Meeting of the Board

Neepawa United Church

January 15th, 2013


Present:  Brian Bailey, Donna Newton, Bob Durston, Susan Phillips, Eleanor Nicholson,

                Rev. Peggy Reid, Rita Friesen, Ella Jarvis, Judy Elgert, Maurice Kaye,

                Bev. Finlayson and Lyle Byram.

Regrets:  Brian Elgert, Heather Cummings, Terry Smith and Ruth Hanke.


1.      Brian called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

2.      Rev. Peggy Reid gave the opening Meditation and Prayer.

3.      The Agenda was approved as circulated.  Moved by Judy Elgert and seconded

by Maurice Kaye. Carried.

4.      The Minutes of the December Board meeting were approved. Moved by

Susan Phillips and seconded by Eleanor Nicholson.  Carried.

5.      Correspondence –

·        Brian read a thank you card from Amber Zalluski for Christmas gift.

·        Brian read a thank you card from Joyce Kingdon for Christmas gift.

·        Brian read a thank you note from Diane Martin on behalf of­­­­­­­  Child and

Family Services of Western Manitoba.

·        Information from Calling Lakes – courses that are offered and busaries

available for anyone that may qualify for any of the courses.

·        Information received from World Leprosy Mission.

·        Letter from Ryan Nelson applying to look after the video/camera project.

6.      Business arising from the Minutes

a)      Progress on funds raised for projector/screen project – no report

b)      Fall stewardship campaign report – Bob reports that the weekly givings

are going up but the Fall canvas is down but the overall total is much

the same as previous years.

c)      Transporting shut-ins to church.  Eleanor to put notice in the bulletin and

if anyone knows of anyone needing a ride on Sunday morning to leave their

name at the office and someone will call and make arrangements for a ride.

d)      Folk music Sunday is now set for February 24, 2013.

e)      Church history update – Donna spoke to Susan Drayson but she does not

feel she can do this but has much information with regard to the UCW.

It was suggested to speak to Allan Drysdale.

f)        WiFi and every Sunday TV update.  Brian reported that this should be

installed Thursday of this week.  Every Sunday TV has been set up with Access.                               


MOTION: Moved by Susan Phillips and seconded by Rita Friesen that we purchase from

                   Access  TV               a. Tripod - $100 (new)

                                                     b. Monitor - $100 (new)

                                                     c. DVD burner - $150 (experienced) for $350 Total.  Carried.

               g)      Sound policy for weddings – no report to date.

               h)    Lay supervision of Intern Minister – Neepawa appointees

                                    Dora White and Nora Kaye will be on the committee.

- 2 -


g)      Old Business

a.       Search committee – no report

b.      GAP committee report – Peggy reported that the list is out.

h)      Committee Reports:

A)    Larger Parish – Donna presented a report of the Larger Parish

meeting on January 14th and this was followed by a discussion.

MOTION:  Moved by Donna Newton and seconded by Lyle Byram that we

                    accept the November 6th, 2012 Budget Proposal from the Neepawa

                    and Area Pastoral Charge along with their Motion to forgive the

                    monthly allocation for February and March 2013.  Carried.

B)     Pastoral Care – Eleanor reported in for the month of December

they sent out 5 sympathy – 1 get well – and 4 thinking of you.

They sent out  a total of 142 cards in 2012.

C)    Mission and Service – Susan Phillips reported that

the congregation was very generous with White Gifts and

the mitten tree.  There was lots of food, hats, scarves and mitts were

brought in and taken to the Salvation Army.  Also, over $400 in cash.

Susan reported the M & S met the goal for 2012 with a total of

$15,192.67 in givings. This includes $320 raised by the Youth Group

for their gifts vision project and $130.65 from loose coin collection

on December 30th.  Susan says they are talking about having another

movie night but not sure when.

D)    Ministry and Personnel – no report.

