Neepawa United Church

April 21, 2020

via ZOOM and telephone


Present: Bert Lowry, John Lea, Bob Durston, Brian Bailey, Linda Hart, Judy Elgert, Pat Fedoruk, Susan Phillips, Betty Ebner, Jan Bailey, Jane Goudie, Nora Kaye, Heather Lea, John Forke, Dave Cochrane, Ella Jarvis, Murray Hart, John Douglas, Lynda Lowry


1. Call to order – John Lea sent out invitations by email to join the Board Meeting on ZOOM. Jane called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m

2. Opening Meditation John Lea told of the story of Moses and asked for blessings in our deliberations.

3. Adoption of the Agenda – Bert Lowry moved adoption of the agenda, seconded by John Douglas . Carried

4. Adoption of the Minutes – Bert Lowry moved adoption of the March 17, 2020 minutes, seconded by Betty Ebner. Carried


5. Ecumenical Shared Ministry Doument (ESM) – Lynda Lowry, Murray Hart, Bob Durston and Dave Cochrane were the Neepawa United Church representatives to work on the joint Ecumenical Shared Ministry Committee. The Committee prepared the Interim Shared Ministry Agreement between the Neepawa United Church and St. James’ Anglican Church of Neepawa. Board members had received a copy of the Agreement and reviewed it prior to the Board Meeting. Lynda Lowry went through the main points of the document and Committee Members answered questions from the Board.

A motion was made and passed to accept the report from the Committee.


Bob Durston thanked Heather Lea from the Prairie to Pine Region for her work with the Committee in preparing the document. Heather praised the four members on the Committee from the Neepawa United Church, who spent many hours over a one month time period working on the document, all meetings by ZOOM.


A motion was made and passed to recommend to the congregation that Neepawa United Church enter into a shared ecumenical ministry with St. James’ Anglican Church.


A motion was made and passed to hold a congregational meeting via ZOOM and telephone on Monday

May 4, 2020 at 7:00 pm


A letter will be sent out to notify the congregation of the meeting and advise them how to join the meeting by ZOOM or telephone. The letter will also contain a summary of the Agreement. The Interim Shared Ministry Agreement will be put on the Neepawa United Church website by Murray Hart. Notification of the meeting will be given at the next two United Church Sunday services on NACTV.


At this time Heather Lea, Murray Hart, Lynda Lowry and Dave Cochrane left the meeting.


6. Correspondence

Dawn has been doing exceptional work from home during the COVED 19 Pandemic. She has been sending messages to people on the e-mail contact list just to keep in touch with the congregation.





7. Committee Reports

A) Pastoral Care – Betty Ebner reported that the following cards were sent:

Sympathy Get Well 1 Yr Ann of Death

Jan. 6 5 3

Feb. 2 0 3

Mar. 6 2 3



B) Mission & Service Susan emailed the following report


--We think pastoral care is really important during this time of physical distancing, so we are setting up a call program to check in with member of our congregation.  We will focus particularly on our single folks and those who maybe have fewer contacts in their day.  If you know of someone who might really benefit from a call, please let Dawn or one of our committee know.  We want to emphasize that this is a call from their church family, because we care, even (especially?) when we aren’t gathering in our “normal” way.  We will begin these calls in the next few days.  If/when we identify a need, we will be calling on other members of the congregation to help out.   Our goal is to get lots of people involved.

--We will be contacting the Salvation Army at least weekly to see what the needs are at the Food Bank and will be communicating with the congregation through Dawn’s weekly updates.  We would also like to add this to the announcements on Sunday mornings.  If someone has something to give, but is unable to get to the Food Bank themselves, we will make arrangements for pick-up and delivery.  Again, just call Dawn or one of our committee members.

--We will be telling “local Minute for Mission stories”, about things that are going on in our community.  So if you notice something that someone is doing and would like to have it highlighted, let us know!    

We want to thank Dawn for all she does behind the scenes.  She has been connecting with folks, by email, throughout this COVID-19 thing, and is doing an amazing job of holding things together for us!  And to Rita,

who continues to connect with people, as always.  I think we need to keep each other informed of what is going on in our church family, and the community, so that we can plan our activities to compliment rather than duplicate the efforts of others.

 Let’s take care of ourselves and each other while we stay home and keep ourselves and others safe!

And God’s Blessings on all


Susan asked for volunteers to do some phoning to congregation members. She thanked Jane, Pat and Brian for volunteering.


C) Ministry & Personnel – Brian Bailey e-mailed the following report.

M and P report to United Church Board meeting - April 21, 2020


With the onset of the Pandemic and the resulting restrictions that necessitated the closure of the church building, the M and P committee decided to keep our office manager (Dawn Gardy) on staff. Although she has not been in the office she has continued to be the face of the church as she operates from her home. She offered to accept a “layoff “ but we felt that her contribution to the operation of the church was important. We are also thankful that several of our “supply ministers” (Rita Friesen, Jerrold Nikolaisen , Birnie Mullens) have continued to serve by providing Sunday worship via NACTV.


