Meeting of the Board

Neepawa United Church

December 17, 2013


Present:  Brian Bailey, Donna Newton, Bob Durston, Kristin Wood, Brian Elgert,

                Judy Elgert, Rita Friesen, Ann Nielsen, Ella Jarvis, Susan Phillips, Heather

                Cummings, Eleanor Nicholson and Lyle Byram.

Regrets:  Maurice Kaye and Ruth Hanke.

1.      Brian called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and welcomed  via skype

Margaret Kristjansson, our supervising Minister.

2.      Kristin gave the Opening Meditation “What each of us feel the contributions

in sharing the word over the past year” followed by a Prayer.

3.      Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Ann Nielsen that the Agenda be

approved as circulated. Carried.

4.      Moved by Heather Cummings and seconded by Donna Newton that the

Minutes be approved as circulated.  Carried.

5.      Correspondence –

·        Received information on Vacation Bible School.

·        Information brochure from Calling Lakes – in financial difficulties

looking for Donations – information available on Bulletin Board.

·         Information from Leprosy Mission

·        Information from United Church of Canada M & S.

·        Newsletter – Brian prepared the Christmas newsletter and thinks he will

prepare one to go out at Easter.

6.      Business arising from the Minutes:

a)      Progress on Funds raised for Projector/Screen project - $5185. to date.

b)      Name Tags – Susan checked on name tags from Staples and reported

plastic pouches with string $37 for 50 and the clip on are 100/$97.00.

Motion #1 – Moved by Susan Phillips and seconded by Judy Elgert that we purchase

                name tags from Staples at a cost of $254.25 including taxe + $45.75 for

                incidentals.  Carried.

c)      Kathryn Hofley presentation – Brian reported that the Presentation done

by Kathryn on Saturday, November 23rd and Sunday, November 24th were

very well done.  Brian had sent Kathryn Hofley a “thank you” note for her

presentation here.

d)      Christmas Eve service – Service at 8:30 p.m. and Kristin asking for

Readers at the service – anyone interested to contact her.  Bob suggested

the time of Christmas Eve service be left on phone message machine.

Discussion on looking at providing babysitting service for Sunday morning

Church Service.  It was suggested we have the toys available in the Narthax

for young children.  This information to be available to the “Greeters” to inform people with young children.


e)       Financial Viability review – Bob presented the information in this

  report followed by a discussion.  The report to go to the Larger Parish Board.

f)        Spring Supper – needs a convener.  A discussion on having a Spring supper and

Brian Bailey suggested that each member of the Board prepare a file with a “job

description” of their position on the Board. This will provide  information

for any new member coming on the Board.

g)      Music licensing – Kristin spoke on the licensing issue and not all hymns are

covered in All Voices.  Pastoral Charge to look after the licensing of this matter.

7.      Committee Reports:

A)    Larger Parish (Official Board) – no report

B)     Pastoral Care – Eleanor reported in November they sent 4 sympathy cards,

5 Get well and 2 Anniversary of a Death.

C)    Mission and Service – Susan reported that M & S will not meet their Budget this

year.  Susan thanked the Church Community for their response to the Salvation

Army needs.

D)    Ministry and Personnel – no report

E)     Treasurer Report – Bob presented the November 30 financial report.

                        Income                        $157,624.79

                        Expenses                       139,221.09

                         Surplus                       $  18,403.37


The Budget was again reviewed and it was discussed if we would top up the

 M & S donation as it did not reach the Budget for 2013.


Motion #2 – Moved by Donna Newton and seconded by Eleanor Nicholson that

                 the Neepawa Church Board top up the Mission and Service donation to

                 $15,000.00 as budgeted.  Carried.

Motion #3 – Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Judy Elgert that the Board accept

                    and recommend to the Annual Meeting the proposed larger parish budget for 2014                       


               Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Brian Elgert that the financial report

                be approved as presented.  Carried.

F)     Property – Brian reported in Maurice’s absence that the roof repair work is

in progress now by Flynn Roofing.

G)    Finance – No report.

