Neepawa United Church

February 11, 2016


Present: Kristin Wood-Burke,Brian Bailey, Eleanor Nicholson, Ruth Hanke, Maurice Kaye, Jane Goudie,

Susan Phillips& Bev Davie

Regrets: Brian Elgert,Bob Durston, Lynda Giannotti, Bev Finlayson, Judy Elgert, Bert Lowry, Ella Jarvis,

Donna Newton

1: Call to order – Brian Bailey called meeting to order 7:15pm. Ruth motioned Brian to chair meeting,

2nd by Eleanor

2: Brian Bailey read opening meditation

3: Adoption of the agenda – Jane motioned that agenda be moved a presented, 2nd by Eleanor

4: Adoption of the minutes – moved by Ruth, 2nd by Eleanor

5: Correspondence – Letter from George Cargo, asking for permission to attend funeral services of

friends and to be able to attend funeral lunches as well.

6: Committee Reports:

  1. Pastoral Care –Sympathy cards - 4, Get Well    Thinking of You cards - 6, One Year Anniversary of death in Family cards – 4. Submitted by:  Ruth Hanke and Eleanor Nicholson

  2. Mission & Service – We have not had a meeting. Kristin is putting together a Lenten project, asking each week for a specific item i.e. toothpaste and toothbrushes, to be collected and taken to Salvation Army or Samaritan House—where ever the need is greatest in our area. (The Food Bank at Salvation Army is very well stocked right now).

  3. Ministry & Personnel –Bo report

  4. Treasurer – Bob Durston submitted report as of January 31/16 Susan moved, Jane 2nd Income - $ 12,252.47 Expenses $ 14,303.97 Deficit $ 2,050.90

  5. Property – report submitted by Maurice Kaye

1) Four Seasons Mechanical has serviced the sanctuary clock system. The timers had

malfunctioned and needed to be reset. All the heating valves were checked to insure there

were no additional problems with the heating system.


2) Removal of the old lift from the church was done over a time period of 2 days ( February 1st

to February 2nd, 2016) by CHCP Company.


3) The demolitlon of the interior structure of the old lift will begin on February 4th,2016. this

demolition involves removing the concrete base of the old lift and widening the opening to

accommodate the new lift. The demolition and reconstruction will be done by Square One



4) John's Electric installed the electrical upgrade required for the new lift.


5) The lighting system in the church parking lot has been completed by John's Electric.

  1. UCW – Donna Newton submitted report - Those that had volunteered were reminded to bring soup and biscuits to Ash Wednesday Service at the Anglican Church Feb. 10th.We served lunch at one funeral in January. World Day of Prayer Service will be held at Knox Presbyterian Church on Friday March 4th at 2:00.The Spring Rummage Sale will be April 15th and 16th.Spring Supper proposed date of April 10th is during the Neepawa & District Fine Arts Festival??? Beef will be served as voted on by the Congregation. Need a co-chair with Brian Elgert.Proposed date for “Guess Who is Coming for Dinner” is Sunday February 28th???


G) Ministerial – Submitted by KristinWoodburke -I've been taking a course at U of W, mostly over Skype and it has been going well so far! The course material about the way that both science and religion talk about what it means to be human has been very interesting so far.

- I took a week of study leave at the end of January, to get some work done for this course, and as well to spend some time on preparing for Lent. I will be taking another week of study leave March 28-April 5 (includes 2 days in lieu of stat holidays) to finish up the course. I will have an additional week of study leave and one of vacation, which I am still deciding how to use later this spring.

-The YAAY (Young Adults and Youth) committee of the Conference, which I am an adult advisor for, met on Jan. 27 in Winnipeg. I joined them by conference for the first part of the meeting before having to leave. I have not received the minutes of the meeting yet, but I did ask them to either consider our request to host the youth retreat Feb 2017 at that meeting, or to let us know when they would consider it.

-I am a member of the Affirming task group for Presbytery- we have been working on how to be intentional about welcoming all- particularly LGBTQ people. We have written a draft vision statement and action plan, which we intended to present at the Feb meeting for a vote at the April meeting. Since the Feb. meeting was cancelled, we will present it at the April meeting, for a vote at the September meeting, or at an additional late spring meeting, if one is called.

