Minutes - Inaugural Meeting


Neepawa United-Anglican Shared Ministry Community of Faith


The Inaugural Meeting of the NUASM Community of Faith was held on Sunday February 21, 2021 at 1:00 pm by Zoom teleconference.


1. Call to Order

- Rev. John Lea called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm, and briefly described the procedure to be followed for the meeting.


2. Opening Meditation

- Rev. John Lea gave a Reflection on “Holy Moments” that we experience in life, and called for God to guide us, empower us and bless us as we undertake this journey as a new community of faith.


3. Opening Motions

a) Secretary

Motion: Jane Goudie / Bob Durston

That Murray Hart be the recording secretary for this meeting. Carried.

b) Voting Privileges

Motion: Lynda Lowry / Brian Bailey

That all Adherents and Friends of the NUASM community of faith, in addition to members, have the right to speak to the meeting and vote on all items. Carried.

c) Agenda

Motion: Pat Fedoruk / Bob Durston

That the agenda for this meeting be accepted as circulated. Carried.


4. Nominating Committee Report

- Lynda Lowry presented the Nominating Committee Report. There was one change from the list published in the annual report … the replacement of Patricia Mitchell by Jane McLaren as a member of the Worship Committee.

- the revised report lists officers, committee chairs and committee members as follows:

Nominating Committee Report

2021 Neepawa United-Anglican Shared Ministry Board


Chairperson Lynda Lowry

Vice Chair vacant

Secretary Murray Hart

Treasurer Bob Durston and Daphne Hall

Regional Representatives Susan Phillips

Donna Newton*

Synod Representatives Anita d’Armada

Stewardship ad-hoc committee to be formed as needed

Pastoral Care Betty Ebner

Michelle Babcock*

Bea Betts*

Mission & Service Susan Phillips

Leona Kucher*

Donna Newton*

Don Walmsley*

Elsie Slimmon*

Bea Betts*

Ministry & Personnel Brian Bailey

Dave Dyck*

Rita Friesen*

Susan Phillips*

Nancy Hunter*

Anita d’Armada*

Worship Pat Fedoruk
Lynda Lowry*

Jane McLaren*

Murray Hart*

Colleen Taylor*

Anita d’Armada*

Nancy Hunter*

Minister Rev. Chad McCharles


*Non-voting members

Submitted by Bert Lowry, Lynda Lowry, Anita d’Armada and Jackie Snider


5. Acceptance of Nomination Committee Report

- the Chair called for further nominations from the floor; there were no further nominations, resulting in the following motion being made:

Motion: Lynda Lowry / Bob Durston

That the Nomination Report for the 2021 year be accepted and further that the NUASM Board be given authority to fill vacant positions on the Board. Carried.

- Rev. Lea relinquished chairmanship of the meeting to Lynda Lowry, newly elected chair of the NUASM Board.


6. Chairperson’s Report – Lynda Lowry

- Lynda Lowry reviewed her report from the annual meeting booklet.

- She expressed thanks to: those committees which worked during 2020 to establish the operational structure of NUASM, committee chairs and members who now operate under the NUASM umbrella, and Rev. McCharles our first NUASM minister.

- 2021 will be a year of continued and cooperative growth, learning and fellowship in our church family and our community.


7. Minister’s Report – Rev. Chad McCharles

- Rev. McCharles reviewed his report from the annual meeting booklet.

- He emphasized how blessed we have been in this pandemic year to successfully complete the monumental task of bringing NUASM to fruition.




8. Background Documents

- Lynda highlighted four documents which have been available to community of faith members either in the NUASM annual report or circulated by email or shown on the church website, and which describe the background work that went into setting up the NUASM organization, and also detail the current life and work of the Neepawa United Church and St. James’ Anglican Church Neepawa. These documents are:

- Work of the ESM Committee

- Work of the Implementation Committee

- Neepawa United Church Annual Report 2020

- St. James’ Anglican Church Neepawa Annual Report 2020

Motion: Jackie Snider / Elsie Slimmon

That the above-mentioned documents be accepted for information. Carried.


9. NUASM Policies and Procedures Manual

- Lynda highlighted the Policies and Procedures Manual, a document put together by the Implementation Committee and which outlines the responsibilities of NUASM board members plus certain procedures to be followed by the Board.

Motion: Anita d’Armada / Colleen Taylor

That the NUASM Policies and Procedures Manual dated January 5, 2021 be adopted. Carried.


10. NUASM Finances Report

- Lynda highlighted the main points in the Treasurer’s Report in the NUASM Annual Report

- For its committee expenses in 2021, NUASM has access to a $1500 amount as given in a budget line in the NUC budget, plus a small amount of loose collection funds.

- The role of treasurers and financial relationships between churches and NUASM will continue to develop and grow as the new Ecumenical Shared Ministry matures.


11. Acceptance of Financial Report

Motion: Bob Durston / Jane Goudie

That the financial report detailing NUASM finances and allocation for 2021 be accepted.



12. Other Business

a) Lynda reminded NUASM Board members of their first meeting on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 7:00 pm via Zoom teleconference.


13. Closing Prayer – Rev. Chad McCharles


14. Adjournment – by the Chair at 1:25 pm.