 2019


By Profession of Faith or Confirmation


By Transfer In


By Reinstatement from Appendix




Total Received =




Removed in 2019


By Death: Resident




By Request


By Transfer Out (Resident)


Moved to Appendix




Total Residents Removed


Total Non-Residents Removed


Total Removed =




Moved from Resident to Non-Resident Status =




Moved from Non-Resident to Resident Status =




Total Membership December 31 2019


Resident members =


Non-Resident members =


Total =



Respectfully Submitted by Murray Hart, Membership Convener




Neepawa United Church Statistics


Neepawa Baptisms 2019 Total: 1
Harper June Lowry December 8

Neepawa Marriages 2019 Total: 0


Neepawa Funerals 2019 Total: 18
Annie Dobchuk January 4
Margaret Isabel Freeman January 17
Richard Allen Hanke February 7
Stewart Gordon Briese March 23
Kenneth Arthur Smyth April 27

Clifford Ross Birch June 15
Katherine Helen Anna Horback June 18
Wilfred Bradley June 19

Elgin Gordon Drayson July 12
Doreen Esther Mauthe July 19
Betty Jean McLaren August 2
Donna Marjorie Silbernagel August 10
Charles Mervin Drayson August 24
Beth Olive Fay Lindsay September 30
Barbara Frances Davie October 21
Alvin Roger Birch October 29
Vera Oreen Bray November 15
Jean Margaret Mack November 18







Neepawa and Area Pastoral Charge

Year End Income Statement & Bank Reconciliation

January 1-April 1, 2019
















Brookdale Allocation




Bank Balance 01-Jan-19



Neepawa Allocation




Plus Surplus










Bible Study Resources











Bank Balance 1-Apr-19







Minus O/S Cheque



















GIC Balance 01-Jan-19







Add Interest



Minister's Mileage







Minister's Telephone







RRP & Group Insurance




Internship Balance 1-Jan-19







Add Interest



ADP Charges & RST MB2




Internship Balance 1-Apr-19



Pastoral Office











Plan 24 Balance 1-Jan-19







Add Credit Interest



Regional Assessment




Less bank charges



Conference Fees




Plan 24 Balance 1-Apr-19



Casual Pay







Pulpit Supply




Surplus Shares



Pulpit Supply Mileage







Continuing Education




Reconciled Bank Balance



Office Equipment







Ministerial Dues




Internship Regular Savings



Petty Cash




Plan 24, ADP Account







Surplus Shares










Bank Service Charges


































































Neepawa United Church Financial Reports

Income & Expenditures – Exhibit A


Collections: Envelopes 82,956.28

Loose 2,030.42 84,986.70

Donations 36,319.68

Mission & Service 15,027.05

Broadview Subscriptions 295.00

Use of C.E. Centre 8,861.43

Spring Supper 3,484.21

United Church Women 18,000.00

Benevolent Fund 790.00

Misc.: Interest 3,416.55

GST rebate 515.79

Brunches 3,027.00

Office 557.15

Total 7,516.49

Total Operating Income 175,280.56



Contributions: Ministerial 41,711.61

Mission & Service 15,027.05 56,738.66

Christian Education Committee 1,558.80

Choir Leader 3,070.00

Organists 4,160.00

Electricity 5,334.84

Heat 4,762.05

Insurance 9,963.84

Maintenance 34,086.40

Broadview 1,050.00

Office Supplies and associated expenses 8,301.42

Property Taxes 1,517.80

Caretaking 13.299.00

Water 1,361.22

Sound 980.00

Benevolent fund 720.00

UCW 5723.00

Board expenses 1,025.12
Total Expenses 153,652.15

Surplus $21,628.41







Memorial, Intern & Building Funds – Exhibit B



Beginning Balance January 1, 2019 35,875.56

Donations 145.00

Share 5.00

Interest earned 660.27

Balance December 31, 2019 36,685.83


Beginning Balance January 1, 2019 20,721.34

Interest earned 323.77

Balance December 31, 2019 21,045.11


Beginning Balance January 1, 2019 130,577.15

Add: Donations 9,170.92

Estate donation 3,076.92

Interest 2,281.71

Balance December 31, 2019 145,106.67



Balance Sheet – Exhibit C


Current Assets:

