Neepawa United Church

December 13, 2016


Present: Kristin Woodburke, Donna Newton, Bob Durston, Bev Davie, Jane Goudie & Bert Lowry

Regrets: Rowena Powell, John Forke, Eleanor Nicholson, Ruth Hanke, Ella Jarvis, Susan Phillps, John Douglas, Brian Elgert & Lyle Byram

1: Call to order – Bert Lowry called meeting to order 7:15pm.

2: Kristin read opening meditation

3: Adoption of the agenda – Jane moved adoption of agenda as amended, 2nd by Donna. Carried

4: Adoption of Minutes – Donna moved adoption of minutes, 2nd by Jane. Carried

5: Correspondence – Letter from Doug Guy notifying he is away January 9th-17th, Wayne Zalluski will fill in during this time.

6: Committee Reports:

  1. Pastoral Care – No report

B) Mission & Service - submitted by Susan

We continue to read Minutes for Mission or present videos when they are available, and promote Gifts with Vision.

The mitten tree is set up in the narthex again this year, and we will deliver the food, toys from White Gift Sunday, along with the mittens etc. to the Salvation Army for use in their Christmas hamper program.

Ministry & Personnel – no report

D) Treasurer – report to Dec 12/16

Income $176,003.94

Expense $175,790.54

Surplus $ 213.40

Moved by Bob, 2nd by Donna. Carried


E) Property – John submitted report

A. will get quotes for chimney to 1) repoint 2) cover top 6ft with tin

B. Landscaping on east side of CE – get quote from Kozak for black dirt & leveling

C. Evestroughing not done as weather and time didn’t work to get work party. Will do as soon as possible

D. Snow clearing list is out.

E. Doug putting washroom signs up.

F. Doug requesting week off in Jan, has asked Wayne Zalluski to fill in in his absence.


F) UCW – submitted by Donna

Donation to church board $10,000.

Successful Christmas Party with offering going to STARS

Packing Christmas Trays tomorrow (60)

New 100 cup coffee urn purchased.


G) Ministerial – reported by Kristin

Preparing for services this week, lots of prep for baptism, 1 Neepawa, 1 in Brookdale in January. Attended UCW Christmas party. Ministerial party helping with Kettles & fundraiser. Presided at funeral in Arden Hall last week and one in Neepawa.


H) Trustees – No report

I) Worship Committee – submitted by Susan,

The committee did not meet in December as we have decided to meet every second month –more or less. We’ll see how that goes, and may change our minds after a trial period. That does not mean that we are not busy though- organizing White Gift Sunday, Blue Christmas, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning services. We have sent invitations for the Blue Christmas service, and are advertising with posters in the other churches in town. We are also advertising the Christmas morning service as there may be folks who don’t come to our church on a regular basis who might like to come to a service on the 25th. We will advertise on NACTV, and put a poster at the Post Office. Ministerial has been informed. Also, we are wondering about advertising in the paper? At that service, we will include a fellowship time with coffee and home-made cinnamon buns!

We have prepared Christmas morning baggies again this year, for folks who may not be able to come out to the worship service that morning. They are in the Narthex for people to pick up any time. The baggies will also be distributed with the cookie trays, Salvation Army hampers and on caroling night- December 14th. Carolling will start at 6:30. We will meet at the church, and then we go to the hospital, Kinsmen Kourts, Yellowhead Manor & Elks Manor. We just spend a short amount of time at each place. Then back to church for hot chocolate & goodies! Everyone is welcome!!

J) Stewardship – no report K) Presbytery – No report

L) Special reports – Youth group met last Friday, only 3 attended. They are meeting this week to help organize donations for Salvation Army hampers.

Acceptance of all reports was moved by Donna, 2nd by Jane, Carried

7. Old business:

A) Nominating Committee – Bert has most positions filled

B) Thank you calls – still working on lists.

8. New Business:

A) Purchase gift certificate for Dwayne for Christmas.

9. Moment of Levity was read by Bert

10. Next meeting January 17@7:00

11. Kristin gave closing prayer

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 8:15




1) Moved by Donna that we top up the M & S fund to meet the budget allocation, 2nd by Jane……..Carried