Neepawa United Church

April 21, 2015


Present:   Donna Newton, Kristen Wood, Ruth Hanke, Bob Durston, Bev Finlayson, Brian    

            Elgert, Brian Bailey, Ella Jarvis, Bert Lowry, Linda Giannotti, Maurice Kaye and Bev Davie

Regrets:    Eleanor Nicholson, Judy Elgert, & Susan Phillips


1:  Call to order - Brian Elgert chaired the meeting and opened at 7:00pm.

2:   Kristen Wood gave opening meditation

3:   Adoption of the agenda moved by Donna Newton, seconded by Ruth Hanke. Carried

4:   Adoption of the minutes, moved by Ella Jarvis, seconded by Bev Finlayson. Carried

5:  Correspondence –   Nothing to report

6:   Committee Reports:

A)   Larger Parish – Oversight visits have been completed with a visit to Mackenzie United Church in mid April and a visitation to us from Crossroads march 26th. Results of these meetings will be announced as they become available

Kristin’s holiday and study leave requests were examined and granted. Details are in the minutes of Larger Parish meeting.

It was proposed that each of the two points, Brookdale& Neepawa, have 2 representatives to the M & P committee.

The signing officers for the upcoming year are Amber Zalluski, Donna Newton & Darlene McDonald. That will have to change in light of Amber’s recent resignation.

As this was Arden’s last meeting a social time was held during and following the meeting with refreshments being provided.      Submitted by Brian Bailey

B)    Pastoral Care – Ruth Hanke submitted report, they sent out 5 sympathy cards, 8 get well/thinking of you cards,  and 5 one year anniversary of death cards in January.  They requested more stamps.

C)    Mission & Service – No report submitted

D)   Ministry &Personnel  - The ministry & personnel has been pressed into service recently in dealing with the retirement/resignation of larger parish secretary/treasurer, Amber Zalluski. We will be meeting April 23rd with Amber in order to update/modify the job description and begin advertising for her replacement. She will be finished the end of May. The committee consists of Kelly Bell from Brookdale and Lynda Giannotti from Neepawa- Brian Bailey has been acting in her absence and will be part of that committee

E)    Treasurer – Bob Durstan – Treasurers report  to March 31                                                                                           Income - $32,344.25

Expenses-      $40,526.49                                                                                   Deficit           -$  8,182.24

 Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Maurice Kaye that the treasurer’s report be approved as presented. Carried

F)    Property  - no report

G)    Finance – no report

H)   UCW – Bev Finlayson submitted report– no funeral lunches in March

Rummage sale April 17th & 18th was successful,  approx. $963.70

Soup & sandwich luncheon & bake sale May 7th  $8.00


             Another sewing day  for Victoria’s Quilts was held April 9. Ten tops were made.

             North Aggasiz Pres meeting will be held in Plumas April 27th at 10:00am

I)      Ministerial – Kristen Wood submitted report

I've had 2 funerals since the last Board meeting, for Joyce Bailey and Cliff Kristjanson

I am on the Presbytery's Affirming ministries task group, and we met in March to plan for the April Presbytery meeting, which was this past weekend, but which I was unable to attend.

We were visited by a small group from Crossroads Pastoral Charge (Carmen and Elm Creek) for our pastoral oversight visit on March 26. On April 14, myself and 4 others from our pastoral charge visited McKenzie United Church in Portage and are in the process of putting our report together for that.

Our Lenten Study, which had good conversation, but stayed a small group throughout, finished up the last week in March.

Holy Week was full of activity: a "Passion" service on Palm Sunday looked ahead through the week; the noon time concerts were a success as usual; the Maundy Thursday service woven into a potluck dinner (a joint effort with St. James Anglican) was very well attended (27 people) and was a very enjoyable sacred time; the Good Friday service was planned by the ministerial and hosted by First Baptist Church this year; we held communion on Easter Sunday and the Sunday School students helped with the liturgy and serving of communion.

The youth group had a sleepover from Sat, April 11-Sun April 12 and then offered leadership in worship. They were very enthusiastic when I asked them to be involved, and were eager to share some of what they have learned and experienced at youth retreats.

I was away on Sunday April 19 as I was attending the graduation ceremonies at the Centre for Christian Studies.

The Mission and Service committee has been planning a project on child poverty, which will kick off with this Sunday's service.

I will be away on study leave from April 27- May 3, attending the DUCC (Diaconate of the United Church of Canada) national gathering in Puslinch, Ontario. We'll be doing Bible Study, theological reflection, and study of some of the documents and proposals coming up towards this year's General Council meeting, while at the same time thinking about how the diaconate has addressed the needs of the church in the past, and how we might be called to serve the church in the future. I am also taking 2 days vacation when I return, May 4 and 5, to return to work on May 6.

Blessings, Kristin Wood                   

J) Trustees – no report

      K)    Worship Committee– No report

L)   Presbytery – submitted by Ella Jarvis – Pot luck singles lunch April 15 – 12 present, nice time

enjoyedby all, great  food & fellowship.

       M)  Special Reports – No report



7 .  Time sensitive matters – Admission of members at Large                                                                

Portrait of Jesus donated by Arden – Donna  & Brian will find place to   

      Hang portrait. Was consensus of the board that Arden can put a plaque on portrait.

8.  New Business:

      a)Amber’s departure –done June 1/15 going to cut hours to 12-4 Tuesday – Friday

      b) New Chair  - have a budget of $300 for Kristin to buy chair for her office.

9. Much discussion looking at future of the church, each board member was asked to bring 1 idea to

next meeting ,    It was also suggested that each board member call and ask a friend to come to

church with them.

10.  Next meeting May 12 @7:00

11. Moment of Levity read by Donna Newton and Ella Jarvis

12. Kristen gave closing prayer

13. Brian Elgert adjourned the meeting at 9:05 pm.



 #1 Moved by Brian Bailey, seconded by Lynda Giannotti that Lyle Byram be appointed to our board as a member at large.

 #2Moved by Donna Newton, seconded by Ruth Hanke that Kristin be given a maximum of $300 to purchase an office chair.

#3         Moved by Kristin, seconded by Lynda that we hold a church picnic outdoor service (weather permitting) on Sunday May 24th.

    #4          Moved by Kristin, seconded Brian Bailey that we accept the baptism request for Xavier JamesSaquet, son of Heather & Denis Saquet, date TBA