Neepawa United Church

January 19, 2021

via ZOOM


Present: Jane Goudie, Bert Lowry, John Lea, Bob Durston, Brian Bailey, Linda Hart, Pat Fedoruk, Nora Kaye, Ella Jarvis, Judy Elgert, Betty Ebner, Jan Bailey, Chad McCharles


1. Call to order – Jane called the meeting to order at 7 pm


2. Opening Meditation – Chad gave an opening meditation followed by a prayer.


3. Additions to the Agenda – Add Neepawa United Church Nominating Report under Old Business. Remove Meeting on ZOOM under New Business.


4. Adoption of the Agenda

Bert Lowry moved adoption of the amended agenda, seconded by Brian Bailey. Carried


5. Adoption of the Minutes

An error to be corrected: Change Anita d’Amato to Anita d’Armada in 7c)

Jan Bailey moved adoption of the corrected December 15, 2020 minutes, seconded by Nora Kaye. Carried


6. Correspondence – Jane was contacted by John Nelson suggesting a thank you be sent to the Osborne Home Board from the Neepawa United Church Board for all their work in managing the Osborne Home for many years.

 7. Committee Reports

A) Pastoral Care – Betty reported

Sympathy Get Well 1 Yr Ann of Death

Dec. 4 2 3


B) Mission & Service Susan sent her report.

M & S met via Zoom last week.  We are very pleased to announce that we have a new member—Don Walmsley has joined our team!  We spent some time discussing the roll of the committee, and how M & S compare with PWRDF.  Of course there are a lot of similarities and we all look forward to learning more.  Meanwhile we are putting together a Lenten Calendar, with Chad’s input.  We will have it ready to go out by email, and may need to hand deliver some as well—of course that all depends on what if anything changes around COVID restrictions.



C) Ministry & Personnel – Brian had nothing to report


D) Treasurer – Bob reported


NUC Statement to the end of Dec. 2020

Income $167,487.18

Expenses $165,897.43

Surplus $1,589.75


E) Property

- John Douglas sent notice that the fire extinguishers had been serviced.

- Jane will notify our insurance provider that someone slid on ice in front of church and fell. We are not sure if on the Church or Town sidewalk.

- Jane will ask John to confirm that ice melt is being put out when needed.


F) UCW Nora Kaye reported


G) Pastoral Charge Supervisor’s Report John Lea reported that his annual report had been sent to Dawn. He has been impressed with the creativity of the NUC and NUASM during the lockdown. Since some NUC Board Members will be going to the NUASM Board, John indicated that he will be seeing less of them in the future. He was very appreciative of the hard work during 2020 that allowed NUASM to be formed.


H) Trustees – nil


I) Worship Committee – Pat Fedoruk reported


The Worship Committee met via Zoom on January 12. We reviewed the services of the Advent and Christmas season. The viewing numbers through YouTube were favorable, between 79-164 (Christmas Eve). We are unable to gather viewing audience numbers through Facebook. Rev. Chad and Judy Elgert have been working with NACTV to get the situations surrounding aired services resolved. We recognize that these services are vital to our faith families.

Provincial Health orders of January 8, under code red, did not change for in person worship. Consequently, we plan to continue with taping services during the Lenten season until such time that restrictions are lifted. The services will build on traditions familiar to both communities of faith. In addition to the regular Sunday worship, there will be Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services. The Ministerial Association is not planning any combined ecumenical Lenten events this year.

We will be looking for musicians and potential soloists to perform, for approximately thirty minutes, during a few lunch times during Holy Week. The music will be piped outside for those passing by, (unless small groups outside are allowed at that time).


7I) Continued

A United Church style communion service will be observed on the first Sunday of Lent, February 21. The first virtual Sunday school gathering is scheduled for January 17, via Zoom. What a wonderful blessing that was made possible by our Sunday school teachers!

The report from membership convener, Murray Hart, has been circulated. A motion was made and passed to accept the 2020 Membership Report.