E)     Treasurer’s report – Bob reported he ordered 130 envelopes at a

cost of $294.44.  The funds donated to the United Church of Canada

Foundation by Kelly and Elsie Bell in the amount of $764.20 designated

to Neepawa United Church have been received.

Bob presented his financial report to December 31, 2012

                                       Total Income                      $187,177.90

                                        Total Expenses                    175,142.00

                                                  Surplus                         12,035.90

Larger Parish $   -4605.37

Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Susan Phillips that the Treasurer’s

report be approved as presented.  Carried.

F)     Property – no report

G)    Finance – Discussion on possible fund raisers – Susan Phillips has information

of a group that puts on plays in Churches as a fund raiser – she will obtain

more information.  There will be a Song Fest in May with donations made

in honour or someone or in memory of someone.

H)    UCW – Bev Finlayson reported that the year end report is being prepared.

There were 65 cookie trays delivered before Christmas to the shut ins and

bereaved families.


-      3     -

I)       Ministerial – Peggy Reid reported that they have received some applications

for a new Minister and are being considered at this time.

J)       Trustees – Judy Elgert reported that the committee met and had

discussions on Insurance  with Don Schmall.

K)    Worship – Brian Bailey gave Ann’s report in her absence

·        Charlie Brown mitten/scarf/toque tree a success towards supplementary

Christmas hampers.  Still looking for a slim tall 6’ plus tree for

Narthex (to save our live ones) for next Advent.

·        Carolling dates  need to be changed so it will not conflict with

the HMK concert nights, so we have more youth.

·        Lenten decor and banner to go up for Feb. 17th (1st Sunday in Lent)

·        Ash Wednesday Feb. 13th – pancake supper prior to Worship at 7:00 pm

·        Palm branches are ordered for Palm Sunday March 24th.  Sunday School to

help with distribution prior to service.

·          Lenten week noon hour music with reflection in progress March 25 – 28th.

·          Maundy Thursday service being looked into.

·        Thanks to Eileen Henton for nurturing the Sanctuary poinsettias during


L)     Presbytery – No report.

M)   Special Reports – Men’s breakfast have more people attending and

report they have good discussions.

Singles  group – Ella Jarvis reported she has attended a couple and

reports there is a good response and enjoyable time.

Youth Group – Judy reported youth group is doing the Pancake Supper

on  Feb. 13th prior to the Service.  Youth group is attending the Zeebu

youth group retreat in Selkirk in February at a cost of $70.00 each and

Brian Elgert has volunteered to transport the youth to Selkirk.

MOTION:  Moved by Donna Newton and seconded by Rita Friesen that Neepawa

                   United Church pay mileage @ .41 cents/km to Brian Elgert to travel to the Zeebu

                    Youth group Retreat in Selkirk.                                           

                    February 16, 17, & 18th in Selkirk.  Carried.

N)    Bob Durston moved the acceptance of all reports.  Donna seconded.  Carried.

9.      New Business

a)      AGM is February 3rd and all reports to be in the office by January 18th.

Donna reported there be a nominating Report.

b)      Vision for our church and new thoughts.  Peggy Reid suggested there

be a term set for the Board positions. 

c)      Do we need month or bi-monthly meetings?  Brian brought this idea

forward and something for each one to think about.

d)      Rita to have moment of levity for next meeting.

10.  Next meeting – February 19th at 7:00 p.m.

11.  Peggy gave the closing prayer.

12.  Brian adjourned the meeting at 8:45 p.m.





-    4      -

Motions Carried:

1. That we purchase from NACTV a) tripod - $100 (new)

                                                     b) monitor - $100 (new)

                                                     c) DVD burner - $150 (experienced)

                                      for a total of $350. 

2. That we accept the November, 2012 Budget proposal from the Neepawa and

Area Pastoral Charge along with their motion to forgive the monthly allocation

for February and March, 2013.

3. That Neepawa United Church pay mileage to Brian Elgert to travel to the Zeebu

Event February 16, 17 and 18th in Selkirk.