Neepawa United Church

December 15, 2020

via ZOOM


Present: Jane Goudie, Bert Lowry, John Lea, Bob Durston, Brian Bailey, Linda Hart, Pat Fedoruk, Susan Phillips, Nora Kaye, Ella Jarvis, Judy Elgert, Betty Ebner, Jan Bailey, Chad McCharles


1. Call to order – Jane called the meeting to order.


2. Opening Meditation – John Lea gave an opening meditation on the theme of love, followed by a prayer.


3. Additions to the Agenda – no changes


4. Adoption of the Agenda

Bert Lowry moved adoption of the agenda, seconded by Judy Elgert. Carried


5. Adoption of the Minutes

Betty Ebner moved adoption of the November 17, 2020 minutes, seconded by Pat Fedoruk. Carried


6. Correspondence - nil

 7. Committee Reports

A) Pastoral Care – Betty reported

Sympathy Get Well 1 Yr Ann of Death

Nov. 1 3 5


B) Mission & Service Susan reported


-The items from the mitten tree were taken down and delivered to the Salvation Army. Some money has been donated to the Church for White Gift Sunday. Theses donations will be passed on to the Salvation Army.

-Susan thanked Chad for reading the Minute for Mission article at each Sunday Service.


 C) Ministry & Personnel – Brian reported that the M&P committee met by e-mail. A motion was made and passed allowing Chad to take holidays from Dec. 27 to Jan 3. Rita Friesen will be taking the one service that Chad will miss. Anita d’Amato and Nancy Hunter are new members of the M&P Committee.


D) Treasurer – Bob reported



7D) continued



NUC Statement to the end of Nov. 2020

Income $145,528.51

Expenses $142,509.89

Surplus $3,018.62


Moved by Bob Durston, seconded by Judy Elgert, that the Treasurer’s Report be adopted. Carried


Moved by Bob Durston, seconded by Judy Elgert, that the proposed 2021 Budget be adopted. Carried



E) Property John Douglas sent notice that there was nothing to report.


F) UCW Nora Kaye reported

- The proposed budget for 2021 was prepared by Elsie Slimmon in November. In December it was agreed that we needed to reduce our income projections as well as some of our higher budgeted expenses. Some of the changes seemed somewhat drastic, but it was felt that it was necessary because of COVID-19 which has reduced our means of generating income. The revised proposed budget has been approved by the executive (all of this being managed remotely).

- Approximately 25 Sick and Bereaved cards were prepared by Linda Hart and Myrtle Pottinger and have been delivered. Our original plan to have a Christmas card designed by Susan Drayson printed by the Neepawa Banner Press did not materialize, but there were enough of Susan's original cards to meet the needs for this year. Perhaps in the New Year we will be able to manage to have copies of the card printed.

- The UCW will assist the Worship Committee in the delivery of the Christmas Morning baggies. These will be distributed sometime in the coming week to approximately 50 recipients.

- An In Memorium service for UCW members who passed this past year is on hold for the time being.

- Jan Bailey and Nora Kaye have agreed to stay on as co-chairs for General UCW until December 2021 and will soon be preparing a calendar of events for UCW for 2021. Hopefully UCW Units will be able to meet in person sometime soon in the New Year.

- Nora reported that the UCW did fairly well with donations that were requested from UCW members.

- The UCW would like to wish the Board a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with happiness and kindness.


G) Pastoral Charge Supervisor’s Report John Lea indicated there was nothing to report.


H) Trustees – nil


I) Worship Committee – Pat Fedoruk reported

NUASM Worship Committee Report for December 15, 2020


7I) continued


Have a blessed Christmas,

From Pat Fedoruk for the Worship Committee


- Pat will talk to Dawn re: having music broadcast outside around Christmas.

- Pat emphasized the Blue Christmas and Christmas Eve Service and times they will be broadcast. She also reminded us that Christmas Morning Service baggies will be available outside the Church entrance.