Chad reported that he had been in discussions with NACTV re: problems with airing Sunday services over Christmas. One service was repeated 3 times. He emphasized that many viewers, not just United Church members, depend on the Sunday Services. Memory cards will be submitted to NACTV and returned following an agreed protocol. Hopefully we will not have any more problems with airing the Sunday Services.

J) Stewardship


K) Prairie to Pine Region - Susan sent a note saying the Regional newsletters have started again after a short break. John noted that there will be a Regional Worship Service on Ash Wednesday via ZOOM. Details are in the Regional Newsletter.


L) Special Reports –


M) Minister’s Report Chad submitted the following report.




service recording / pastoral conversation x4 / admin. / St. James' clean out


zoom admin. / study prep. / Prayer workshop


zoom admin. / ministerial admin. / Blue Christmas & Advent Prep. / worship space set-up / vestry


Chapel completion / admin


Service prep. / admin / pastoral contact / Blue Christmas prep.


Service recording / NUC board report prep. / Worship com. Mtg. /


Admin. / pastoral care / zoom mtg. / recording Blue Christmas / Anglican real-estate dealings


Holy Eucharist recording / Christmas prep. / Dec. 27 service prep.


Study / Hospital call


Admin. / worship prep. / sermon prep/ closing prayer prep for NUC Board


Service recording / Admin. / Christmas Eve planning / Sermon prep / NUC Board mtg.


Service recording for Christmas Eve / pastoral outreach / Dec. 27 service recording prep.


Service prep. / admin. / Vestry / Holy Eucharist Service Recording / Hospital call


Study / exegetical work for synod zoom worship


Service prep. / admin. / Holy Eucharist Service Recording / Community Christmas deliveries


Service recording / zoom meeting / admin. / pastoral calls x3 / Anglican real-estate dealings


vestry admin. / AGM report work / study


Anglican real-estate dealings / meeting / Ministerial outreach


7M) continued

December was a month delightfully full of planning and prayerful consideration for Christmas and the numerous services and outreach initiatives that are a part of our faith family’s response to the miracle of the incarnation. The Blue Christmas service was a special event for me as before this year, I had not had the privilege of planning and hosting a Longest Night liturgy. Not only that, but it was a special honour to share the leading of the service with Rita Friesen. Although Christmas 2020 was quite different, I believe the planning and love that went into our first Christmas together as NUASM made for a holy and memorable time, nonetheless. Next year’s Nativity celebrations will be even more festive and joy-filled because of our toned-down approach this year. Recording the Christmas Eve service this year and having the Carols played without a church full of voices singing them revealed to me just what a blessing it is to worship together in unity, gathered as God’s people, and how we ought not ever take this for granted again.


Chad also mentioned that he prepared three reports for the NUC, St. James and NUASM Annual General Meetings. He is very thankful for the volunteers who make the taping of the Sunday Services possible.


N) Acceptance of all reports was moved by Betty Ebner and seconded by Ella Jarvis. Carried


8. Old Business

A) AGM on February 14

- Dawn would like to know what graphic should be on the cover of the Neepawa United Church Annual Report booklet. Jane will let her know to use the one from last year.

- There are 3 AGM reports for 2020: NUC, St. James and NUASM. They will all be bound together with a cover page for each report and a cover page on the front.

- The Neepaw United Church AGM will be on Sunday Feb. 14 at 11:30 AM via ZOOM.

- Chad has announced the time and date on the taped Sunday Services and is asking people to phone the Church if they want their name on the list of attendees for the AGM.

- The Agenda for the AGM was reviewed and necessary changes made.


B) Investment of Money from Sale

Bob has been touch with the Diocese of Brandon and the United Church of Canada Foundation with regard to investing the money from the sale of the Osborne Home Units. They recommended investment companies in Ontario. Bob spoke with Erin Chisholm, Financial Advisor at Stride Credit Union which is local. She recommended investing in Manulife. Bob, Jane and Brian will meet with Erin and find pertinent information.

