Neepawa United Church

April 18, 2017


Present: Bert Lowry, Kristin Woodburke, Brian Elgert, Susan Phillips, Bob Durston, Donna Newton, Judy Elgert, Murray Hart, John Douglas, Brian Bailey, Ella Jarvis, Jane Goudie

Regrets: Linda Hart


1. Call to order – Bert Lowry called the meeting to order 7:00 pm. Murray Hart took minutes.

2. Kristin lead us in an opening meditation

3. Adoption of the agenda – Judy moved adoption of agenda, 2nd by Donna. Carried

4. Adoption of the minutes – Bob moved adoption of March 21, 2017 minutes, 2nd by Ella. Carried

5. Correspondence – A thank you was received from Donna Newton for the gift card she had received as a thank you for her work with the Zeebu Youth Retreat.

6. Committee Reports:

A) Pastoral Care – No report

B) Mission & Service – No report

C) Ministry & Personnel - Brian submitted a report which is in minute book.

-The Committee met on April 3, 2017 with Brookdale and Neepawa representation.

- Kristin is keeping a time log. It is very difficult to track time spent on various tasks. A general breakdown of her time is available upon request.

- Kristin’s holiday and study leave requests were dealt with and forwarded to the Larger Parish for approval. Also available on request.

- Consider getting more help from the congregation in choosing scriptures and hymns (already doing this in Minnedosa)

- Discussion about follow up for those who stop attending church. Who and how?

- Let Kristin know if people are ill so she can contact them

- Next meeting September 12, 2017 at 11 am.

D) Treasurer – Bob distributed his report to March 31/17

Income $38,346.94

Expenses $38,951.80

Deficit $ 604.86

Moved by Bob, 2nd by Jane. That the Treasurer’s Report be adopted as presented. Carried

There was $516 in donations at the Good Friday Service. Half goes to Mission and Service.

E) Property – John submitted a report.

- John contacted Four Seasons re: CEC air conditioner. The church spent $3,000 and it only worked once. They will fix it when they do spring maintenance.

- Jeff Bay will clean carpet in upstairs CEC, church lobby, sanctuary and offices.

- John called CHCP re: lift and is waiting for a call back

- M & K Cleaning submitted a quote for a deep cleaning.

- Brian Elgert volunteered to spray the parking lot for weeds.

- The toilet in the lower level of the CEC has been repaired.

- A motion was put forward and carried that we hire M & K cleaning to do a deep spring cleaning as per quote.


F) UCW – Donna reported that the UCW made $1,200 on the Rummage Sale. The UCW spring Soup and Sandwich is on May 4 from 11:30 to 1:15, also a bake sale. The UCW would appreciate any donations of bake sale items. The UCW will work with the Worship Committee on a 55th anniversary service for the UCW. Possibly June 4th or 25th.

G) Ministerial

- Kristin reported on recent activities. The Islamic Speaker from Brandon had a good turnout and was well received. The Good Friday service was held at our Church.

- Discussion on how to get more people to attend the Holy Week noon hour music presentations. One idea was to have kids involved which would attract parents and relatives. Another suggestion was to advertise the event at other churches.

- Kristin attended a HyLife orientation for new employees

- Kristin will be away some times in May and June

- A couple being married in our church this summer wish to have a different organist. Kristin will get more info and get back to the Board - want to make sure the organist can play our type of organ without disturbing the settings.

- Rita Friesen has requested that we donate some extra Bibles to the Brandon Hospital. It was agreed that Rita Friesen be allowed to select some items that we have in storage.

H) Trustees – No report

I) Worship Committee – Judy Elgert reported that the committee had arranged special music in the sanctuary during Holy Week April 10 to 13 at noon. Special thanks to ‘The Hims’ for sharing their talents again this year. Norm Kendall, Donna Huck and Darlen Geisbrecht also played. The outdoor speakers were also on so anyone passing by could hear the music. 75 palm branches were ordered for Palm Sunday, which was also a communion Sunday. Good Friday Service was well attended, with participation from the Baptist, Presbyterian, Anglican and Calvary Chapel churches. Choir members from some other churches joined our choir. It was a very meaningful service. Items collected during Lent and on Easter Sunday will be delivered to be used by the Food Bank at the Salvation Army. Communion date in June is now June 11th. Kristen will be staying in Brookdale one Sunday in June. Children’s Day is Conference Sunday May 28. A motion was made and carried that the Worship Committee be given $100 for each Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in honour of Mothers and Fathers to go towards programs for children in 2017. The next meeting is May 2nd.