J) Stewardship


K) Prairie to Pine Region - Susan indicated that there was nothing to report.


L) Special Reports – Nancy Hunter is taking a course offered by Sermons for Kids on using ZOOM.


M) Minister’s Report Chad submitted the following report.




Sunday Worship / pastoral visitation x2


Synod meeting / Implementation Com. Mtg. / IC work / St. James' real estate mtg.


Tech planning meeting / pastoral call x3 / Vestry admin. / Wedding policy work / liturgy prep


Wed. worship / pastoral visitation x3 / St. James' memory book / Advent prep. / Legion meeting


Arranged for bell removal from St. J's / Country Meadows FT / Vestry admin. / sermon prep.


Sunday Worship / pastoral contact / admin. / Zoom re: Provincial Synod


Liturgy prep. X3 / admin. / pastoral visitation / Nov. 11 prep.


NUC board report / WC com. mtg. / Anglican Real-estate consultation / Pastoral visitation / admin.


Legion Padre duties at cenotaph


Bell removal from steeple / pastoral visitation x3 / Country Meadows FT / COVID-19 CODE RED admin.


Sunday Worship recording / admin. / zoom invites / sermon prep.


Admin. / pastoral conversation / Advent prep. / study


Admin. / Prepared opening meditation / NUC board meeting


zoom mtg / service recording planning


St. James clean out! / Country Meadows


St. James clean out / study


Sunday Worship


Service recording prep. / St. James clan out


Sunday service recording / St. James clean out


St. James clean out / admin. / zoom mtg. / study


Advent Prayer Workshop prep. / St. James clean out / sermon prep.


St. James clean out / chapel set up


St. James clean out / study / chapel set up / sermon prep.


St. James clean out / recording of Holy Eucharist / Hospital call (p.m.)


Many hours and much effort has been put into the removal of sacred and special objects and furniture from

St. James’ Church, and the creation of St. James’ Chapel in Neepawa United Church. The space at the end

of the hall that was once the Incumbent Minister’s office has been transformed into a sacred space that will

serve all members of our Community of Faith as a prayerful and holy sanctuary, no matter our denominational

affiliation. It will eventually be used for mid-week Anglican Holy Eucharist liturgies, but could also serve

to conduct small, intimate funerals, weddings, and other prayer services.


Shifting back into Covid-19 lockdown mode has presented some challenges for our common worship life as

NUASM, but with a fantastic team to work with, recording our weekly Sunday worship services has been

relatively seamless. I am very thankful to Judy (and her family), Dwayne, Carolyn, Myra, Belinda, and all our

readers who have not hesitated to step up and help produce our services for NACTV, Facebook and YouTube.

Dawn and Doug working behind the scenes to support these efforts blesses us all the more!


Lastly, much of my time has been spent planning Advent and Christmas for our faith family, with the Blue

Christmas and Christmas Eve services approaching fast, and several community outreach initiatives taking

place in spite of Covid-19 challenges. Although our Christmas season and pre-holiday preparations have

been very different this year, I am very aware of the many unexpected blessings that God endows us with all the same.


Chad also mentioned that there are now eight long tables from St. James Church in the basement of the CEC.

Also the library is now at the end of the cloak closet. Thank you to Murray Newton for making shelves.




7N) Acceptance of all reports was moved by Nora Kaye and seconded by Pat Fedoruk. Carried



8. Old Business

A) Policy and Procedure Manual

Bob has revised the Neepawa United Church Policies and Procedures Manual with input from the Board. Bob will add a section to indicate that the Pastoral Charge Supervisor must be a part of the Board when there is not a United Church Minister.

A motion was made and passed to adopt the amended Manual dated Dec. 15, 2020.


B) Neepawa Covenanting of Faith Agreement


Susan reported that she had spoken with Heather and John Lea. It was decided that the covenanting document would be left as it is for the Neepawa United Church and we will receive a certificate that acknowledges the covenant between the Regional Council and Neepawa United Church. Once the NUASM Board has started meeting, a second covenant will be prepared for NUASM.


