NEEPAWA UNITED CHURCH Policies & Procedures Manual

December 15, 2020

The Neepawa United Church is administered by the Neepawa United Church Board. The Board combines the functions of Stewards and the Session. The Board comprises the Executive, various committee chairs, and representatives.

Neepawa United Church and St James Anglican Church entered into a shared ecumenical ministry agreement July 1, 2020 called Neepawa United Anglican Shared Ministry. The new agreement outlines the new roles that each congregational board/vestry will have. Thus the amending of the Neepawa United Church Policies and Procedures adopted at the annual meeting February 23, 2020 is required.

The responsibilities and duties of the Board members consist of church financing, general upkeep of the buildings, equipment and grounds. To enable the church to operate effectively, the following is a list of responsibilities, duties and terms of office. Each Board member is requested to study the duties, responsibilities and terms of office, and be familiar with their expectations as a member of the Neepawa United Church Board.


The Executive of the Church Board comprises:

  1. Chairperson

  2. Vice Chairperson

  3. Secretary

  4. Treasurer

  5. Past Chairperson

  6. Minister (ex officio)

  7. Pastoral Charge Supervisor (named by Prairie to Pine Regional Council) when the appointed / called ministry personal for NUASM is not of the United Church tradition

The Executive is assisted in operational functions by Standing Committees, Advisors and Representatives as outlined below. The chairpersons or representatives are members of the Board.



  1. The Chairperson is elected every two years-even years

  2. The Vice Chairperson is elected every two years –even years. At the end of the term will normally become the Chairperson and then Past Chairperson in due course.

  3. The Secretary is to be elected for a two year term(odd years) and may be elected for additional two year terms

  4. The Treasurer is to be elected for a two year term (odd years) and may be elected for additional two year terms.

  5. The Past Chairperson will be the chairperson of the Nominating Committee.

Standing Committees:

All chairpersons of these committees are members of the Board and will be elected for a two year

term, but may be re-elected for additional terms. Each chairperson should have a file to pass on to the new chairperson. One half of these chairpersons will be elected each year, according to the schedule below:

  1. Chair of Stewardship Committee, elected to a two year term at the annual meetings held in odd numbered years.

  2. Chair of Property and Grounds, elected to a two year at the annual meeting held in even numbered years.

  3. All members elected may serve multiple terms.

Other Board Members

a) Board of Trustees consisting of a chairperson and at least two other members will be elected by the church membership for a two year period. The election will be made at the annual congregational meeting. The chair will serve as the Board member.

b) A representative appointed by the Neepawa United Church Women will be member of the Board.

c) One of the elected Regional Council representatives will sit as a Board member.

d) Members at large –maximum of 3 persons elected for a two year term. Terms of office begin with elections for odd numbered years in 2019 and even numbered years in 2020


The Nominating Committee will present the names of candidates for election at the monthly Board Meeting preceding the annual meeting. The Church Board will be empowered to appoint replacements that may occur due to the resignation of any position. The period of office will be for the balance of the term.


Board Chairperson: is responsible to the church membership.


  1. prepare the agenda for regular board meetings;

  2. conduct all regular meetings and chair the annual meeting

  3. supervise the work of the standing committees which are directly responsible to the Chairperson and when no Vice Chairperson, all chair persons responsible to the Vice Chairperson become responsible to the Board Chairperson;

  4. arrive at a decision regarding matters that may arise of an emergency nature and
    be responsible for visiting dignitaries.

Vice Chairperson: is responsible to the Chairperson


  1. supervise the work of the standing committees which are directly responsible to the Vice Chairperson;

  2. assist the Chairperson in the overall administration of the church;

  3. act as chairperson during the absence of the Board Chairperson;

  4. perform other duties that may be required from time to time.


Board Secretary: is responsible to the [image]Chairperson


  1. record the minutes of all regular and annual congregational meetings;

  2. maintain the Minute Book and ongoing list of motions passed during the year;

  3. ensure that all church correspondence is passed on to the Chairperson for regular meetings, and that the correspondence is noted and answered when required;

  4. maintain the church organization chart, terms of office, duties and responsibilities listings in an updated manner resulting from amendments and revisions;

  5. perform other duties that may arise from time to time.



Treasurer: is responsible to the Chairperson


  1. be familiar with all financial matters regarding the operations of the church;

  2. present a financial report at all regular meetings of the Board and the Stewardship


  1. prepare financial statements at the end of the financial year;

  2. assist the Stewardship Chairperson in preparing the annual budget; ensure that adequate accounting records are maintained;

  3. comply with all required federal and provincial regulations affecting church operations;

  4. approve and pay all authorized expenses of a recurring or nonrecurring nature;
    supervise the safekeeping of monies received;

  5. perform other duties as required from time to time.


