Meeting of the Board

Neepawa United Church

February 19, 2013


Present:  Brian Bailey, Brian Elgert, Judy Elgert, Rita Friesen, Ann Nielsen, Maurice Kaye, Ella Jarvis, Bev Finlayson, Bob Durston, Susan Phillips and Peggy Reid.

Regrets:  Lyle Byram, Donna Newton and Ruth Hanke

1.                  Brian called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

2.                  Rita opened with prayer.

3.                  The agenda was approved as circulated.  Motion moved by Ann and seconded by Brian E.CARRIED

4.                  The minutes of the January 15, 2013 board meeting were accepted with the following correction:  Ann Nielson sent regrets.  Motion moved by Ella and seconded by Rita.  CARRIED.

5.                  Correspondence:

a)                  Request from Lily Festival to use the building for the Tangled Threads Quilt Show times and conditions same as last year.

b)                  Letter from Wayne Zaluski regarding time away (March 2nd to March 10th) and his wish to extend contract for 12 months.

c)                  Letter from Town of Neepawa regarding new garbage pick-up by-law.

d)                  Information re:  Christian Copyright Licensing (CCLI)

6.                  Business arising from the minutes:

a)                  Projector/screen project—nothing to report

b)                  Folk music Sunday—Feb. 24, 2013—men are busy preparing

c)                  Church history update—still no one expressing interest in taking this on.

d)                  WiFi and every Sunday TV – everything is set up but power supply not working.  Brian B will look into the problem. 

e)                  Sound policy for weddings, etc – nothing to report.

7.                  Old Business

a)                  Search Committee – applications have been received, process is on-going

b)                  GAP Committee – everything in order till after Easter.

8.                  Committee Reports:

a)                  Larger Parish  (Official Board)  -- no report.  Feb 26th meeting is being rescheduled.

b)                  Pastoral Care – Ruth Hanke

   -   3 sympathy cards and 5 get well cards were sent.  Also 4 Thinking of you, at one year anniversary of death, and 4 Thinking of You (general concerns) were sent.

  -   Tues morning coffe continues at 10 am with several people volunteering to make coffe and clean-up.  Thank-you!   Drivers have been found for those requesting rides to and from church.

c)                  Mission & Service – Susan Phillips

-         Lenten calendars will be inserted in bulletins for first and second Sundays of Lent.

-         Movie night planned for Feb 27th, at 7:30.  The movie is “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”  Popcorn and drinks will be available.  Donations only to M & S

d)                  Ministry & Personnel – Rita Friesen – nothing to report

e)                  Treasurer – Bob Durston

2013 Total Income to date:            $12,778.53

2013 Total Expenses to date:           17,224.96

Deficit:                                               4,446.43

Bob moved, seconded by Ann that treasurer’s report be approved as presented.  CARRIED

f)                    Property—Maurice Kaye

-         Maurice will be away from February 25th to April 8th.

-         Merv has been contacted and will modify the cold air return from the meeting and choir rooms to make it possible for Four Seasons to service air handling equipment above the ceiling in Ladies’ Bathroom.

-         Tim’s Plumbing and Heating will be contacted re repairs to the shaft and pulley assembly in furnace fan, which supplies air circulation for the basement.

-         Four Seasons has stated that they will check the air conditioning system for refrigerant leaks.  If the leaks can be repaired the air conditioning may not need to be replaced.

-         Several cabinet doors have been readjusted and the bookcase in the minister’s office will be repaired soon.

-         Repairs are completed to control the temperature in the minister’s office.

-         The new boiler has been installed by Four Seasons and several control valves and timers have been upgraded.

-         Carpet is being cleaned Feb 26th.

g)                  Finance

-         Spring Supper convener is Bert Lowry.

-         Susan had more information about a play that could be presented as a fundraiser.  We might look at doing this in partnership with the high school, probably in the fall.

h)                  UCW—Bev Finlayson

-         World Day of Prayer is March 1st.  The service will be at St Dominique’s, at 2pm.  Our UCW will be participating.

i)                    Ministerial – Peggy Reid

-         Peggy pointed out that the provincial government is giving away defibrillators.  Brian Elgert will look into making application.

-         Peggy will put together a newsletter if we send her information.  She does one for her church 4 or 5 times a year.

j)                    Trustees—Judy Elgert    Nothing to report.

k)                  Worship – Ann Nielsen

-         Committee did not meet in Feb.

-         Ann recommended that we participate in the community Good Friday Service.

l)                    Presbytery – Rita Friesen/Ella Jarvis.

-         See full report attached.

-         Rita also talked about starting a letter writing campaign addressing the issue of inadequate rental allotments for people receiving social assistance in the province.

m)                Special reports:

-         Men’s Breakfast – there were 5 out, a smaller group than usual

-         Youth Group – 4 of our youth attended Zeebu in Selkirk.  Pancake supper was a success again, with 53 and ½ in attendance.  The group visited Country Meadows on Valentine’s Day, and they will be going to MacGregor for tubing on Mar 3rd!

-         Sunday School – Kim is looking for someone to take Brian Elgert’s place, as he is backing away from teaching.

-         Singles lunches – Ed Friesen entertained at the Valentine’s Day lunch, and a good time was had by all!

n)          Bob Durston moved the acceptance of all reports.  Ann seconded. CARRIED.

9.                  New Business

a)                  Do we need a policy regarding stipend for video operators?  Brian asked that we think about this and discuss at our next meeting.

b)                  Internet/phone service – there have been problems with our service in the office.  Brian has done some research, but this is really a Larger Parish issue.

c)                  Rita shared a great story for our moment of levity.

10.              Next meeting – March 19, 2013

11.              Peggy closed the meeting with prayer.

12.              Brian adjourned meeting at 8:40.  




  1. That the Agenda be approved as circulated.
  2. That the minutes of January 15th, 2013 Board meeting be approved as corrected.
  3. That the Board approve the request from the Neepawa and Area Lily Festival for use of both levels of CEC building and the elevator for the Tangled Thread Quilt Show on July 19, 20, 21st, 2013 from 5pm to 9pm on Thurs evening for set up and 10am to 8pm on Friday and Saturday, and from 12 noon to 4pm Sunday at a cost of $555.00.  Moved by Bob Durston, seconded by Brian Elgert. 
  4. That reports be accepted as presented.