Neepawa United Church

 April 19, 2016


Present:    Kristin Woodburke, Ruth Hanke, Jane Goudie, Ella Jarvis, Bob Durston, Donna Newton, Bev Davie, Lynda Giannotti, Brian Elgert & Bert Lowry

Regrets:    Eleanor Nicholson, Judy Elgert, Rowena Powell, John Forke &Lyle Byram

1:  Call to order – Bert Lowry called meeting to order 7:07pm.

2:   Kristin read opening meditation

3:   Adoption of the agenda – Bob moved adoption of amended agenda, 2nd by Donna. Carried

4:   Adoption of the minutes – amended minutes moved by Bob, 2nd by Ruth. Carried

5:  Correspondence –Thank you card from Ella Jarvis

6:   Committee Reports:

A)   Pastoral Care –There were 2 Sympathy cards sent, 3 get well cards & 4 1st anniversary of a death in family.Submitted by:  Ruth Hanke

   B)    Mission & Service - Mission and Service Report April 2016

Items collected during Lent are being delivered to Salvation Army.  Whatever can’t be used here will be taken to Brandon for distribution.  Once again, people in our congregation were very generous!

On April 5th we hosted an evening workshop with Kathy Bergen and Jan McIntyre presenting information on issues in the Middle East, particularly the Palestinian/Israeli situation.  Both Kathy and Jan have spent time in the area and know first-hand the struggles and challenges people of the area face.  We found the evening very informative and thank all those who came out to the event.

The workshop was sponsored by UNJPPI (United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine/Israel).  UNJPPI is a United Church of Canada related network working toward the goal of a just peace in Palestine and Israel by calling for an end to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and equal rights for all who live in Palestine/Israel through education and advocacy.

Kathy and Jan left some information about websites and resources we can explore for more information.  If you anyone is interested, just speak to Kristin or anyone on the M & S committee!

Respectfully submitted Susan Phillips


C)  Ministry& Personnel - The following points reflect the focus of the M and P committee for the last month:

Filling the Secretary-Treasurer Position:

- 5 applications were received and 1 person was interviewed. The person interviewed

had the qualifications necessary. This applicant currently has a part time job and the M and P

Committee has been trying to work out her being able to manage 2 part time positions. To date,

This arrangement doesn't seem possible.

- Committee is seeking other interested persons and today received a resume.

Arrangements are being made to interview this candidate.

- Leslie's last day has been changed to May 19. She has agreed to train the new person

Before she leaves.

Congregation Survey:

- Survey was created and circulated for congregational input regarding Kristin's job

performance. The committee is asking the congregation to have the survey's returned to office

or to a committee member by May 9.

- Please note that the draft copy was shared with Kristin and items were added at her


- Two coffee hrs. (April 28 at 10am and May 5 at 1:30 in Meeting Room) are designated

If members of congregation would prefer discussing the survey with a committee member(s).

D) Treasurer – report to march 31/16

      Income           $32,344.25

      Expenses        $40,526.49

      Deficit            $  8,182.24 Moved by Bob, 2nd by Ella. Carried

E)  Property – No report

F) UCW - The UCW held a very successful Rummage Sale April 15th and 16th realizing a profit of almost $1159.  Our Soup and Sandwich Luncheon and Bake Sale will be May 5th from 11:30 – 1:15.  Anyone wishing to donate baking would be much appreciated.  We had some discussion about funeral lunches – possibility of changing grouping of women, changing prices and menu revision.  No decisions were made as more information and conversations are necessary.  3 ladies attended the North Agassiz Presbyterial Meeting in Gladstone on April 18th to plan a UCW Rally in Neepawa October 6th.


G)        Ministerial – Kristen reported she has been busy with funerals, she had a wedding April 18. She will be away on study leave with final assignments due end of April. No arrangements have been finalized for Catholic Church rental. Trisha Elliott (minister from Ontario) is setting up a workshop on healthy sexuality Feb 14/17; she is willing to share with ministers across Canada if interested. Sunday School Pot luck suppers have been taken on by Sandra Wiebe who is working with Kim.