C) Neepawa United Church Nominating Committee


“The Nominating Committee presents the names of candidates for election at the monthly

Board Meeting preceding the annual meeting.”


Nominating Committee Report December 14, 2020


Past Chair Bert Lowry

Chairperson Jane Goudie

Vice Chair Vacant

Secretary Linda Hart

Treasurer Bob Durston

Regional Representative Susan Phillips

Donna Newton

Property John Douglas

Stewardship Vacant

UCW Jan Bailey

Nora Kaye

Members-at-Large Judy Elgert

Ella Jarvis

Minister Rev. Chad McCharles

Trustees Jan Bailey

John Forke

Dave Cochrane

Pastoral Charge Supervisor Rev. John Lea


Submitted by Bert Lowry and Jane Goudie

D) Stewardship

Board Members received information prepared by Murray Hart about Stewardship and the duties involved. Bert thanked Murray for preparing the document. It is available for anyone who takes on this position.


E) Completion of Moving items from St. James’ – was covered in Chad’s report

F) Meetings for Neepawa United Church Board in 2021

Meetings will be held in January, May, September and November with the AGM after the service on Feb. 14, 2021.


9. New Business


A) Discretionary Funds

A question arose about availability of funds that could be used to help those in need. Currently the Neepawa United Church does not have funds budgeted for that purpose. In the past, there has been a request to the Congregation for donations that could be forwarded to the Ministerial Assoc. The Ministerial Association presently does not have any funds for this purpose. Chad felt that the Neepawa United Church should consider having a fund that could be used to help families in need. Jane and Chad will develop a plan to be discussed at the Jan. Board Meeting.


B) Sale of Osborne Units

The United Church of Canada owned the Osborne Units in Neepawa. The local Board for the Osborne Units has looked after the Units for many years and determined that they did not want to carry on with these duties. As a result, the United Church of Canada has sold the Osborne Units to Touchwood Park. The Neepawa United Church will receive 70% of the funds from the sale. The amount of $225,537.06 will be invested. Bob will investigate possible investments and report back to the Jan. Board Meeting.


C) Internet Issues

The current internet with Bell MTS cannot support livestreaming and it cannot be upgraded due to lack of necessary lines on that street.

A motion was made and passed to upgrade the internet in the Church with Westman Cable so that we can livestream Services.

A thank you was extended to Maurice Kaye for constructing a box for the sound booth that the tripod for the camera can sit on.


D) Printer

The Church currently has a printer/photocopier that is being leased. Upgrades are needed. It was agreed that we will ask Dawn to get quotes for different possibilities, black and white, color etc. The board will review the quotes at the Jan board Meeting.


E) Bruce Fleger Use of Parking Lot

Bruce Fleger requested that he be allowed to park and plug in his school bus in our parking lot one Friday a month while he is at a meeting at the Town Hall. He offered to pay. Jane will check with Hydro to get an idea as to how much the hydro would cost.

A motion was made and passed to give Bruce permission to park in the parking lot and suggest that he give a donation to the Church.


10. Moment of Levity - Chad and Nora


11. Next scheduled Board Meeting is January 19, 2021 at 7:00 pm via ZOOM.


12. Chad gave a closing prayer.


13. Jane adjourned the meeting.










#1. Motion made by Brian Bailey and seconded by Bob Durston. That Chad be given permission to take holidays from Dec. 27 to Jan. 3. Carried.


#2. Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Ella Jarvis. That the Neepawa Unted Chruch Policies and Procedures Manual dated Dec. 15, 2020 be adopted as amended with the addition of the Pastoral Charge Supervisor information. Carried.


#3. Motion made by Brian Bailey and seconded by Judy Elgert. That we upgrade the internet in the Church with Westman Cable so that we can livestream services. Carried.


#4.Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Betty Ebner. That Bruce Fleger be given permission to plug in his bus once a month for the balance of the winter and that he be asked to give a donation to the Church. Carried.