-Lent begins Wed, Feb. 10. Don Thompson from the Anglican church and I are co-presiding at the service at noon at St. James Anglican church, followed by a free lunch provided by our UCW ladies.-We are in beginning conversations about having a joint Maundy Thursday potluck and service, hosted by NUC, similar to last year, but with the potluck buffet style instead.- FOR DISCUSSION-I brought up at the worship committee meeting to consider whether there would be interest in an Easter sunrise service. This year Easter is early, so the sun rises late (7:22am) so if there is going to be a year to try it, it should be this one! - FOR DISCUSSION-I'm doing a Bible Study in Brookdale this month with the basics about the church year, and how it fits with the stories of scripture and have been passing around a sheet to glean whether there is interest for one in Neepawa.-The Ministerial has requested that we ask our congregations if they would consider making a donation to the Benevolent fund, which is used to provide vouchers for food, an overnight stay, gas etc. for those in need. The summer is often a draining season on resources, so we want the account in good shape for there. There has already been some response to this request from other churches in varying amounts.

H) Trustees – No report

I) Worship Committee– We met on Feb 3/16.

Rich and Ruth Hanke volunteered to prepare communion for Feb 7th. Jan Bailey and Lyle Byram have volunteered to prepare communion for Palm Sunday. (Mar 20th).Kristin is working with Don (St James Anglican) to plan a noon hour service on Ash Wednesday. Our UCW ladies will provide lunch and help with set up/clean up. (Feb 10/16)We planned candle liturgy, sanctuary banners and vestments for Lent. Palm Sunday will be BYOB (bring your own branch!) When Jesus entered Jerusalem, people greeted him waving branches from the trees they had in their back yards (or along the streets), or with their coats and robes. So, in keeping with that tradition, we will bring branches from our own trees, (or scarves or sweaters) to wave.

We are planning music for the noon hour reflections during Holy Week.

We plan to host a pot luck supper on Maundy Thursday (Mar 24/16), and invite St. James congregation to join us, as we did last year.

The Good Friday service will be held at Knox Pres. Church this year.

We discussed the possibility of holding a Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday. No decision was made.

We would like to recommend to the Board that 50 copies of More Voices be purchased for the sanctuary, using money from the Memorial Fund.

Vickie Elgert and Jessica Gibson will be joining the choir for the Lent/Easter season.

The choir will not be singing in the NACTV talent show or the Festival this year. We have decided to focus our energies on music for Sunday services. The Hims will be performing at the talent show, and we will support them any way we will support them any way we can.

J) Membership - No report

K) Presbytery – No report

L) Special Reports – Sunday school is going well.  Having three teachers has been a big help and there is only one Sunday without a teacher.  Kristin has asked Leanne Harding to cover that day and she was very willing. Youth group is going to entertain at the care home on Feb 19th.  Kristin is leading the singing portion, Declan and Dasha will play a piece on piano and Vicky will do a highland dance.  Last gathering we made cookies to share with the residents.  This weekend we have 5 youth attending Zeebu in Winnipeg.  David and Brianna are going Friday evening as leaders then on Saturday, Dale, Declan and Vicky will go in.  They all come home on Monday. 

M) Acceptance of all reports was moved by Susan, 2nd by Eleanor

7. Old business:

A) Spring supper to be held April 10thheaded by Brian, Brian & Bert

B) Stewardship Campaign Update – Need more people on board, will talk in March.

C) Creation Ministries- decided not to proceed.

D) Suggestion made that the reports be submitted before each meeting to save time.

8. New Business:

A) Canada Day Carnival

B) 25 Year Celebration – will talk about next meeting

9. Moment of Levity was read by Brian B.

10.Next meeting March 15@7:00

11. Kristin gave closing prayer

12. Brian adjourned the meeting at 8:40pm.




#1 Motion made by Ruth, that George Cargo be granted permission to attend funerals (and their lunches) in the united church. 2nd by Eleanor. Carried


#2 Motion made by Jane,2nd by Bev, that St Dominique’s Church be allowed to rent the church for Sunday services & funerals for spring to fall months with some restrictions (no use of incense as we are scent free facility) Details to be arranged.


#3 Motion made by Susan, 2nd by Eleanor, that the Neepawa United church take an active role in Canada Day Celebrations under Leslie Dyke’s leadership.