Neepawa United Church

January 12, 2016


Present: Kristin Wood-Burke,Bob Durston, Judy Elgert,Brian Bailey, Eleanor Nicholson,

Bert Lowry, Ella Jarvis, Donna Newton, Susan Phillips& Bev Davie

Regrets: Ruth Hanke, Brian Elgert& Lynda Giannotti, Bev Finlayson, Maurice Kaye


1: Call to order – Bert Lowry called meeting to order 7:00pm.

2: Kristin Wood-Burke gave opening meditation

3: Adoption of the agenda moved by Bob Durston, Seconded by Susan Phillips

4: Adoption of the minutes –amendment to minutes 6) Ministry &Personnel – should state Kristin Woodburke will be taking a course from January to April and will have study leave from January 25-29 movedby Bob Durston, seconded by Brian Bailey

5: Correspondence – Thank you from Rita for gift, Thank you for Blue Christmas service from Michelle and Thank you for carolers from Sylvia Kuharski.

6: Committee Reports:

  1. Pastoral Care – Eleanor Nicholson reported 1 sympathy card sent in December, 6 thinking of you and get well cards and 4 One year anniversary of a death.

  2. Mission & Service – Susan Phillips reported target was met so no need to top up M&S balance.

  3. Ministry & Personnel –No report, they created new job description and set up committee.

  4. Treasurer – Bob Durston reported for end of December 2015

Income - $183,126.63

Expenses -$161,136.62

Surplus - $ 21,990.01

Surplus result can be attributed to following in 2015

$5,000 increase by UCW over budgeted line

$5500 increase in fund raiser budget line

$5500 reduced maintenance costs

Increase in individual amounts that donors gave in the $1,000 plus category.

Bob Durston moved, 2nd by Judy Elgert

  1. Property - No Report

  2. Finance – changing name from finance to Stewardship.

  3. UCW – Donna Newton reported – lost one unit (now 5) dates for rummage sales April & October, fall supper will be last Sunday in October, October 30/16. First Thursday in May (5th)will hold soup & sandwich luncheon. Fall rally will be held here in October.

  4. Ministerial – Kristin Wood-Burke gave report – Held Epiphany Service, Blue Christmas Service, looking ahead to Lent, Ash Wednesday Feb 10/16. Will partner with St James Anglican lunch services to be hosted at St James. We will host Maundy Thursday. There was 1 baptism, 51 transfer in & 1 funeral rental.

  5. Trustees – No report

  6. Worship Committee– Sunday school is at the letter “S”. Membership was up last year (2015) for the first time in a number of years.




Communion dates for 2016 are:

February 7th Transfiguration Sunday

March 20th Palm Sunday

May 15th Pentecost

October 2nd Worldwide Communion Sunday

November 27th 1st Sunday in Advent


Ash Wednesday Service Noon Hour Service February 10th at St. James Anglican Church UCW will

Provide & serve lunch.

We are concerned about not having an organist/pianist on Christmas Eve. So we’ll try harder next

Year. If anyone knows a student that would be home at Christmas, let us know!

We really like having the “HIMS”



  1. Presbytery – Ella submitted report - This past year Kristin Woodburke, Susan Phillips & Ella Jarvis have been the Presbytery representatives. The task involves attending the presbytery meetings that are held quarterly. The general business of the Agassiz Presbytery is addressed with each meeting including a time of worship and reports from all the committees. Attendance allows one to get to know the work and concerns of other churches in the area, assurance that we are not alone with the struggles to increase the presence of youth and young families and to balance the budget. Theme for sessions in 2015 were restructure of the church, presbytery, church boards etc. The new profile for the church will start in 2016, this is a work in progress, may take years to complete. Task group report on Agassiz Presbytery becoming an Affirming Presbytery. We will solicit feedback and use it to guide our task group, to draft a vision statement and action plan. This will be part of the agenda for 2016 at our spring meeting. Very important for a rep to be present to note the changes in policies and any events that affect or reflect on the work of our church. Many of the decisions regarding the work of the local church are supervised, and under recommendations of Presbytery, Looking forward to a busy year with many new challenges.

  2. Special Reports – Youth group has schedule until end of March. It was noted that our youth group were a big help with the Salvation Army hampers, the fundraiser and a couple of new voices in the choir.

We have one new choir member & one new HIMS member.

M) Acceptance of all reports was moved after change of name of finances to “stewardship” by Donna Newton 2nd by Susan Phillips.

7. New business:

A) Spring supper to be held April 10th?? Will plan for 300. After much discussion we decided to ask

Congregation to vote if they would like to have pork or beef served.

B) Stewardship Campaign Update – planfor all campaigns in March

C) Creation Ministries Oct 2/16 has been tentatively booked, after lengthy discussion it was tabled

To next meeting to decide if we will proceed.

8. Moment of Levity was read by Brian B.

9. Next meeting February 11 @7:00

10. Kristin gave closing prayer

11. Bert adjourned the meeting at 9:20pm.