Cash 166,310.69

Share from dissolution of Larger Parish 26,366.80

Memorial Fund 36,685.83

Intern Fund 21,045.11

Building Fund 145,106.67

Total 395,515.10

Fixed Assets:

Land original value 18,500.00

Building & contents 1,090,000.00

Total 1,108,500.00 1,108,500.00
Total Assets 1,504,015.10


Approved B Lowry Chair

R Durston Treasurer

Neepawa United Church 2020 Budget


Budget 2019

Actual 2019

Budget 2020

















Use of C.E Center








Spring Supper








Building Fund
























Mission & Service




CE Committee




Choir leader
























Office Supplies








Property Taxes












Board Expense








Building Fund

























Nominating Committee Report for the 2020 Annual Meeting



Term expires Dec 31, 2020

Term expires Dec 31, 2021



Jane Goudie

Vice chair



Past Chair


Bert Lowry



John Douglas

Pastoral Care


Betty Ebner

Ministry & Personnel


Brian Bailey


Linda Hart



Bob Durston


Regional Rep

Susan Phillips


Mission & Service

Susan Phillips



Pat Fedoruk


Members at Large

Judy Elgert




Ella Jarvis


John Forke



Dave Cockrane




Jan Bailey




Sacraments' Elder

Rita Friesen


Pastoral Supervisor

John Lea





Nominating report submitted by Bert Lowry and Jane Goudie, February 23, 2020













2020 Board Members


Past Chair Bert Lowry

Chairperson Jane Goudie

Vice Chair Vacant

Secretary Linda Hart

Treasurer Bob Durston

Regional Representative Susan Phillips

Donna Newton*

Property John Douglas

Stewardship Vacant

Pastoral Care Betty Ebner

Michelle Babcock*

Mission & Service Susan Phillips
Leona Kucher*
Donna Newton*

Donna Smith*

Elsie Slimmon*


UCW appointment, one vote Jan Bailey/Nora Kaye

Worship Pat Fedoruk

Lynda Lowry*

Patricia Mitchell*

Murray Hart*

Colleen Taylor*


Ministry & Personnel Brian Bailey

Dave Dyck*


Members-at-Large Judy Elgert

Ella Jarvis


Minister vacant

Pastoral Supervisor John Lea

Sacraments’ Elder Rita Friesen

Trustees (voting chair to be elected) John Forke

Jan Bailey

Dave Cochrane

*Non-voting committee members

Submitted by Bert Lowry and Jane Goudie



Neepawa United Church Financial Report for 2019

Memorial Fund -- This fund was set up to accept donations in memory of individuals or families and funds to be used only for purchasing items or repairs within the sanctuary. There was only $145.00 donated in memorials during 2019 and no estate donations.


Intern Fund – Set up by Brodie Estate with the interest to be used to assist interns supported in the Neepawa Pastoral Charge. If there are no interns, then the Board can terminate the fund by contributing the principal and accumulated interest to St Andrews College Intern Fund.


Building Fund – set up many years ago by CNR Still donation to build a new church. Since construction of the new church in 1992 the fund accepts donations annually to the fund by weekly giving’s through envelopes, PAR and designated donations. The funds are allocated by the Board to cover costs of major repairs to the facility and for onetime expenses that are not considered normal operating expenses.


General Account -- for the daily operation of the church. Over the years the church annually had a small deficit or a surplus. Most of the surplus has accumulated since the recent decline in the Larger Parish to 2 preaching points, one minister and now the Neepawa United Church is on its own since April 2019 with no minister called yet and so reduced costs. It is difficult to budget income as in some years income is above projections and sometimes below. Expenses are fairly stable, but they too fluctuate during the year. Expenses came in under budget and income over budget, contributing to the surplus for 2019.


The Neepawa United Church annually files Canada Revenue Agency’s Charitable tax return as soon as received. Neepawa also completes and files the annual United Church Statistical report when it becomes available.


The Neepawa United Church is currently in a stable financial position, but this may change as the congregational numbers continue to decline but has been relatively stable the last 4 years.


The financial records of the Church are reviewed annually by Judith Elgert, and statement issued that is on file.