Neepawa United Church

Annual Meeting

February 4, 2018


Brian Elgert chaired the Annual Meeting which was held as part of the Church Service. Members present had a written copy of the Annual Report.


Opening Motions:

1. MOTION: Moved by Kristen Woodburke and seconded by Eleanor Nicholson that Brian Elgert be the chairperson for this meeting. Carried.

2. MOTION: Moved by Susan Phillips and seconded by Wayne Hollier that Linda Hart be recording secretary for this meeting. Carried.

3. MOTION: Moved by Nora Kaye and seconded by Ann Nielsen that all adherents along with the members of Neepawa United Church be given the ability to speak to the meeting and vote on temporal matters. Carried.

4. MOTION: Moved by Connie McLeod and seconded by Kay Kristjanson that the Order of Worship be the agenda for this meeting. Carried.

5. MOTION: Moved by Michelle Babcock and seconded by Noreen Hollier that the congregational annual meeting be adjourned immediately following the Blessing song with no further motion necessary. Carried.

6. MOTION: Moved by Ella Jarvis and seconded by Brian Bailey that the minutes of the Annual Meeting of February 26, 2017 be adopted. Carried.


Chairperson’s Message

Brian Elgert referred to the Chairperson’s Message by Bert Lowry in the Annual Report. Brian highlighted the thank yous and successful events that Bert had mentioned.


MOTION: Moved by Cliff Nicholson and seconded by Wayne Hollier that the Chairperson’s Report be accepted as presented. Carried.


Ministers Report

Kristen referred to her message in the Annual Report and emphasized how important Community is to our Christian faith. A question was asked about Kristen’s learning weeks. Kristen summarized her week in October 2017 at Fairmont Hot Springs in BC as a clergy retreat with a week of reflection and meeting with other clergy. Kristen’s time off in Jan/Feb 2018 was a study week where she did a lot of reading with special reading in preparation for Lent.



a) Presbytery Report

b) Ministry & Personnel Report

c) Board of Trustees Report

d) Property Report

e) UCW Annual Report, Officers 2018, Financials & 2018 Budget

f) Mission and Supply Committee Report

g) Mission & Service Report

h) Neepawa & Area Pastoral Charge Mission & Service Fund

i) Senior Choir Report & Financials

j) Worship Committee Report

k) Church Brunches Report

l) Youth Group Report

m) Sunday School Report

n) Membership Report

o) Neepawa United Church Statistics

p) Neepawa and Area Pastoral Charge Statistics


MOTION: Moved by Cliff Nicholson and seconded by Wayne Hollier that the reports in the 2017 Annual Report be accepted as printed, with the exception of the Financial Reports. Carried.


q) Financial Reports

Brian Elgert referred to the Financial Report for Neepawa United Church as follows:


MOTION: Moved by Ella Jarvis and seconded by Wayne Hollier that the 2017 Neepawa United Church Financial Statements & Report be accepted as printed. Carried.


Brian referred to:


MOTION: Moved by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Eleanor Nicholson that the 2017 Financial Statement and 2018 Budget and allocations for the Neepawa and Area Pastoral Charge be accepted. Carried.


Brian referred to the 2018 Neepawa United Church Budget printed in the Annual Report.


MOTION: Moved by Cliff Nicholson and seconded by Michelle Babcock that the 2018 Neepawa United Church Budget be accepted. Carried.


MOTION: Moved by Wayne Hollier and seconded by Ella Jarvis that Judy Elgert be appointed as the financial reviewer for this year. Carried.


MOTION: Moved by Eileen Newton and seconded by Dave Cochrane that any two of Brian Elgert, Brian Bailey or Bob Durston be signing officers. Carried.


New Business - none


Nomination Report for 2018


Past Chair Brian Elgert

Chairperson Bert Lowry

Vice Chair

Secretary Linda Hart

Treasurer Bob Durston

Presbytery Reps Susan Phillips

Property John Douglas


Pastoral Care Betty Ebner, Michelle Babcock

Mission & Service Susan Phillips, Donna Smith,

Rose Switzer, Elsie Slimmon

UCW Noreen Hollier, Ruth Hanke, Heather Cummings

Worship Sheila Bremner, Lynda Lowry,

Pat Fedoruk, Kay McKay, Colleen Taylor

Ministry & Personnel Brian Bailey, Dave Dyck

Members at Large Judy Elgert, Ella Jarvis, Jane Goudie

Minister Kristin Woodburke

Trustees John Forke, Dave Cochrane, Jan Bailey


Brian Elgert mentioned that the Board does not have a Vice Chairperson. He asked members to consider filling this position. In one year the Vice Chair would move to Chair and Bert Lowry would become Past Chair. Kristen thanked Bert Lowry and Brian Elgert for taking on the positions of Chair and Past Chair for another year.


MOTION: Moved by Beryl Tinkler and seconded by Velma Clayton that the nomination report for 2018 be accepted and further that the Board be given the authority to fill vacant positions on the Board. Carried.