Neepawa United Church

December 18, 2018


Present: Bert Lowry, John Lea, Bob Durston, Pat Fedoruk, Susan Phillips, Jane Goudie, Brian Bailey, Judy Elgert, Brian Elgert, Linda Hart


1. Call to order – Bert called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

2. Opening Meditation John read a scripture reading re: 4th Sunday of Advent, followed by a prayer.

3. Adoption of the Agenda – Bob moved adoption of the agenda, 2nd by Jane. Carried

4. Adoption of the Minutes – Bob moved adoption of the Nov. 20, 2018 minutes, 2nd by Jane. Carried

5. Correspondence

- Andrea Wilson of the NACI Grad Committee asking if we would rent or loan the CEC tables and chairs for

the Yellowhead Centre for the 2019 grad.

A motion was made and passed not to lend or rent tables and chairs.

- The request for payments to the United Church of Canada for 2019 Assessment will be passed on to the

Pastoral Charge Committee.

- Rita Friesen sent a report of activities for November: 13 home visits, 2 hospital visits, 5 Country Meadows visits, 3 funerals, 4 Sunday Services, 2 Elks and 2 communions served at home. The travelling Communion Set has been purchased and is available to be used. Thank you Christmas Cards were given to Rita, Doug, Dawn, as well as the sound and video workers.

- December 2018 Newsletter was received from Region 5 Regional Council. It outlines what is happening as we change from Presbyteries to Regions.

- Rita Friesen of the Neepawa Ministerial Assoc. requesting the use of the sanctuary and meeting room for a Sunday evening service in March. Rita will look after getting volunteers.

A motion was made and passed giving permission for this.


6. A) Pastoral Care – No report

B) Mission & Service Susan reported that there was a good response to the mitten tree and the White Gift

Sunday. All went to the Salvation Army for Christmas hampers.

C) Ministry & Personnel

- Brian Bailey reported that there will be a message on the answering machine for Dec. 21 to Jan. 2 listing contacts and phone numbers for various needs. Rita Friesen has agreed to be the contact for spiritual needs.

- The Pastoral Charge meetings are now being held in the afternoon in order that overtime hours for the secretary will not be necessary.

D) Treasurer – Bob distributed the Income/Expense Statement to Dec. 18, 2018.

Income $162,905.05

Expenses $143,218.58

Surplus $ 19,686.47

He noted that donations at this point in the 2018 year are $11,000 less than at the end of last year. A decision needs to be made about topping up the M&S donations.

Moved by Bob, 2nd by Brian Elgert. That the Treasurer’s Report be adopted. Carried

A motion was made and passed to top up the M&S donations to $15,000 at the end of 2018 if needed.

- Bob presented a preliminary 2019 budget. It will be finalized in January.

- Bob suggested that the Brunch prices should be raised.

A motion was made and passed to increase adult brunch fee from $8 to $10 and leave other prices the same.



6. E) Property

- John Douglas sent info that carbon monoxide monitors will be needed with the new furnaces. He will include their pricing in the requested estimate for the new furnaces.

- a suggestion was made to install brighter lights at the Church entrance.

- the 5 broken CEC chairs are being replaced under warranty by Home Hardware.

F) UCW – no report

G) Ministerial - nil

H) Trustees – no report

I) Worship Committee –Pat Fedoruk reported.

- The Worship committee met Dec. 5.

- Plans were finalized for Advent with organist/pianist vacancies for Dec. being filled.

- Two volunteers have been found to replace Sheila Bremner and Kay McKay who are leaving the Committee. The five members will be Lynda Lowry, Pat Fedoruk, Colleen Taylor, Patricia Mitchell and Murray Hart.

- Sheila Bremner will continue to look after the membership roll until a replacement is found.

- Judy Elgert and Nick Eu will continue to look after the audio and visual needs.

- Cathy and Angus Ford will continue as ushering convenors.

- The next communion will be before Lent in March.

J) Stewardship Bert, Jane, Susan, Pat and Brian Elgert volunteered to phone to thank 2018 donors. Bob will compile names and get the list to Susan in Jan.

K) Presbytery - Susan indicated that there was nothing to report.

L) Special Reports – Brian Bailey reported that the HIMS sang Dec 6 at the Knox Presbyterian Church luncheon. The Sunday School did a great job for the White Gift Service. The carolling turnout on the evening of Dec. 17 was excellent. They visited the Elks, Yellowhead, Kinsmen Kourts and the Hospital.

M) Acceptance of all reports was moved by Bob 2nd by Judy. Carried

7. Old Business:

A) Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is making progress. Jane Goudie has agreed to take on the Vice Chair job for one year. Bert will remain Chair for one more year. They still need 2 M&S members and 2 regional reps.

B) Renovations to Sanctuary

- Wilbur Loewen provided a quote of $1,501.50 to have the sound booth enlarged by approximately 20 inches.

A motion was made and passed to accept this quote and ask him to proceed with the work.

- A wheel chair ramp from the choir loft would have to extend quite a distance into the church aisle and interfere with walking across the front of the church. Susan will get pictures of the ramp at another church and Brian Bailey will investigate an Acorn Stair Lift.

C) Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be Feb 17 during the Church Service. Committee Reports should be in to Dawn by Jan. 25.


8. New Business

A) Brookdale Leaving Larger Parish

The Brookdale Board has indicated that they are proposing to leave the Larger Parish. They are waiting for a congregational meeting to finalize the decision. A document outlining the procedure to follow when disbanding a pastoral charge was prepared by Heather Lea and was distributed. We cannot proceed until we have the final notification from Brookdale.




8B) Meeting with Anglican Reps

Brian Elgert met with Anita Ong and Nancy Hunter from St. James Anglican Church. They are in the process of shutting down their Church and a large portion of their members are interested in attending our Church. They pointed out three things that would be important to them: Eucharist(Communion) more often, congregational involvement in readings at Church, and perhaps once a year have an Anglican Service. Details are to be finalized.


9. Susan shared a moment of levity.

10. Next meeting is Tuesday Jan. 15, 2019 at 7:00 pm. Bert will skype for that meeting.

11. John Lea gave a closing prayer.

12. Bert adjourned the meeting.





#1 Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Brian Bailey. That the policy of the Neepawa United Church is not to lend or rent out tables and chairs. Carried.


#2 Motion made by Jane Goudie and seconded by Susan Phillips. That we give the Neepawa Ministerial Committee permission to use the sanctuary and the meeting room for food preparation for a Sunday evening service in March. Carried.


#3 Motion made by Brian Elgert and seconded by Jane Goudie. That the Board top up the M&S amount to $15,000 at the end of the 2018 year if needed. Carried.


#4 Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Brian Bailey. That the Board increase the brunch meal cost from $8 to $10 for adults and other prices remain the same effective Jan. 1, 2019. Carried.


#5 Motion made by Jane Goudie and seconded by Brian Bailey. That Wilbur Loewen’s quote of $1501.50 for extending the sound booth (approximately 20 inches) be accepted and work to start right away. Carried.