Neepawa United Church

April 16, 2019


Present: Bert Lowry, John Lea, Bob Durston, Pat Fedoruk, Susan Phillips, Brian Bailey, Jane Goudie, Brian Elgert, Ella Jarvis, Jan Bailey, Nora Kaye, Michelle Babcock, Linda Hart


1. Call to order – Bert called the meeting to order at 7:00. He pointed out that this was a historical meeting since it is the first meeting of our Board since 1971 where we are not part of a Larger Parish.

2. Opening Meditation John related a story about who will accompany us in a time of need.

3. Adoption of the Agenda – Bob moved adoption of the agenda with one addition, seconded by Susan.


Item 7A) Spring Supper was added under Old Business.

4. Adoption of the Minutes – Bob moved adoption of the March 12, 2019 minutes, seconded by Ella. Carried Carried

5. Correspondence

A) Rita sent a report of her activities for March: Country Meadows – 6 visits; Homes - 7; funerals - 1; Sunday services – 4; Student minister – 1; in-service on funerals – 1; Ministerial – 1

B) A letter showing the calculations for the breakdown of the Neepawa & Largish Parish accounts was received. Neepawa will receive $26,366.80 and Brookdale will receive $3,803.54.

A motion was made and passed to deposit our share in the general account of the Neepawa United Church.

C) A card was received from AA thanking us for the use of the CEC for their meetings in the past. They included a donation of $150. They have decided to meet at the Hospital for their ongoing weekly meetings.

D) A letter from NACTV requesting support .Their Telethon is on May 16 at Arts Forward.

A motion was made and passed to donate $500 to NACTV as part of their annual campaign.

E) Murray Hart sent a Membership Report showing names removed by death and changes to Resident/Non-Resident status. There are 221 resident members and 49 non-resident members as of March 31, 2019. The Report was accepted as presented.

F) IPC Canada Photo Services sent a packet of information re: photos of congregation members. Bert will get more info on the details.


6. Committee Reports

A) Pastoral Care – Michelle Babcock presented the following report showing cards sent from Nov. 2018 to April 2019. Betty Ebner will be taking over Pastoral Care for May to October. Pastoral Care would appreciate being informed if anyone needs a card.















Get well/thinking of you







One year anniversary








B) Mission & Service Susan reported that the number of items collected over Lent for the Salvation Army is lower than in previous years. Items will be taken to the Salvation Army next week.


C) Ministry & Personnel – Brian Bailey had nothing to report.

- Brian gave us an update on the search for a new minister. He received notice that Harold Kenyon is the new liaison for Pastoral Relations from the Prairie to Pine Region and will be working with the Ministry Profile Committee as we embark on the search process. Committee members are: Brian Bailey, Jane Goudie, Murray Hart, Dave Cochrane, Dave Dyck, Jean Jackson.

6. D) Treasurer – Bob distributed the statements to March 31, 2019

Income $34,370,10

Expenses $38,296.75

Deficit $ 3,926.65

Moved by Bob, seconded by Michelle that the Treasurer’s Report be adopted. Carried

- Bob reported that an Intern Fund GIC at the CIBC was closed and rolled into the intern account at the Credit Union.


E) Property Bert reported for John Douglas.

- The insurance inspector has completed his inspection.

- A quote from Rolling Spokes for a lift to the choir loft will be ready for the next Board Meeting

- John is working on getting quotes for the new furnaces. He thought the best time for the job would be July.

- Bob Hockin will be replacing the air conditioning unit for the meeting room.

- The parking lot will be graded when snow melts. There was a discussion re: neighbour’s use of parking lot. Bert will look into it.


F) UCW Jan reported a successful Gently Used Sale on April 5 and 6, making over $2,000. Jan thanked Pat Fedoruk and Colleen Taylor for organizing the sale. Five racks were purchased for $175.00 The UCW is currently preparing for the Soup and Sandwich Lunch on May 9.