D) Treasurer

Bob Durston presented the March 2020 Financial Report by e-mail

Income $36,578.82

Expenses $39,240.45

Deficit $ 2,661.63



7E) Property John Douglas reported that the painting in the basement is ongoing. Doug will do the yardwork himself this year and will start as soon as the weather warms up.



UCW report to United Church Board meeting - April 21, 2020


Soup and biscuit lunch- February 20, 2020

Although there were many favourable comments about this event (which replaced the soup and sandwich event of the past), it was evident that February was not the best month to hold this fundraiser. Having it at this time of the year made it more difficult to attract workers and customers due to winter holidays.


UCW members attended the World Day of Prayer hosted by St. Dominics on March 6.


Due to the Covid19 Pandemic all upcoming events, including the Gently Used Sale and all catering, have been cancelled until further notice.


Our treasurer, Elsie Slimmon, has continued to send in our regular donations to designated organizations that our UCW supports.


We look forward to better days ahead!


Jan Bailey and Nora Kaye


G) Pastoral Charge Supervisor’s Report

John set up the ZOOM board meeting tonight and will set up the ZOOM congregational meeting on May 4. John has sent us many words of inspiration during this time and we thank him for it.


H) Trustees

I) Worship Committee – Pat Fedoruk e-mailed the following reports.

March 17/20

The Worship Committee met in February and March. We are preparing for March 25 Ministerial

Association Lenten service, with lunch, and Holy week music. The Tuesday slot for music still

needs to be filled. Advertising for Holy Week music has been done through posters and a notice

with NACTV.

Discussion for summer service plans is on tonight’s Board meeting agenda.

We have a membership request.

The Worship Committee recommends that the NUC Board make a motion to accept Donald Walmsley

and Michele Walmsley for membership in our church, by Reaffirmation of Faith.


April 21, 2020

The Worship Committee would like permission from the Board to continue with some of the things that we normally do when church is in session.


- a donation for $100. for each of Mothers Day and Fathers Day recognition (ie $200. total) In the past few years we have donated to Rock Lake Church camp. We are looking for another suitable cause, maybe something local.


- Sunday school teacher appreciation gifts (possibly gift cards)


- honouring high school graduates that were baptized in NUC (same procedure as we did last year with a card and note)


- church picnic - obviously hold off until we can gather again and make it a welcome back and hopefully a welcome to our new combined church family



7I) continued

- we also need to welcome the Don and Michele Walmsley as new official members (approved at the March meeting)


Thank you,

Pat Fedoruk for the Worship Committee


J) Stewardship


K) Prairie to Pine Region –Susan reported that the Prairie to Pine Newsletters are being sent to Board Members. The Regional Meeting in June has been cancelled.


L) Special Reports -


M) Acceptance of all reports was moved by Judy Elgert and seconded by Bob Durston. Carried


A motion was made and passed to donated $200 to the Neepawa Salvation Army in honour of Mother’s and Father’s Days.


A motion was made and passed giving the treasurer authorization to remove and destroy old financial records dating before 2012.


A motion was made and passed to purchase gift cards as thank yous for the Sunday School teachers.


8. Old Business

A) RCMP records check and Church Covenant – need to be worked on when we can meet in person again.


B) Computer and Accessible Employment Standard Regulation – Jane will send copies to us.


9. New Business (For Your Information)

A) Osborne Units – The present Board for Osborne Units does not feel they can continue. The United Church of Canada has just found out that they actually own the units. The information from Jane is that the United Church of Canada wants to sell those units. Jane was contacted by Ken Thomas from Prairie to Pine Council. She will be in touch with him to clarify what needs to be done on our part.


B) Brian Elgert is working on “Neepawa United Church on YouTube” (which one would be able to view at any time)


10. Moment of Levity – Bob shared a moment of levity.


11. Next scheduled Board Meeting is May 19, 2020 at 7 pm.


12. John Lea gave a closing prayer in support of the people of Nova Scotia.


13. Jane adjourned the meeting at 8:50 pm.













#1 Motion made by Judy Elgert and seconded by Nora Kaye. That the Neepawa United Church Board accept the report from the Committee. Carried.


#2 Motion made by Bert Lowry and seconded by John Douglas. That the Board of the Neepawa United Church recommend to the congregation that Neepawa United Church enter into an ecumenical shared ministry with the congregation of St. James' Anglican Church, according to the terms described in the attached Interim Ecumenical Shared Ministry Agreement dated April 21, 2020, and that the congregation promptly seek approval for this from Prairie to Pine Regional Council. Carried.

#3 Motion made by Bert Lowry and seconded by Judy Elgert. That we hold a congregational meeting via ZOOM and telephone on Monday May 4, 2020 at 7:00 pm . Carried.


#4 Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Ella Jarvis. That we donated $200 to the Neepawa Salvation Army in honour of Mothers and Fathers Days. Carried.


#5 Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Bert Lowry. That the treasurer be given authorization to remove and destroy old financial records dating before 2012. Carried.


#6 Motion made by Susan Phillips and seconded by Bert Lowry. That we purchase gift cards for $25 each for the two Sunday School teachers. Carried.