H)        Trustees – No report

 I)        Worship Committee–We met April 5th, 2016

·       Family pot luck for Sunday school families was on April 3rd, three families attended.

·       Next potluck is scheduled for April 17th.

·       Sunday school teachers are meeting to coordinate next year.


·       Youth Group had a great day of curling in Arden.

·       Rita Friesen, Kristin Woodburke, and Judy Elgert will meet to plan for future events.


·       Lenten reflection went well at noon hour during Holy Week.

·       The local branches (bring your own branch) went well for Palm Sunday.

·       “Camping Sunday” - Kristin Woodburke is exploring doing a special program on April 24th, when we are short an organist.  Lots of ideas – fish fry (goldfish crackers) nature hike, using PowerPoint, campfire songs with guitar accompaniment.

·       Pentecost is May 15th.  Communion that day, Susan Phillips will arrange.

·       Discussion on picnic day – May 29th is Children’s Day, or June 5th, Environmental Sunday.  Sheila Bremner will check into availability of town courtyard for June 5th.


·       Cliff Levandoski and Elizabeth Lindskog’s wedding date has been set for April 18th at their residence.

·       Bible Study dates set for Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings.

·       Discussion regarding purchasing new “More Voices” hymn books musical copies at $16.95 each.  We will make a recommendation to the board that we order 20 books instead of 50.  Estimated cost of $379.41 including shipping and taxes.**

·       Mother’s Day – discussion re: donation on behalf of congregation mothers.  Further discussion at May Meeting.

·       Baptism Request – “Tavish Jameson Cook”, son of Jeffrey & Sheila Cook, on May 8th or 15th. **


**Will be bringing recommendations to Board Meeting

     J)   Stewardship - No report                                                                                                                         

     K)  Presbytery – No report

      L)  Special Reports – Sunday school - two potluck lunches were held for the Sunday school families to get to know each other better. Both went well & will likely become a regular event next year. Finishing up this year's theme in the next few weeks then presenting a summary for Children's Day the end of May. Planning has started for next year already.


Youth group - went curling in Arden just before spring break. Had some extra kids come so we could have sort of a bonspiel. Lunch was provided by Noreen & Ruth & was much appreciated. Plans are to bake some cookies next week for a trip to Country Meadows in May. Windup camp trip this year is planned for Big Valley the end of June.  Submitted by Judy


We will list GAP on special reports. GAP- will fill pulpit if minister unavailable. Pastoral Charge board approves when Kristin is away. M & P will communicate to Ruth

 Acceptance of all reports was moved by Bob, 2nd by Donna, Carried

   7. Old business:

   A) Stewardship Campaign Update – No update.

   B) 25 Year Celebration – No new progress

  C) Pastoral Oversight Visit – May 1st @ Trinity United Church in Portage. Kristin, Lynda

                Donna will go.

   D) Spring supper- net profit $3,504.35. Will discuss increasing prices.

  E)Canada Day Carnival- Leslie has started planning


8.  New Business:

 A) Drop in Center- Ministerial  was contacted  to perhaps open a drop in center. People can come   in for a cup of coffee and have resources available – open to anyone .Next meeting will talk  about potential places to hold it. Looking at afternoon 1 day, bi-weekly.

 B)  Purchase of More Voices – motion made.


   9. Moment of Levity was read by Ella

 10.Next meeting May 17@7:00

11. Kristin gave closing prayer

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 9:12pm.




#1  Motion made by Lynda that the Neepawa United Church recognize Leslie Dyke’s contribution to church and congregation during her time as secretary-treasurer by purchasing a gift to the amount of $25.00 2nd by Brian Elgert.  Carried


#2 Motion made by Donna 2nd by Lynda that we purchase 20 copies of More Voices Hymn books for the congregation with funds coming from the memorial fund. Carried


#3 Motion made by Kristin that we permit he worship committee to spend up to $100 on mother’s day, using their discretion 2nd by Ruth. Carried.


# 4 Motion made by Kristin that we approve the request for a baptism for Tavish Jameson Cook, son of Jeffrey & Sheila Cook on May 8/16 2nd by Ella. Carried