Neepawa United Church

February 21, 2017


Present: Bob Durston, Susan Phillips, Brian Elgert, Judy Elgert, Donna Newton, Jane Goudie, Rowena Powell, Bev Davie, Bert Lowry& Kristin Woodburke via Skype.

Regrets: Ruth Hanke, Ella Jarvis, John Forke, Eleanor Nicholson, John Douglas,

1: Call to order – Bert Lowry called meeting to order 7:06pm.

2: Kristin read opening meditation

3: Adoption of the agenda – Bob moved adoption of agenda, 2nd by Jane. Carried

4: Adoption of Minutes – Brian moved adoption of minutes as amended, 2nd by Judy. Carried

5: Correspondence – Thank you card form Youth Retreat

6: Committee Reports:


  1. Pastoral Care – Donna Reported for Betty Ebner– 8 sympathy cards, 6 get well, 4 thinking of you cards and 1 1st anniversary of a death.


B) Mission & Service - submitted by Susan – We have not met since last board meeting. Kristin and Susan participated in conference call regarding M&S giving’s and how we might look at increasing the percentage of M&S givers in our congregation.

C) Ministry & Personnel – no report

D) Treasurer – report to January 31/17

Income $14,472.65

Expense $12,706.96

Surplus $ 1,765.69

Bob moved treasurer’s report, 2nd by Judy. Carried

E) Property – no report

F) UCW – submitted by Donna


Zeebu meals were very much appreciated with many positive comments. Thanks to Noreen Hollier for taking charge and of course thanks to all who helped whether they were members of the Board, the UCW, or the congregation. The UCW sponsored a student to attend Zeebu and have received a thank you note. The rummage sale will be held on April 7th & 8th with set up on the 6th. All donations are welcome with any help greatly appreciated.

G) Ministerial – Kristin reported there were 2 funerals we hosted the Youth Retreat and week of prayer for Christian Unity, there was a good turnout.

H) Trustees – No report

I) Worship Committee – submitted by Susan,


We met on Jan 31st. There has been a request for 3 baptisms. Communion on Lent 1 – March 5th. Next meeting - Feb 28th. We are excited about welcoming new members to the committee. We will also use the meeting time to prepare the sanctuary for the season of Lent.

J) Stewardship – no report

K) Presbytery – Rowena reported - Agassiz Presbytery met Feb 11th in MacGregor. Highlights of the meeting Included: review of remit GC42 #6 one order of ministry. Report of information of conference ntg to be held in Portage at Canad Inn -May 25-28th

Also included was a service celebrating Agassiz becoming an Affirming Presbytery – one inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Packages have been sent out for Rock Lake Camp. Next meeting will be held in Altona April 28, 29.


L) Special reports – no reports


Acceptance of all reports was moved by Bob, 2nd by Brian, Carried

7. Old business:

A) Nominating Committee – Brian will make motion at annual meeting.

B) Thank you calls – still a few to be made.

8. New Business:

A) Remits #2 & #4 – Straw poll for Remit #2 All in favor, results of straw poll Remit #6 – 6 for 2 against, 2 abstained

B) Annual meeting will be held February 26th in sanctuary during service. Sunday school will be down stairs for whole service. Will have 2 people with hand held microphones for people with questions.

C) Sunday Worship Services for summer – Talked about sharing services with Presbyterian and Anglican churches for July & August, Motion was made that we investigate the plausibility of holding joint Sunday services with the Anglicans and/ or Presbyterians during the months of July & August 2017. Motion was made by Susan and 2nd by Donna but will discuss with congregation at Annual meeting.

D) Spring supper set for April 23rd, Brian Elgert will coordinate.

9. Moment of Levity was read by Susan

10. Next meeting March 21st@7:00

11. Kristin gave closing prayer

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 9:20






  1. Moved by Susan, that we approve the baptism of Riley James Kilburn son of Brandi & Tom Kilburn & Juli Kristine Smith, daughter of Kelli & Jeff Smith & MacKenzie Rae Mitchell, daughter of Kaitlin Kilburn & Brad Mitchell on Sunday March 12th . 2nd by Donna……..Carried






  1. Moved by Susan, that we investigate the plausibility of holding joint Sunday morning services with the Anglicans &/or Presbyterians during the months of July & August 2017. 2nd by Donna……..Carried, board would like to discuss with congregation at annual meeting.