Neepawa United Church

June 16, 2015


Present: Donna Newton, Kristin Wood,Bob Durston, Bev Finlayson, Brian

Elgert, Judy Elgert, Ruth Hanke, Susan Phillips, Maurice Kaye and Bev Davie

Regrets: Brian Bailey, Linda Giannotti, Eleanor Nicholson, Bert Lowry & Ella Jarvis


1: Call to order - Brian Elgert chaired the meeting and opened at 7:00pm.

2: Kristin Wood gave opening meditation

3: Adoption of the agenda moved by Bob Durston , seconded by Donna Newton. Carried

4: Adoption of the minutes – (amended the weekly hours to 9:00-1, 1:30-3:30) moved by Bob Durston, seconded by Judy.

5: Correspondence – United Church congregational guide ( will be circulated for each board member to read before fall meeting).

6: Committee Reports:

  1. Larger Parish – No report

  2. Pastoral Care – Ruth Hankereported 3 get well cards & 3 one year anniversary of death were sent in April and 1 sympathy card, 6 get well/thinking of you and 3 one year anniversary of death were sent in May.

  3. Mission& Service – Susan Phillips reported – We have launched a “Child Poverty Awareness Campaign”. You will have noticed the paper dolls in sanctuary. There were 100 dolls in all, representing all children living in Manitoba. The “white” dolls represent the percentage of children living in poverty in the province. (29% according to some statistics, although others say it could be as high as 40%) The committee is planning a number of activities/events focusing on the issue of child poverty in our province, and in our immediate area. – a poverty lunch after church, with guest speakers from our area. We hope to be able to schedule this for a Sunday in September. – a “town hall” type of meeting with candidates for the federal election where we can ask questions about the issue of child poverty and how the different parties plan to deal with it. – a letter writing campaign to insure our politicians know of our concerns regarding this issue.

  4. Ministry &Personnel - Kristin reported there will be a M&P workshop September 14 or 21 or 26-27.

  5. Treasurer – Bob Durston – Treasurers report to May 31 Income - $66,682.03

Expenses- $67,730.11 Deficit -$ 1,048.08

Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Judy Elgert that the treasurer’s report be approved as presented. Carried

  1. Property - report by Maurice Kaye

  1. With board approval to supply necessary material, Doug will stain the fence on the south side of back parking lot, no charge

  2. Re: air condition system for CEC. 4 seasons quoted an estimate to replace the entire unit including extra duct work at a cost of $4,000.00. The second option is to repair old system at a cost of $2,500.00.

  3. Cooling system, summer maintenance was performed with no problems.

  4. Flynn Roofing supplied a quote to repair North & East perimeter of the CEC building at a cost of $9,227.00.

  1. Finance – no report

  2. UCW – Bev Finlayson reported – 1 funeral lunchin May and that Kristin’s shower was a success

  3. Ministerial – Kristin Wood gave report

J) Trustees – no report

K) Worship Committee– Susan submitted report - Picnic on May 24th went very well. Big thank you

To Leila & Sheila and their helpers. There was a good attendance and the food was great &

Weather was perfect. In honour of Mother’s day, a donation of $70 was made to “support Women Strengthening Women” ( a gifts with Vision project) We will be serving Tim Bits / coffee/tea/iced tea on June 21st in honour of Father’s Day. June 21st is also Grad Day but there will be no Grads attending. Heather will not be speaking.

L) Presbytery – No report

M)Special Reports – mens breakfast – small group, down in numbers, Youth group wind up camptrip set for end of June in SpruceWoods. Sunday school is done until September.

N) Acceptance of all reports moved by Bob seconded by Bev F.

7. Talk about time & talent auction & HIMS talking about fund raiser

8. Moment of Levity read by Judy

9. Next meeting September 15 @ 7:00

10. Kristin gave closing prayer

11. Brian Elgert adjourned the meeting at 9:05pm.



#1 Moved by Maurice Kaye that the Board supplies stain and organize work party to stain fence Seconded by Bob Durston. Carried


#2 Moved by Maurice Kaye that board accept quote from Flynn dated May 25/15 for eave repairs of CEC building at cost of $9,227.00 plus gst. Carried


#3 Moved by Maurice Kaye that air condition system be reconditioned at a cost of $2500. Seconded by Bob Durston.Carried.


#4 Moved by Susan Phillips that we waive the wedding policy for Kristin & Shane’s wedding. They will be responsible only for the organist, the caretaker & presiding official. Seconded by Bev F. Carried.


#5 Moved by Donna Newton that we give Kristin & Shane a wedding gift to the amount of $250, seconded by Ruth Hanke. Carried.