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Board and Committees

Neepawa United Church

The table below lists the volunteers who are filling many of the positions in our church organization. Some are Board positions and some are not. Thank you, volunteers, for your dedication and service!






M & S





 Chair Jane Goudie - chairs the body that is responsible for all activities and operations of the church. Advises the committees chairs and serves as a contact person for congregation members.

- assumes the duties of the Chair if the Chairman is absent. Assists the Chairman in carrying out his duties.

Bert Lowry

- assists and advises the Chair.

 Secretary Linda Hart - record minutes of Board meetings; maintain a file of minutes; distribute copies of minutes as directed by the Board. Send correspondence on behalf of the board as directed.

 Treasurer Bob Durston - maintain financial records; pay bills; make year-end financial statement; assist Board in setting up the yearly budget.

 Regional Council Representatives Susan Phillips
Donna Newton
- attend Presbytery meetings to keep our congregation in touch with Agassiz Presbytery

 Property  John Douglas
- responsible for the acquisition, maintenance and repair of church property as directed by the Board.

- responsible for an overall view of church finances. Organize the Fall Stewardship Campaign and be involved in other fundraising events as necessary.

 Pastoral Care Betty Ebner
Michelle Babcock
- identify those who need short or long term pastoral care; visit shut-ins, those in hospital and others who need someone who cares.

 Mission &  
Susan Phillips,Donna Smith, Donna Newton, Elsie Slimmon, Leona Kucher - look after outreach activities of the church.

 UCW Jan Bailey, Nora Kaye - the UCW has 6 units who work on projects, cater to funerals, raise funds for the church, M&S  and other worthy causes.

 Worship  Pat Fedoruk, Lynda  Lowry,Patricia Mitchell, Colleen Taylor, Murray Hart
- acts as a liaison between the choir, Sunday School and the ministers. This committee arranges special services when the ministers are away.

Sandra Wiebe, Jacqui Acree, Allison Bailey - coordinate Sunday School classes for ages 4 up to grade 8.

 Ministry and 

Brian Bailey
Dave Dyck
- concerns about the ministers or other staff are brought to this committee.

 Members at
Judy Elgert, Ella Jarvis,

Trustees John Forke, Jan Bailey,
Dave Cochrane


Joyce Kingdon - summarizes weekly givings and prepares income tax receipts.

Board Minutes
   As a way of keeping informed about what has been happening at the Board level in our church, recent Board Minutes are available for you to look at online. Just click on the link below for the minutes you wish to view:
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