Neepawa United Church

Congregational Meeting

May 4, 2020 at 7:00 pm via Zoom



Purpose of this meeting:

To receive and act upon the recommendations of the Ecumenical Shared Service Agreement report (dated April 21, 2020) involving Neepawa United Church and St. James’ Anglican Church, Neepawa.


Notice of the meeting has been given by:

e-mail, Canada Post, Telephone contact, ACCESS TV announcement, YouTube and Facebook


Procedural motions:



Call to Order: Jane Goudie, Chairperson of the Neepawa United Church Board, called the meeting to order after it was determined that there was a quorum in attendance.

Time of Prayer: John Lea gave an opening prayer.


Ecumenical Shared Ministry Report

Presentation: Lynda Lowry made a presentation about how the agreement was developed and she highlighted the main points of the agreement. There was a time for discussion/questions.


Having received the Interim Ecumenical Shared Ministry Report, and having heard the recommendation of the Neepawa United Church Board, that the congregation approve the report:

Moved by Bert Lowry and seconded by Ruth Hanke, that the congregation of Neepawa United Church, enter into an Ecumenical Shared Ministry Agreement between Neepawa United Church and St. James’ Anglican Church of Neepawa; according to the terms of the Ecumenical Shared Ministry Agreement, dated April 21, 2020.

and that the Trustees of Neepawa United Church at their scheduled meeting tonight, be asked to approve the report and sign the document.

and that the report and these motions be forwarded to the Prairie to Pine Regional Council of the United Church of Canada requesting approval. Carried.


Further actions:


  1. Motion moved by Nora Kaye and seconded by Marg Wopnford, that the current Search Committee of Neepawa United Church add a person from St. James’ Anglican Church to their Committee, revise the needs assessment and position description documents to reflect the essentials of the shared ministry of the new community of faith. Carried


  1. Motion moved by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Judy Elgert, that in this time of Covid-19 restrictions, the Neepawa United Church Board be empowered to act on behalf of the congregation to make further pastoral relations decisions as allowed by the Manual.



  1. Motion moved by Jan Bailey and seconded by Donna Newton, that an Implementation Committee of four people be named to work towards implementing the organization and start-up of the Neepawa United – Anglican Shared Ministry. Carried.


  1. Motion moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Marg Wopnford, that Jane Goudie, Ann Nielsen, Murray Hart and Lynda Lowry be named to the Implementation Committee on behalf of the Neepawa United Church. Carried.


  1. Motion moved by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Susan Phillips, that the members of the ESM committee Lynda Lowry, Murray Hart, Bob Durston, Dave Cochrane, Anita d’Armada, Nancy Hunter, Daphne Hall; and Regional / Diocese Representatives - Lynne Sanderson, Heather Lea, Chad McCharles be THANKED for their work and dedication; and that the committee be disbanded. Carried.


  1. Moved by Colleen Taylor, that the meeting be adjourned.



Closing Blessing: John Lea gave a closing prayer followed by Commissioning and Benediction.