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  The work of The United Church of Canada across the country and around the world is funded by the Mission and Service (M&S) Fund. Our Mission and Service work identifies us as a Christian community and illustrates our beliefs as Canada’s largest protestant denomination. Our Mission and Service work is how we live out our United Church creed, how we put our faith into action.Through the M & S Fund, individuals and congregations pool their gifts so that the work of the church can be done effectively.
  The United Church of Canada has formal relationships—"partnerships”—with national churches, ecumenical organizations, Christian councils, and church agencies around the world. These partners connect with and support a wide range of church and community organizations. Working with reliable trusted partners in Canada and in 37 countries means that less money is spent coordinating and delivering aid and more money goes where it is needed.
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   Across Canada, approximately 125 projects receive support from the M & S Fund. These include: Chaplaincy work at hospitals and campuses, breakfast programs, food banks, support for families of prisoners and youth at risk, self-help and drop-in centres, crisis support groups, housing for seniors, refugee settlement, native ministry, and counselling centers.
   In Africa and the Middle East, poverty, food insecurity, disease and conflict factors are addressed by education and health services, conservation farming, reforestation, drilling water wells, and community-based peace building and reconciliation.
   M & S partners in Asia are faced with human rights issues, poverty, environmental destruction, and population issues which are aided by education, advocacy, humanitarian assistance and support for sustainable development.
   In Latin America and the Caribbean, issues relating to resource extraction, free trade, natural disasters and migration are addressed through the defense of land rights, support to displaced people, and participation in advocacy networks.
   We at Neepawa United are one small group called upon to give, and, through the
M & S Fund to work toward relationships in the wider community that are just, honest, respectful and life-giving.

 m and s logo
    The logo for the Mission and Service Fund is made of two parts; the base foundation and the vertical flourishes.      
The base foundation may be seen as a manger reminding us the Christ Child was and is born among us and all creation. It may be seen as a baptismal font where we are welcomed to the new life in Christ. It may be seen as a communion table where we are nurtured in the new life and where offerings of bread, wine and money are brought and shared. The vertical flourishes emanating from the base may be seen as a rainbow reminding us of God's covenant of hope with us and all creation. They may be seen as splashes of water cleansing and renewing all of life. They may be seen as flames of the Holy Spirit bringing God's light, warmth and direction to the life of the Church. Taken together, the logo is designed to represent all aspects of the Mission and Service Fund. It is symbolic of our faith that has a sure foundation; and at the same time is vibrant, energetic and versatile. It is symbolic of God's offering to us; and at the same time suggests each of us has something to offer to the wider wounded world. Together, the receiving and giving of God's gifts is at the heart of the Mission and Service Fund.
Minute for Mission:  Farming God's Way

    Mrs. Ncube is a farmer in Zimbabwe. She tripled her maize-crop yield when she tried the new Farming God's Way program after learning about it from her sister.

    Farming God's Way is a conservation-farming program supported by United Church partner Christian Care Zimbabwe, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, and the United Church. It focuses on increasing crop yields by using mulch, compost, and manure, while decreasing the need for machines and chemicals. The program also teaches farmers to create and maintain a community seed bank, which saves money and protects traditional seeds.

  Farming God's Way is based on four principles:
    - planting crops on time
    - maintaining a standard that minimizes weeds
    - using natural supplies without waste
    - caring for crops with joy

    The program has been highly successful in Zimbabwe, with people coming from other African countries to learn conservation-farming techniques. Some crops have increased by over 300 percent, and farmers say they will never go back to the old way of farming. Mrs. Ncube, who started with a small packet of seeds and some basic training, now has new and exciting skills to share with others.

    Please support this work that is both for Zimbabwe farmers and for the care of the earth. Give to the Mission and Service Fund.

    Together, we carry out the work of our United Church. Make a difference! Join the partnership! Support the work of the Mission and. Service Fund today.


M & S Projects at Neepawa United:

Salvation Army Hampers
salvation army
  At Christmas time the congregation collected toys, food items and donations to help make Christmas hampers which the local branch of the Salvation Army distributed to the needy.
Pennies for M&S
coin bag
   This spring, our congregation members were challenged to save their extra coins in a cloth bag provided by the M & S Committee. At the end of each month the bags were brought to church and emptied, for the support of the M & S Fund.
M & S Movie Nights
popcorn and movie
   During the coming year, the M & S Committee will occasionally show movies in the sanctuary, with proceeds from popcorn sales on these Movie Nights going to the M & S Fund. Watch the Events/Reminders page for details of the next movie night.