Neepawa United Church

February 19, 2019


Present: Bert Lowry(via Skype), John Lea, Bob Durston, Pat Fedoruk, Susan Phillips, Brian Bailey, Brian Elgert, Jane Goudie, John Douglas, Ella Jarvis, Linda Hart


1. Call to order – Bert called the meeting to order at 7 pm.

2. Opening Meditation John reflected on Sunday’s reading “Sermon on the Plain” followed by a prayer.

3. Adoption of the Agenda – Jane moved adoption of the amended agenda, seconded by Brian Elgert. Amendments were to change 6f) UCW reps to Nora Kaye/Jan Bailey and change 6g) to Supervisor’s Report – John Lea. Carried

4. Adoption of the Minutes – Bob moved adoption of the corrected Jan. 15, 2019 minutes, seconded by Pat. Correction was to add Ella Jarvis to those present. Carried

5. Correspondence

- The Rotary Club sent a request to rent the CEC for a book sale from Wed April 10 to Sat. April 13 and asked for set up days to be complementary. A motion was made and passed to allow the Rotary Club of Neepawa two days for set up at no charge and pay for rental for four days.

- Rita sent a report of her activities for January: Country Meadows – 6 visits; Homes - 6; Elks Manor - 2; funerals of Annie Dobchuk and Jean Finnimore; Sunday services – 2; hospital visits-1 and a week of holidays.


6. A) Pastoral Care – No report

B) Mission & Service Susan reported that the Committee is planning a Lenten Calendar and that the M & S Committee will take part in the March 31 Sunday Service.

C) Ministry & Personnel – Brian Bailey had nothing to report.

D) Treasurer – Bob distributed the statements to Jan. 31, 2019.

Income $12,303.36

Expenses $12,878.36

Deficit $ 575.00

Moved by Bob, seconded by Brian Elgert that the Treasurer’s Report be adopted. Carried

E) Property

- John Douglas reported that the fire extinguishers have been replaced.

- John had a brochure from TrusTLift with types of commercial lifts available for the choir loft. Cost is approximately $10,000. The company rep is coming this week to give more information. A ramp is not feasible because of the height to length requirements which would make the ramp too long for the front of the Church.

- Snow clearing is going well.

- Brian Bailey will contact Wilbur Loewen re: timeline for extending the sound booth.

F) UCW Ella reported that the World Day of Prayer is on March 1 at the Presbyterian Church. UCW members are on the organizing committee. The UCW has catered to three funerals.

G) Supervisor’s Report - John Lea reported that under the new system of Regions for the United Church, the Neepawa United Church is in Region 5 which will be named Prairie Pine. Heather Lea is the Chair of the Regional Committee on Community of Faith Support.

H) Trustees – no report






6I) Worship Committee –Pat Fedoruk reported.

- The Worship Committee met Feb. 12.

- The Committee is preparing for communion on March 10, the first Sunday in Lent. Rita Friesen will preside.

- After further consideration and inquiries with pianists, the Committee decided to continue with Holy Week music, April 15 to 18. The usual advertising will be done through posters, Ministerial Assoc. and media. April 18 will feature the HIMS with a short reflection by Rita Friesen. It was decided to purchase a gift card for Rita.

- The roll clerk position has been filled by Murray Hart. He has already spent many hours organizing the information received to enable interim reporting on a timely basis. This will also assist with recording the entries into the official registers. Thank you to Sheila Bremner for all of the years that she capably handled this role.

- There has been a request for adult baptism. Rita Friesen, as Sacraments Elder, is agreeable to this request and is prepared to have the necessary discussions. A motion was made and passed that Stephanie Morfitt be accepted into Church membership by adult baptism.

- The Worship Committee has started discussion with a representative of St. James Anglican Church about joint services for July and August. Further discussion will follow after their March meeting.

J) Stewardship Bob had the list of donors for 2018. Bert, Jane, Susan, Pat and Brian Elgert split up the list and will phone to thank donors.

K) Regional - Susan has booked a room for Donna Newton and herself for the Regional Meeting in Brandon June 13 to 16.

L) Special Reports Sunday School is going well. They are carrying on with the “Fruits of Spirit” theme. The HIMS are performing on March 7 at Country Meadows.

M) Acceptance of all reports was moved by Brian Bailey and seconded by Brian Elgert. Carried

7. Old Business:

A) Results of AGM

The meeting went well as part of the Sunday Service. The Annual Report was available three weeks ahead of the meeting for congregation members to read. The turnout was a little less than last year. Bert thanked Brian Elgert for chairing the meeting. The Board recommended that the Annual Meeting be held as part of a Sunday Service again next year.

B) Results of email vote

An email vote taken on Feb. 1, 2019 was passed.

Motion: Moved by Brian Bailey, Seconded by Brian Elgert. That the Neepawa United Church Board recommend to the Congregation the acceptance of the Neepawa and Area Pastoral Charge 2019 Budget as presented.


8. New Business

A) Once the motion is accepted by the Region for Neepawa United Church to become a single point charge, the Ministry Profile Report is ready to be sent in to the regional representative who will be appointed shortly.

B) The Neepawa and Area Larger Parish Committee will be meeting soon to decide on a date for dissolution of the Neepawa and Area Larger Parsish. This motion needs to be sent to the Region.

C) Once the Larger Parish is disbanded, the Neepawa United Church Policies and Procedures Manual will need some changes. One change is to have our own Ministry and Personnel Committee and have the Chair sit on the Neepawa United Church Board.


9. Bert and Brian Bailey each shared a moment of levity.

10. Next regular Board Meeting is at the call of the Chair, either March 12 or 19.

11. John Lea gave a closing prayer

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 8:40 pm.






#1 Motion made by Brian Bailey and seconded by Susan Phillips. That the Rotary Club of Neepawa be allowed 2 days for set up and pay rental for 4 days for their Book Sale. Carried.

#2 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Jane Goudie. That the Worship Committee recommends to the Board that Stephanie Morfitt be accepted into Church membership through adult baptism. Carried.