Past Chairperson: will communicate with the Board Chairperson and serve the Board with an independent viewpoint.


  1. serve as chairperson for the Nominating Committee;

  2. perform other duties as requested from time to time.

c) Chair Board meeting when neither Chair or Vice Chair available


Chairperson Stewardship Committee:[image] is responsible to the Vice Chairperson


  1. appoint a committee of at least two to meet regularly to oversee the finances of the church. The Treasurer will also be a member of this committee;

  2. appoint a collections and envelope convener to establish minimum of two persons to record and deposit weekly envelope givings;

  3. assist the Treasurer with budget preparations;

  4. ensure that the books of accounts are annually reviewed;

  5. ensure that weekly offerings are recorded, balanced and deposited;

  6. ensure the distribution of members' envelopes and preparation of quarterly statements and annual receipts;

  7. organize and chair the fall visitation.



Chairperson Property and Grounds: will be responsible to the Vice Chairperson


  1. appoint a member or members to assist in the performance of his/her duties;

  2. report on all matters pertaining to all properties of the church;

  3. maintenance of all church property and equipment;

  4. report and recommend all matters related to landscaping of church grounds;

  5. submit budgetary expenses to treasurer and Board;

  6. attend to all matters related to the church as a whole in regard to janitorial duties of the caretaker;

  7. perform other duties that may be required from time to time.


Special Committees: may be appointed for an interim period by the Church Board. These committees will perform the duties related to the purpose of the appointment. A committee will serve for only the period required to initiate and conclude their purpose.


Chairperson, Nominating Committee:


  1. form a nominating committee with 2 additional volunteers

  2. present list of nominees to the November Board meeting prior to the annual meeting to fill vacancies created and fill positions for executive positions and of chairpersons of the standing committees that have ended a term as outlined in the Terms of Office;

  3. nominate a minimum of 3 members to the Board of Trustees as indicated in Section G.3 Board of Trustees United Church Manual

  4. Present names of nominated Regional Council Representative(s) to Board

  5. Present nominees and their positions to the Annual Meeting for election or appointment by the congregation.


Ministerial Staff: The ministerial staff serve the Neepawa United Anglican Shared Ministry and enable the Neepawa United Church to function in an effective and efficient manner. The following duties are included:

Duties :

a) serve as advisors to the Board on all matters affecting the operations and requirements of the church.



Board of Trustees: The Neepawa United Church Board will nominate the members of the Board of Trustees to the annual congregational meeting who will elect the Trustees for a two year term on a rotating basis. The Board will comprise a chairperson and at least two members (not more than 5). The board of Trustees will elect a chairperson from their own members and is responsible to the church membership. Trustees may be re-elected.


  1. ensure that all documents pertaining to church membership are properly safeguarded;

  2. ensure that bequests and trusts in favour of the church are properly administered and safeguarded;

  3. correspondence on all matters regarding bequests and trusts;

  4. ensure that church investments are properly administered and controlled;

  5. examine and arrange for adequate insurance coverage for all church property and equipment;

  6. perform other duties that may be required in the administration and safekeeping of church bequests, documents, insurance and investments;

  7. all Sections of G.3 of the United Church Manual shall apply.


Regional Council Representatives: The Regional Council Representatives will be nominated for a two year period at the annual congregational meeting. At the end of the two year term, the representatives may be re nominated for a further term.


    1. serve as information source regarding all church matters affecting the local church and Regional matters;

    2. should report to the congregation on a regular basis.


UCW Representative:[image] The United Church Women's representative is elected by the United Church Women.


  1. to serve as liaison on matters affecting the church and involving the UCW.




Board Meetings: The Board shall meet in January to review and recommend to the annual meeting the final budget and nominating committee report. The annual meeting date will be set by the Board at the November meeting. The Board will meet in May, September and November with the date of meeting fixed by resolution at a Board meeting. Special meetings may be called any time by the Chairperson.


If the Chair of the committee is unable to attend a Board meeting another member of the committee may attend and have full right to participate in discussion and voting. The Committee alternate’s name will be entered into the minutes.

The use of e mail (United Church of Canada 2019 Manual –Appendix 3.4.2) may be used to acquire a consensus on an item that cannot wait until next Board meeting but action taken to be ratified at the next Board meeting. A quorum for a meeting or an e mail consensus shall be fifty percent plus one of current active Board members.