Meeting of the Board

                                         Neepawa United Church

                                         December 18th, 2012


Present:  Brian Bailey, Donna Newton, Bob Durston, Ann Nielsen, Susan Phillips,

                Eleanor Nicholson, Ruth Hanke,  Rev. Peggy Reid, Heather Cummings,

                Bev Finlayson (vice president of UCW), Rita Friesen, Terry Smith and

                Lyle Byram.

Regrets:  Ella Jarvis, Maurice Kaye, Brian Elgert and Judy Elgert.


1.      Brian Called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.

2.      Rev. Peggy Reid gave the opening Meditation and Prayer.

3.      The Agenda was approved as circulated.  Moved by Donna Newton and

       seconded by Ann Nielsen.  Carried.

4.      The Minutes of the November Board meeting were approved.  Moved by

Eleanor Nicholson and seconded by Susan Phillips.  Carried.

5.      Correspondence:

·        Brian reported he has a copy of the revised funeral information for families.

·        Information received from Leprosy Mission

·        Canadian Council Magazine of Church Charities

·        Information on Providence College

·        Rev. Peggy Reid has produced a Church newsletter for Advent – well received.

6.      Business Arising from the Minutes

a)      Progress on funds raised for Projector/screen project is at $1620.00

b)      Fall stewardship campaign is moving very slowly.  Brian to make some

phone calls this week to people that have not responded to the letter sent out.

c)      Transporting shut-ins to church – Ruth looking after this and if anyone knows

of someone needing a ride or can provide transportation to contact office.

d)      Brian reported that he has picked up the architect drawings of the Church

from the architect in Winnipeg. These plans will be placed in the Vault.

e)      Folk music Sunday – February 3, 2013 .  John Nelson is in charge of planning

for this program.

f)        Church history update – this requires someone to obtain the information back

to 1980.  It was suggested that Susan Drayson may have some ideas!

g)      WiFi and every Sunday TV – Brian has a date of January 7th at 5:30

to have the wifi installed. Brian will be in attendance when this is done.

Discussion on purchasing a DVD player and Brian will obtain some prices

for next meeting.

7.      Old Business

·        Search committee report – no report.

·        Gap committee report – all in place until April.

8.      Committee Reports:

A)    Worship – Ann Nielsen presented her report

·       there is no worship committee meeting in December.

·       All in order for Blue Christmas on December 20th.

·        Carolling went well on December 17th.

·        Eileen Henton agreed to water and arrange poinsettias this year.

·        Betty Bertram of Unit 5 of the UCW called and wished to donate

$250.00 in memory of Donalda  Ferguson towards a new tree in the

Sanctuary.   Bob advised the cheque be deposited into the Memorial Fund

and a tax receipt then issued to the family.

Unit 5 wishes a thank you and in memoriam to the family when a

tree is found and purchased.   Ann will follow this up with Betty Bertram.

·        New Communion Preparers are:

      Ruth and Richard Hanke

      Rick and Rose Switzer

      Dora White and Lorraine Lemky

       Ann will help with how to set up communion table and prepare elements.

B)     Pastoral Care – Ruth Hanke reported for the month of November they

sent out 2 Sympathy cards; 1 Get Well; and 3 Thinking of you ( First anniversary of Death).  Eleanor and Ruth have

 prepared coffee on Tuesday mornings and next coffee time is January 8th,  2013.

C)    Mission and Service – no report

D)    Ministry and Personnel – no report

E)     Treasurer – Bob presented the Financial Report to date

                                   Total Income            $170,425.60

                                   Total Expense            172,100.80

                                         Deficit               $  -  1,675.22


Bob reported to Susan there is a surplus in the Salvation Army Fund of

 $478.86 if money is required to purchase items for the hampers this year.

Bob moved his Financial Report and Draft budget for 2013 be approved as

presented.  Terry seconded. 

Bob then presented the Larger Parish Budget.

           Motion:  Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Terry Smith that Neepawa United

                        Church Board accept the Larger Parish budget of $167,082.00 for 2013

                        providing that Larger Parish reduce requirements from parish by utilizing

                        $20,000.00 of accumulated surplus as proposed below.