A motion was made and passed to invest with Manulife at Stride Credit Union subject to approval from Brian, Jane and Bob.


C) Discretionary Funds ideas/proposal

Chad and Jane developed a draft Discretionary Fund Policy which was presented for information.

A motion was made and passed to create a Discretionary Fund line in the 2021 Budget for $1,000 and to adjust the 2021 Budget to show this.

Chad, Jane and Bob will edit the draft Discretionary Fund Policy and bring it back to the Board.


D) Sale of Osborne Home

The Osborne Home Units have been sold to Touchwood Park. The Osborne Home Board, consisting of Bud Johnson, Dave Cochrane, Stan Rainkie and Evelyn McConnell, have served on the board for many years and looked after all the management and maintenance issues for the Home.

A motion was made and passed to send thank you letters to the Osborne Home Board and to place a thank you in the Annual Report.


8E) Internet

The switch from MTS to Westman Communications is ongoing. The Church will have a new e-mail once switch is complete.


F) Printer

After reviewing the quotes obtained by Dawn, a motion was made and passed to lease the Ricoh color copier.


G) Policy and Procedure Manual

No changes needed to the Manual. It was decided that the Regional Representatives will be listed on both the Neepawa United Church Board and the NUASM Board. The NUASM Organizational Chart will need to be changed.


H) Nominating Committee Report

Bert made note of a change to the Report. The UCW and Trustees have one vote for each of their committees and the Members at Large have one vote each. Bert will add the Regional Reps to the NUC Board with one vote for their Committee. Their terms will go to the end of 2022.

9. New Business


A) Financial Reports when there is no monthly meeting

Bob agreed to send monthly Financial Reports to the Neepawa United Church Board. The NUASM Board has $1,500 budgeted to them. Bob will send the NUASM Board a monthly report on their expenditures.


10. NUASM Lynda Lowry

Lynda joined the meeting to outline the plans for the start of the NUASM Board and to welcome Pastoral Care, Mission & Service, Ministry & Personnel, and Worship to the NUASM Board. For now the Regional Reps will be on both Boards. The NUASM Board plans to meet monthly. Important Dates:

Feb. 21- NUASM AGM at 1:00 pm by ZOOM

Feb. 23 - First NUASM Board Meeting by ZOOM

Lynda thanked everyone for their good work.


A suggestion was to send NUC Board Minutes and NUASM Board Minutes to the email list until the Church is reopened.


11. Moment of Levity - Jane


12. Next scheduled Board Meetings

Feb. 14 at 11:30 AM - AGM

May 18, 2021

Sept. 21. 2021

Nov. 16, 2021


13. John gave a closing prayer.


14. Jane adjourned the meeting at 9:15 pm




#1. Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Judy Elgert. That the Board accept the 2020 Financial Statements as circulated and recommend that they be accepted at the Annual General Meeting. Carried.


#2. Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Bert Lowry. That the Board top up the Mission & Service donations for 2020 from $12,617.56 to $15,000. Carried.


#3. Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Judy Elgert. That the Board accept the 2021 Budget as circulated and recommend that it be accepted at the Annual General Meeting. Carried.


#4.Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Nora Kaye. That the board approve the 2020 Membership Report from the Membership Convenor. Carried.


#5. Motion made by Bert Lowry and seconded by Ella Jarvis. That the Neepawa United Church invest $225,000, received from the sale of property, with Manulife as recommended by Stride Credit Union and subject to the approval of Bob Durston, Jane Goudie and Brian Bailey. Carried.


#6. Motion made by Bert Lowry and seconded by Betty Ebner. That we create a Discretionary Fund line in the 2021 Budget for $1,000 and that the 2021 Budget be adjusted to show this. Carried.


#7. Motion made by Bert Lowry and seconded by Jan Bailey. That we send a letter of thanks to the Osborne Home Board and place a thank you in the 2020 Annual Report. Carried.


#8. Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Brian Bailey. That Jane be authorized to sign a lease as per quote for a Ricoh Color copier with extra tray and stand. Carried.