Meeting of the Board

Neepawa United Church

April 16th, 2013



Present:  Brian Bailey, Donna Newton, Bob Durston, Ann Nielsen, Maurice Kaye,

                Rev. Peggy Reid, Rita Friesen, Ella Jarvis, Judy Elgert, Brian Elgert,

                Ruth Hanke and Lyle Byram.

Regrets:  Susan Phillips and Eleanor Nicholson.


1.       Brian Bailey called the Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

2.      Rev. Peggy Reid gave the opening Meditation and Prayer.

3.      The Agenda was approved with the addition of   Wedding Policy

      under New Business. Moved by Ann Nielsen and seconded by Judy Elgert.

4.      The Minutes had corrections with Donna Nelson corrected to read Donna Newton

under number 3.  Also Motion for Baptism should read Jeffrey and Kelly Smith.

Moved by Maurice Kay and seconded by Ruth that the Minutes be approved as

corrected. Carried.

5.      Correspondence

·        Lyle reported she received a  request from the Lily Festival to change the time from 5:00 p.m. to 4:00 p. on Thursday, July 18th on motion  of February 19th. 

                This request was approved by the Board.

·        Brian read a concern from Wayne Zalluski  that on April 14th there were candles left on and lights on at 12:30.  Discussion on duties of caretaker – doors to be locked.

·        Discussion on someone to be responsible to close up and shut out lights

on Sunday morning.

·        Brian read an invitation from Minnedosa United Church to attend

Sessions presented by Kathryn Hofley on “Church Finances” and

“Planned Giving” on May 4th and 5th.  Peggy Reid said we could invite

Kathryn  Hofley come and present these sessions here.  Brian will contact

her and discuss setting up a date here in the Fall.

6.      Business arising from the Minutes

a)      Progress on funds raised for Projector/screen project – Bob reported there has

been little to no interest for sometime.

b)      Church History update – no report

·        Music  Dedication – Donna reported that the committee wishes the proceeds from this to go to the general account of the Church.

·        Bob  explained the Building Fund and the Memorial Fund –

                            The Memorial Fund is for use in the Sanctuary only and Building Fund

                            is for general and major repairs.

c)      WiFi and every Sunday TV updates – stipend consideration

·        Greg Heschuk doing the video every Sunday.

·        Discussion was held on the policy for sound and video

·        Judy Elgert reported the computer in the Sunday School is very slow


d)      Sound Policy for weddings –

·        Donna, Brian and Ann presented the revised sound policy for weddings.

Discussion on this policy. 

e)      Spring Supper – Donna reported everything seems to be ready for the

“Spring Supper” on Sunday, April 21st from 4:30 – 6:30.

f)        Defibrillator progress

·        Brian Elgert has looked into this but the deadline has passed for a free one.

7.      Old Business

a)      Search Committee report – still searching

b)      GAP committee – this has been filled until September 1st, 2013.


8.      Committee Reports:

A)      Larger Parish –

·        Donna reported that Amber sometimes has a problem with the

computer and wondered if there are some computer people in the congregation

that she could call when there is a problem.

·        Brookdale Supper is April 28th.  Brookdale has had 2 baptisms in 2013.

·        Next meeting is May 17th.

·        Last Service at Brookdale before summer is June 23rd.

B)     Pastoral Care

·        Ruth Hanke reported the cards sent out for the month of March

7 sympathy  ---   2 get well ---- 2 “thinking of you” – 6 observing the one

                                                                        year anniversary of a loss

The pastoral care committee wish to thank Gerry Nelson for the lovely

cards she made and gave to the committee to use.

C)    Mission & Service – no report.

D)    Ministry & Personnel – no report.

E)     Treasurer – Bob presented the Financial report:     comparative figures

                                                             March 31/13                          March 31/12

                     Income                             $34,875.68                            $35,210.64

                     Expenses                            29,991.83                              44,217.56

         Surplus/Def                          4,883.85                           -    9,006.92

           Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Judy Elgert that the Treasurer’s Report

           be approved as presented.  Carried.

F)     Property –

·        Wayne is unable to get chemical readings of water and will contact

Four Seasons in Brandon to  check this out.

·        Maurice Kay reported that they have chipped some ice away on the roof.

Ice build up on CEC roof was bad on the east side.  Will require someone to take a look at the roof.  The leak problem in the hallway to CEC being looked at.  There is a second ceiling in that area and could be a problem.

·        Wayne wishes to be away in summer and who takes over when he and or Joyce

            are away.  Discussion regarding their contract.  Brian and Maurice will meet with

            Wayne and Joyce to come to some agreement.


G)    Finance – Brian and Susan working on a Fund Raiser of hosting a Reader’s Theatre

Group along with NACI in the Fall.

H)    UCW –

·        Donna reported that we had an excellent Rummage Sale and raised $3,248.25.

·        The Soup and Sandwich luncheon will be held on May 2nd.

I)       Ministerial – Peggy Reid

·      Peggy suggested that a summary of church funeral costs be posted

on the Church website.  Also list the names of people on the Church Board

for people to call if they have any concerns or questions.

·      To remind people that Amber is Secretary for pastoral charge which

includes Arden and Brookdale and not just Neepawa.

J)       Trustees – Judy Elgert – no report

K)    Worship – Ann Nielsen

·      Sunday School Children’s Day is May 26th with Youth Group hosting a

 Spaghetti Lunch following the service.

·      Choir participated in Fine Arts Festival and have helped out at Presbyterian

Church for a funeral and Good Friday Service.

·      Holy Week music well received especially the Men’s participation.

·      GAP completed pulpit supply until September 1, 2013.

·      Search Committee still searching – candidates need to be a good fit for

all three charges.

·     Tree has been purchased for Sanctuary at $300. plus taxes. Rita will

have a blessing on April 21, 2013.

·     100 carnations have been ordered for Mother’s Day and left overs

will go to shut ins or Country Meadows.

MOTION:  Moved by Ann Nielsen and seconded by Rita Friesen that palm crosses

                    be ordered for Palm Sunday rather than palm branches next year 2014.  Carried.

·     Music Dedication Sunday is June 2, 2013.

L)     Presbytery – Rita Friesen reported meeting will be held in Morden on April 27th.

M)   Special reports

·     Men’s breakfast – Bob reported 4 in attendance and good discussion on

various topics.

·     Youth group – Sessions on until the end of June – group is growing with

new members.

·     Sunday School – Kim doing well with group.

·     Singles – Ella Jarvis reported group will meet on Wednesday.  Brian will

send a “thank you” to Eileen Henton for her work with this group.

N)    Moved by Rita Friesen and seconded  by Bob Durston that all reports be accepted as reported. Carried.


9.      New Business

a)      A discussion was held and some changes were made to the “Wedding Policy and Information for Couples”.

MOTION:  Moved by Ann Nielsen and seconded by Donna Newton that the Board

                   review and accept proposed changes that are highlighted regards wedding policy

                   and information for couples effective for weddings not already arranged.  Carried.


10.   Next meeting – May 21, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.

11.  Rev. Peggy Reid gave the closing prayer.

12.  Ann adjourned the meeting at 9:03 p.m.


Motions Carried.


1.       That palm crosses be ordered for palm Sunday rather than palm branches for

next year 2014.

2.       That the Board review and accept proposed changes that are highlighted regards

Wedding  Policy and Information For Couples effective for weddings not

already arranged.