Time and Talent Auction

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Christian Education Centre

7:00 pm

Coffee and Dessert

Auction item/donation forms available in the church foyer

Below is the list of items to be offered at the upcoming Time and Talent Auction ... something for everyone ... see you there!

                       Item:                                                                                                                              Donor                         Value

Ban a hymn for a year                                                                                                         Kristin Woodburke
Pick all the hymns for a Sunday                                                                                         Kristin Woodburke
2’ x 2’ Barn Quilt Board George Phillips
2’ x 2’ Barn Quilt Board George Phillips
4’ x 4’ Barn Quilt Board George Phillips
Color changing pathway snowman lights                                                                        Ella Jarvis                           $40.00
Pool Party & BBQ Brian/Jan Bailey & Lyle Byram
16x20 Fall Canvas Print                                                                                                        Brian Bailey                      $60.00
East Indian Dinner for 6                                                                                                       Jane Goudie                     $100.00
Crochet Afghan                                                                                                                     Lynda Lowry                       $75.00
Afternoon boat ride on Clear Lake                                                                                    Bert & Lynda Lowry          $300.00
Afternoon canning/pickling tutorial                                                                                  Lynda Lowry                     $150.00
Watercolor painting                                                                                                             Madeline Ferguson          $75.00
5-6 doz homemade Christmas baking                                                                               Jean Jackson
12 x 16 framed watercolor artwork                                                                                   Marlyne Hargreaves         $70.00
3 pies of your choice                                                                                                            Marg Wopnford                $36.00
Homemade baked pies                                                                                                        Colleen Taylor                    $20.00
Handmade Quilt                                                                                                                    Heather Cummings          $400.00
Christmas Pudding                                                                                                                Evelyn McConnell
3 doz cookies per month                                                                                                     Donna Newton                   $145.00
Supper for 6 and evening of games                                                                                   Donna & Murray Newton  $240.00
Decorated Table top Christmas tree                                                                                  Dawn Gardy                        $50.00
Homemade Barbie Tent & 2 sleeping bags                                                                       Joan Enns                           $20.00
10 dozen cookies                                                                                                                   Judy Elgert                          $50.00
Dinner for four                                                                                                                       Murray & Diane Martin    $200.00
6 bottles of wine                                                                                                                    Ken Rogers                         $60.00
½ ton full of cut, split & seasoned wood                                                                           Murray Newton               $100.00
4 dozen homemade choc covered cherries                                                                      Kristin Woodburke          $50.00
3 hour use of CEC and kitchen                                                                                             Neepawa Board              $180.00
Childs Turtle Wood Stool                                                                                                       Stan Rainkie
Childs Turtle Wood Stool                                                                                                       Stan Rainkie
Log-type wood bird house                                                                                                    Stan Rainkie
“High Tea Luncheon”                                                                                                             Connie M/Pat F/Vicky T/Cathy M/Betty E     $120.00
6 bottles of wine                                                                                                                    Noreen Hollier
Homemade Christmas Cake                                                                                                 Noreen Hollier
Homemade Christmas Cake                                                                                                 Noreen Hollier
Evening of fun,food & card playing (4 ppl)                                                                        Alex & Val Jarema         Priceless

Kayaking/Canoeing Experience                                                                                           Wayne & Leila Hildebrand      

Manicure & Pedicure                                                                                                              Jennifer Davie Esthetics       $85.

Dinner for 4 @ Lees Restaurant                                                                                            Ruth & Richard Hanke     $100.

4 Hours of Yard Work (not farm yard)                                                                                 Doug Guy & Shane Woodburke