G) Pastoral Charge Supervisor’s Report John Lea reported that as the Pastoral Charge Supervisor for Neepawa United Church, he is available to answer questions and also give suggestions. The Region has appointed him but he does this work while only getting paid mileage. His presence allows us to carry out our work as a Church while we do not have a minister. Brookdale United Church is paying for his registration for the Regional Conference in June. The Neepawa United Church will pay his hotel costs. He will prepare a report on his work at the end of June.

- John reported that the Sacrament Elder Form has been completed and sent to the Region along with the motion from Neepawa United Church asking that Rita be authorized to continue as a Sacraments Elder from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

H) Trustees – no report


I) Worship Committee –Pat Fedoruk reported.

- The Worship Committee met April 9.

- Upcoming activities include Holy Week music services, Sunday School program, Sunday School teacher and Mother’s Day recognition. We will submit an expense to the Board for small teacher appreciation gifts. A motion was made and passed to donate $100 for each of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to honour mothers and fathers. The donations will be made to Rock Lake Church Camp. If anyone has ideas for different local donations for next year, please discuss with the Worship Committee.

- The membership convener, Murray Hart, has updated the registers for the first quarter of 2019.

- The Committee has discussed joint summer services with St. James Anglican Church. A motion was made and passed to have joint Sunday services at the United Church in July at 10 am and at the Anglican Church in August at 11 am.

- Rita Friesen is available for the 4 services in July. Pat will give her name to Ruth Hanke who coordinates pulpit supply. Pulpit supply is already scheduled to the end of June.

- We will try to use the relief pianists for July/August.

- The Board agreed that both members and adherents may serve communion.

- Bert will talk to Ruth Hanke and determine her wishes as to remaining on the GAP Committee and getting more members.

- The Worship Committee recommends that the annual picnic be held indoors in June, perhaps June 9.


6J) Stewardship There has been positive feedback to phone calls thanking 2018 donors.

K) Regional - Susan submitted an invoice to Bob for registration costs at the June Regional Conference for her and Donna Newton. She will submit the bill for hotel costs after the Conference. Rooms have been booked.


L) Special Reports Brian Bailey reported that the HIMS are singing on Maundy Thursday at noon hour at our Church. They are also preparing a medley of tunes from the 50’s.

M) Acceptance of all reports was moved by Brian Elgert and seconded by Jane. Carried

7. Old Business:

A) Spring Supper

The Spring Supper was on April 14. Bert and Brian Elgert reported. The attendance was within 10 of last year and profit is approximately $3,400. Brian heard concerns from some people that they were not called for help or a donation. Brian will work with Dawn to update phoning lists. The roast beef was cooked at homes instead of BBQing. It worked out well. Bert and Brian thanked Brian Elgert and Lynda Lowry and all the men and women who volunteered. There was positive feedback from those attending the supper. Beef was recommended again for next year.


8. New Business

Neepawa Covenant

Susan prepared a draft of the Covenant between our Church and the Prairie to Pine Region. She emailed to Board Members. She asks that we review it and submit any suggestions to her. The goal is to adopt it at the May Board Meeting and submit it to the Region.


9. Brian Bailey shared a moment of levity.

10. Next regular Board Meeting is on May 21, 2019 at 7:00 pm

11. John Lea gave a closing prayer

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 8:55 pm.





#1 Motion made by Brian Bailey and seconded by Susan Phillips. That $26,366.80 from the Pastoral Charge dissolution be deposited in our general account. Carried.

#2 Motion made by Brian Bailey and seconded by Brian Elgert. That we donate $500 to NACTV as part of their annual campaign. Carried.


#3 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Jan Bailey. That the Worship Committee recommends to the Neepawa United Church Board that for Mother’s Day we donate $100 to Rock Lake United Church Camp and for Father’s Day we donate $100 to Rock Lake United Church Camp. Carried.


#4 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Susan Phillips. The Worship Committee recommends to the Board that the Neepawa United Church host the Anglican Church for July services at 10 am, and that we attend services at the Anglican Church, which start at 11 am, in the month of August. Carried.