Meeting of the Board

Neepawa United Church

April 15th, 2014


Present:  Brian Elgert, Bob Durston, Donna Newton, Rita Friesen, Ruth Hanke,

                Maurice Kaye, Bev Finlayson, Kristin Wood, Ella Jarvis, Lyle Byram.

Regrets: Judy Elgert, Eleanor Nicholson, Brian Bailey, Ann Nielsen, Susan Phillips

                and Margret Kristjannson.


1.     Brian Elgert called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

2.     Kristin  Wood gave the opening Meditation.

3.     Moved by Ruth Hanke and seconded by Ella Jarvis that the Agenda be

approved as circulated. Carried.

4.     Moved by Donna Newton and seconded by Maurice Kaye that the Minutes of

March meeting be approved as circulated.  Carried.

5.     Correspondence –

Brian reported that the Church received an e-mail from a band  called “Infinitely More”

that are planning a prairie tour in May. They would provide 90 minutes of Country and

Gospel music.  Discussion on this and it was decided that at this time of year as May

             is a busy month with concerts within our community that would we decline to book this


6.     Business arising from the Minutes:

·       Spring Supper – Brian reported that plans are going on schedule.

·       Larger Parish Budget – Discussion continues with Arden, Brookdale and

Neepawa.  Have to have a resolution by mid May and  decision to be made by May 20th. 

Reps from the three points to have exploratory meeting to come

to an agreement on Budget for 2014.  Congregational meeting will follow

these meetings.

·       Screen/Projector – Funds are close to the amount needed and Brian Bailey

will report on the project at May meeting.

7.     Committee Reports:

A)   Larger Parish (Official Board)  - Meeting to take place with Arden, Brookdale and

Neepawa  regarding the Budget for 2014.

B)    Pastoral Care – Ruth reported for March they  sent 5 Sympathy cards; 4 Get Well cards;

2 Thinking of You cards and 6 one year anniversary of a death.

C)    Mission and Service – no report

D)   Ministry and Personnel – no report

E)    Treasurer’s Report – Bob presented the Financial report to March 31st.

                                            Income                  $29,504.64

                                            Expenses                 39,233.24


                                                                          -   9,728.60

Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Donna Newton that the Financial

Report be approved as presented.  Carried.


F)    Property – Maurice Kaye reported that Insurance Company is inquiring about

the lights that have not been replaced to date and would like to get the claim


Roof repairs are on going and should be completed soon.

G)   Finance – No report

H)   UCW – Bev Finlayson – Bev reported that the Rummage Sale proceeds were $871.

Soup and Sandwich is May 1st.

General UCW meetingMay 7th  will be held with all groups invited to hear

 Kristin Wood give a presentation on Guatemala.

I)      Ministerial – Kristin Wood

J)     Trustees – Judy Elgert

K)   Worship Committee - Maundy Thursday Service approved by Board.

 Kristin will use the Anglican format.  Anglicans invited to attend.

Planning to do a hand washing versus a foot washing.  This service will have

Communion as well - intinction.  Anglican Church to provide readers.  Discussion

re Palm Sunday and palm fronds for Brookdale and Arden.  Processional for

Choir and Sunday School. Sunday School will stay in church for baptism and

Confirmation.  Good Friday at United Church.

Sheila Bremner will transfer to the Church Roll – Sheila Cook, Velma Clayton and

Allan Drysdale.

Children’s Day May 15th.  Children doing most of the service.

Youth Group will have an overnight camping last week of June at Friesen’s yard.

Choir at Festival on April 22nd. Discussion re checking with Beautiful Plains School Division

about offering choir members at a Beautiful Plains High School a credit to

encourage young members to join.

L)    Presbytery – Ella reported the Agassiz Meeting April 4 and 5th at Manitou, Mb.

·       Theme for 2 days – Fishing on the other side; Seeking the Wisdom Presbyteries

the Consistoire, and the Synod.

·       Presentation by Caryn Douglas on Deaconnesses,

·       Presentation by Allison Hallstead on her trip to El Camino on foot across Spain

·       Main theme was Comprehensive Review plus Fishing on the Other Side.

·       Vision called to be the United Church – Building a New Church – A new Model

Vibrant Communities of Faith.

·        Commissioners & Alternates – 7 people let names stand for General Council

Commissioners – Joey Dearborn & Erica Wiebe – Kristin Wood as alternate.

M)  Special Reports;

a)     Men’s Breakfast –

b)     Youth Group –

c)     Singles –

d)     Sunday School –

Acceptance of these Reports will be at the May 13th meeting.


8.     New Business

       Discussion on hosting the Westman Youth Choir on Monday, October 20th.

Ruth presented the information that the choir would consist of 50 singers and

5 or 6 chaperones and 1 driver.  It would be an evening concert at 7:30 and would

look at possibly using the Roxy.  Would require to feed the billets a supper after

their rehearsal.  Billets would pick up students after the concert for the night and provide

 breakfast.  Discussion on this matter and it was decided that we would host the Choir.


Motion:  It was moved by Donna Newton and seconded by Ella Jarvis that we will host

     the Westman Choir to perform here on October 20th, 2014.  Carried.    

     Donna Newton, Ruth Hanke  and Brian Bailey will head the committee..


9.     Brian Elgert presented his Rough Draft In-process Ideas and Goals for next 2 years.

·       To increase the Neepawa United Church Community.

·       To increase the number of younger people in the Neepawa United Church.

·       To increase the involvement and the attendance of the younger portion

of the Neepawa United Church community.

·       To increase the attendance of the Sunday School.

·       To increase the financial strength of the Neepawa United Church.

·       We also need to keep the older members of our congregation in mind

with changes.

        What is listed above is not new.  It is goals that other chairpersons and boards

        of  Neepawa United Church have faced in the past.  It is problems faced throughout

        the United Church of Canada.

       The Board held a discussion on the above topics.   Brian Elgert is willing to talk

       to some of the younger people of our church as to what their ideas are to meet their

       needs within the Church.

10.  Moment of Levity by Kristin Wood.

11.  Next meeting – Tuesday, May 13th at 7:00 p.m.

12.  Kristin Wood gave the closing Prayer.

13.  Brian adjourned the meeting at 8:50 p.m.



Motions Carried:


1.      Moved by Donna Newton and seconded by Ella Jarvis that we host the

Westman Youth Choir to perform her on October 20th, 2014. 

Donna Newton, Ruth Hanke and Brian Bailey will  head the Committee.  Carried.