J) Stewardship – No report

K) Presbytery – Susan reported that the next meeting of Nort Agassiz Presbytery will be in Portage on April 28. Kristin and Susan will be attending, with a possibility of Donna Newton attending in Rowena’s place. The annual Meeting of Manitob/Northwest Ontario conference is May 25 to 28. Kristin will be attending the entire event with Susan and Rowena attending as many sessions as possible. They would like to take a few minutes during a Sunday service to present a report to let the congregation know a little bit about what goes on at Conference.

L) Special Reports – Kristin reported that the Youth Group played board games at Rita’s at the last meeting. They will be bowling Friday April 21 in Minnedosa.


Acceptance of all reports was moved by Donna, 2nd by Bob. Carried

7. Old Business:

A) Remits # 2 and 4 were passed at the Pastoral charge Meeting.

B) Summer Services – The Presbyterian Church is not joining in shared summer services. Kristin has met with the Anglican Church minister to discuss joint services. Services will be at the United Church in July and the Anglican Church in August. The host Church will have the service in their style, but opposite minister leading the service. Each church will host communion once. Kristin will preside over communion when it is at the United Church. The Anglican Church has more lay person involvement, the ministers are working this out. Kristin will discuss ideas with the Worship Committee

C) 25th Anniversary Celebration – Brian reported that plans are progressing. Lunch that day will be salads, BBQ hotdogs and hamburgers and cake. They estimate 150 people will attend. The Coop BBQ has been booked. It was decided to invite all former ministers for whom the committee can get addresses. A motion was made and carried to provide a free lunch at the Church’s expense on June 11.

D) CEC rental possibility for girls group – Kristin has spoken to the lady who would be in charge, the subject matter includes the life of Jesus, lessons for everyday life, lives of other Biblical characters. Board discussion topics included need for chid registry and criminal records checks, references would be needed, the fact that this group will not bring new people into the Church, no definite knowledge of the curriculum that would be taught, need for Kristin to monitor some classes. Some board members expressed reservations about renting to this group. A motion was made and defeated to grant permission to Stephanie Klassen to use the CEC for a girls youth group.


8. New Business

A) Spring Supper April 23 – Brian Elgert is organizing. Brian reported that calls are/have been made to get workers and desserts. Plans seem to be well in hand. We could use the screen in sanctuary to provide something like inspirational quotes for the people waiting there at future events. More discussion at the next meeting. Is there a way of monitoring whether people really do make a $10 donation towards the cost of the supper? We need someone to deliver take out meals.

B) Time and Talent Auction November 19 – The Committee has met once. The Time and Talent will operate similar to the last one.

C) Intern Possibilities –There has been discussion at the Larger Parish level re: do we want an intern and can we afford it. An intern would bring some new skills and ideas. If we want an intern, we need to set some goals for having an intern sometime in the future. We would have to check all the requirements - costs, special training requirements etc. We could also consider a Diaconal Field Placement instead of an intern.

D) MTS contract (30 days extended to April 19th)

Our current Nortel system and sets have been discontinued and end of support/maintenance was June 30, 2016. We are currently having issues with CEC line. Calls come through but the fax picks up. The phone line seems to work if the fax machine is unplugged. The feeling was that we do not need a fax machine. An information sheet was provided by Pat Dwyer, Sales Consultant MTS, outlining costs and options for a new phone system. Jane will consult with Dawn Gardy and bring a recommendation back to the next Board Meeting.

E) Westman Youth Choir – Brian received an inquiry from the WMYC about the Church sponsoring their Oct. 16, 2017 performance in Neepawa. We would have to provide supper, venue for performance and billets. The choir would receive $500 with any extra profit going to the organizing group. We will suggest that the WMYC try to find another group to sponsor them and if not, perhaps we could provide assistance to a partner group.



9. Moment of Levity was supplied by Ella.

10. Next meeting June 6, 2017 at 7:00 pm

11. Kristin gave closing prayer

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 9:35 pm





#1 Motion made by Brian Bailey, seconded by Brian Elgert, that we hire M&K Cleaning to perform a deep clean of the church as per quote. Carried


#2 Motion made by Judy Elgert, seconded by Susan Phillips, that the Worship Committee be authorized to spend approximately $100 for each of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in honour of Mothers and Fathers to go towards programs for children in 2017. Carried


#3 Motion made by John Douglas, seconded by Donna Newton , that the 25th Anniversary Committee provide a free lunch at the church’s expense for the celebration on June 11, 23017. Carried.


#4 Motion made by John Douglas, seconded by Bob Durston , that Stephanie Klassen be granted permission to use the Neepawa United Church CEC for a girls youth group at a $75 fee per session, provided that she provide a child abuse registry check and criminal background check. Defeated