                        Further that larger Parish budget for 2014 be kept at same level of $167,982.00

                        and utilizing $20,000.00 of surplus as proposed for 2013 and that any increases

                        be funded from accumulated surpluses. 

        Larger Parish Budget 2013

        1 & ½ ministers   $167,082.00      using $20,000.00 of Larger Parish surplus = $147,082.00


        Larger Parish        2013  allocations                                            proposed for 2013 & 2014

                                  Per year            per month                                         per year            per month

 Arden  10%            $16,708.20         1,392.35                                      $14,708.20             1,225.68

 Brookdale 12.5%     20,885.25         1,740.43                                        18,385.25             1,532.11

Neepawa 77.5%      129,488.55       10,790.71                                      113,988.55             9,499.05

    Total                 $ 167,082.00       13,923.49                                      147,082.00           12,256.84

Motion Carried



F)     Property – Terry Smith reported that the Boiler is in Brandon and should be

installed soon.  Terry recommends we do not have a contract with Four Seasons

as he is not happy with their service.  He would like to be on a call when

needed basis.  He reported the Minister’s office has been repaired.

G)    Finance – No report.

H)    UCW – Heather Cummings reported the UCW had their Christmas program

and collection was $302.00  and was donated to Star Ambulance Service.

55 cookie trays were packed and delivered.

I)       Ministerial – No report.

J)       Trustees – No report.

K)    Larger Parish – no report (budget discussion under Treasurer’s report)

L)     Presbytery – no report

M)   Special reports – Men’s Breakfast had 10 in attendance with several topics

discussed.  A suggestion was made for a pancake breakfast.  Discussion on

Benevolent Fund. 

It was suggested that a Resource Person for the United Church is Katherine Hofley with

information on bequests made in a Will and her contact information could be obtained from the Church office.

Rita reported the Youth Group attended Country Meadows and visited with

the residents. Rita reported that with the funds that were collected at the

coffee and cookies prior to Church the youth group were able to purchase

several items from the Mission and Service book.  Sunday School had the

 White Gift Sunday and the Sunday School Christmas Program on Dec. 16th


                      Bob Durston moved the acceptance of all reports.  Ruth seconded.  Carried.


9.       New Business

a)      Lay supervision for Intern Minister – require 2 representatives on committee.

Donna Newton and Ruth Hanke to find people to be on this committee.

b)      Sound policy for weddings – Donna has copy of sound policy. Committee to

go over policy and make any necessary changes. The student who works the

                        sound to be given first opportunity to work the sound for weddings.

c)      New ideas!  Discussion on having an alternate service midweek. What day?

What different form of worship? What purpose?  To figure out what the goal is???

Board Members to bring in some different ideas.  Suggest a committee with

people who are not on other committees. 

d)      Vision for our Church?  There has been two letters sent our for the Fall Canvas

and there has been a lack of response.  Bob reported there is a Donation of stock

designated for our Church from the United Church of Canada.  He does not

know the amount but will not be less than $750.00.

e)      Terry Smith provided a moment of levity.

10.  Next meeting –  Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.

11.  Rev. Peggy Reid gave the closing prayer.

12.  Terry Smith adjourned the meeting at 6:45 p.m.



Motions Carried:

1.      That Neepawa United Church Board accept the Larger Parish budget of

$167,082.00 for 2013 providing that Larger Parish reduce requirements from

parish by utilizing $20,000.00 of accumulated surplus as proposed below.

Further that Larger Parish budget for 2014 be kept at same level of $167,082.00

and utilizing $20,000.00 of surplus as proposed for 2013 and that any increase be funded

from accumulated surpluses.


Larger Parish Budget 2013

 1 & ½ ministers              $167,082.00       using $20,000.00  of  Larger Parish surplus = $147,082.00


Larger Parish                    2013  allocations                                         proposed for 2013 &  2014

                                     per year             per month                                 per year              per month

Arden 10%                 $16,708.20           1,392.35                              $14,708.20               1,225.68

Brookdale  12.5%        20,885.25           1,740.43                                18,385.25               1,532.11

Neepawa 77.5%         129,488.55         10,790.71                              113,988.55               9,499.05


      Total                  $ 167,082.00         13,923.49                              147,082.00             12,256.84