Neepawa United Church

April 25, 2018


Present: Bert Lowry, Kristin Woodburke, Linda Hart, Bob Durston, Ella Jarvis, Pat Fedoruk, Brian Elgert, Susan Phillips, Jane Goudie, Ruth Hanke


1. Call to order – Bert called the meeting to order at 5:00pm

2. Opening Meditation: The Board read the handout called “Holy Manners” together, focusing on “pause before speaking to ponder what others are saying and what we feel “ and ”affirm the deep wisdom of silence”. Kristin then gave an opening prayer.

3. Adoption of the Agenda – Bob moved adoption of the agenda as amended, 2nd by Jane.


Amendment was to add “Ministry Search Process” as 8C) under New Business


4. Adoption of the Minutes – Bob moved adoption of the March 20, 2018 minutes, 2nd by Ella.


5. Correspondence

- A letter from Brian Elgert “Thinking Outside the Box” about another approach we could take to pursue getting a new minister.

- A letter from the Settlement Commission, Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, outlining a Ministry Profile and Search Process.

6. A) Pastoral Care – no report

B) Mission & Service – Susan reported that the Committee had asked for volunteers from ladies of the Church to help organize the donations at the Salvation Army. They had a good turnout.

C) Ministry & Personnel – Susan reported that Kristin is leaving this Pastoral Charge to minister at Oakbank United Church, effective June 30, 2018. One week vacation owing to her will be taken starting June 24.

D) Treasurer – Bob distributed the Income/Expense Statement to the end of March 2018.

Income $30,794.35

Expenses $37,950.18

Deficit $ 7,155.83

Bob noted that expenses are down $1,000 from last year but donations total to this point are less than they were last year.

Moved by Bob, 2nd by Jane. That the Treasurer’s Report be adopted. Carried

E) Property- no report

F) UCW – Ruth reported that the World Day of Prayer service collection was $558. A very successful “Gently Used Sale” was well organized by Pat Fedoruk and Colleen Taylor, bringing in a total of approximately $1840.00. The spring “Soup and Sandwich” noon lunch with bake sale is Thursday May 10, starting at 11:30.

G) Ministerial

- Kristin is leaving the Neepawa United Church to go to Oakbank United Church as of June 30, 2018.

- Kristin was away last week. She attended a meeting of Diaconal Ministers from across Canada. She reported that the sessions were very interesting and informative.

H) Trustees – nil

I) Worship Committee –Pat reported that the Committee had met on April 24.

- Holy Week music average attendance was 15 to 20 people. Book study average attendance was 4 to 5 people. Confirmation Sunday is May 6.

- A motion was made and passed for a transfer of membership.


6I) continued

- Sunday School will be leading the service on May 13. This will be the last Sunday School meeting until fall. Teacher recognition will be held that day as well as Mother’s Day celebration. In honour of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day a motion was made and passed to donate $100 for Mother’s Day and $100 for Father’s Day to Rock Lake Camp.

- July 1 will be a combined church service organized by the Ministerial Association in conjunction with Canada Day, likely at Riverbend Park.

- A motion was made and passed to join with the Anglican Church for July services at their church starting on July 8 at 11 am.

- A motion was made and passed to hold services for the month of August at the Neepawa United Church at 11:00 am

- Communion will be held once in August provided that we have a Licensed Sacraments Elder.

- T

he Committee had discussion regarding worship training by Kristin.

- Kristin’s last service at Neepawa United Church will be a “release of covenant” service on June 10 or 17, to be coordinated with Brookdale. The Worship committee will help with a picnic or pot luck after the service as a farewell event. We would like to have Kristin’s final service on June 17; this has been communicated to the Brookdale Worship Committee.

- Graduation Sunday is tentatively set for June 24.

- The next Worship Committee meeting is on May 15 at 5 pm

J) Stewardship - nil

K) Presbytery

Susan reported that Kristin and Donna Newton had attended the Presbytery meeting in April. There was discussion about how the money held by Presbytery would be disbursed once Presbytery no longer exists. There was discussion re: changes that will happen under the new format.

L) Special Reports – nil

M) Acceptance of all reports was moved by Brian Elgert, 2nd by Ella. Carried


7. Old Business:

A) Rita Friesen letter re: funerals

A motion was made and passed to allow Rita Friesen to preside at funerals in the Neepawa United Church starting June 1, 2018 until such time that we have a new minister, when the motion would be revisited.

B) Manual of Policies and Procedures

- Jane, Linda and Bob will meet before the next Board Meeting to review the Manual and make suggested changes.


8. New Business

A) Spring Supper Report

Bert and Lynda Lowry provided a report (attached) on the spring supper which was held on April 15.

285 meals were served compared to 226 in 2017. The profit was $3,455.80. Recommendations were made in the report for adjustments in amounts of food for a future year. All in all it was a successful fundraiser with good fellowship.

B) Farewell to Kristin

There will be a luncheon after Kristin’s last service, hopefully on June 17.

C) Ministry Search Process

Discussion took place on our approach in searching for a new minister. Brian Elgert, Bert and Jane will make

inquiries with surrounding United Churches concerning how they are filling ministerial positions. Rita

Friesen will be contacted to see what her availability is.

9. Ella Jarvis shared a moment of levity.

10. Next meeting is Tuesday May 15 at 7:00 pm

11. Kristin gave a closing blessing

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 7:15 pm




#1 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk for the Worship Committee, seconded by Susan Phillips. That the Board accept a transfer of membership request from Leona Kucher.



#2 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk for the Worship Committee and seconded by Brian Elgert. That in honour of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, a $100 donation be made to Rock Lake Camp for Mother’s Day and a $100 donation to the same for Father’s Day. Carried.


#3 Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Jane Goudie. That Neepawa United Church join with the Anglican Church for the month of July at 11 am, with July 1st being the Ministerial Service held elsewhere.



#4 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Linda Hart. That services be held at the Neepawa United Church in August at 11 am. Carried.


#5 Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Brian Elgert. Whereas the Board of the Neepawa United Church has received a request from Rita Friesen to conduct funerals in the Neepawa United Church and whereas the current church policy does not permit other ministers or lay persons to officiate at funerals when the Larger Parish has a full time minister and whereas our current Minister is leaving June 30, 2018.


Therefore be it resolved that Rita Friesen be permitted to preside at funeral in the Neepawa United Church beginning June 1, 2018 until another full time minister is engaged. At that time this motion would be revisited to find mutually agreeable position with the new fulltime minister. Carried.