H)    UCW – Heather Cummings reported that the UCW Christmas was held and

received a collection of $200 for Stars Ambulance but as this service has

been grounded the funds are being held to see what will  happen with this service.

I)       Ministerial – Kristin Wood attended the Singles luncheon; Tuesday morning coffee;

Pastoral care visits; 1 funeral last month; held a Celebration of life at Country Meadows for Alice Harper, Connie Pettitt and Bertha Neuman; has been

preparing for Christmas.  Reported her conference interview went well and she

has been recommended.

Kristin is planning to begin a study group in January – would accommodate learning

for people who are not members but would be interesting for anyone. Based on

the New Creed.  Study Group could be evening or day or both in mid January.

Anyone interested to  contact Kristin.

J)       Trustees – Judy Elgert reported

·        This past summer we had a Loss Prevention Specialist visit our property for the

purpose of assessing areas of potential hazard and risk.  In general, there were

only three recommendations.  One is that we coordinate with the fire department

and develop a documented basic emergency response plan.  The second that

documentation be maintained as to the dates/times common area emergency

lighting is tested and related service (bulb and battery replacement) performed.

The third is there is a damaged parking curb to be repaired.

·        Insurance has been renewed with Red River Mutual.

·        Glass deductible is now $1000.  Until this renewal , it was $50 but we have had

several claims in the last few years so we no longer can get this.

·        Abuse coverage will continue for the 2013 -2014 term.  In order to provide Abuse

coverage on renewal next year, the church will have to have a written policy

regarding abuse and abuse prevention that has been approved by legal counsel.

This policy will then need to be reviewed in detail with all employees and volunteers.

These recommendations to go to Property Committee as shovelling needs to be

recorded.  To set up a committee to prepare Church Abuse Policy.

K)    Worship – Ann reported

·        The December Worship meeting was cancelled due to weather and lack of quorum.

·        Worship Chair making a list of worship committee duties and will co-chair with

Rita Friesen for one year.

·        All is in order for carolling, Blue Christmas and Christmas Eve. Belinda Critchlow

will play on Blue Christmas and the men are arranging surprises for us on Christmas Eve.

·        Cookies and hot chocolate are ready for carolling on the 18th . Cookies and tea/coffee

following the Blue Christmas service for fellowship.

·        White Gift Sunday was a huge success and the Charlie Brown tree overloaded

with scarves, mitts, hats, socks for the Salvation Army Christmas hamper distribution.

·        Sunday School will reconvene January 12, 2014.

·        Children’s Day in the spring will be May 25, 2014.

·        Next Worship Committee meeting is January 8th, 2014.

L)     Presbytery – No report.

M)   Special Reports –

Nominating Committee – Donna reported will require a new Presbytery Rep.

Have  a Vice-Chair for  (2015).  All other members remaining on the Board.

Donna thanked those members for remaining on the Board.

Men`s Breakfast – 5 attended and had a good discussion.

Youth Group – Has finished for this year and will start again in January.

Sunday School – done until January. 

Singles – Have had Christmas party with 16 in attendance.

Moved by Rita Friesen and seconded by Ann Neilsen that all reports be

accepted as presented.  Carried.

8.      New  Business:


A)    Judy gave a moment of levity.

B)     Agenda items for Annual General Meeting on February 2, 2014 must be

given to Brian.

C)    Susan Phillips reported that they are busy packing hampers at Rifle Range

on Thursday, and anyone that has time to pack or deliver hampers would

be appreciated.


9.      Next meeting – Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

10.   Kristen gave the closing Prayer.

11.  Brian adjourned the meeting at 9:10 p.m.



Motions Carried: 

Motion 1 – Moved by Susan Phillips and seconded by Judy Elgert that we purchase

                   from Staples at a cost of $254.25 including taxes and $45.75 for incidental.  Carried

Motion 2 – Moved by Donna Newton and seconded by Eleanor Nicholson that the

                Neepawa United Church Board top up the Mission and Service donation to

                 $15,000. as budgeted.   Carried.


Motion 3 – Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Judy Elgert that the Board

              accept and recommend to the Annual Meeting the proposed larger parish Budget for     

              2014.  Carried.


                             Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!!