Neepawa United Church

Meeting of the Board

June 21st, 2012


Present:  Brian Bailey, Donna Newton, Mark Satterly, Rita Friesen, Susan Phillips, Judy Elgert,

               Ann Nielsen, Bob Durston, Terry Smith, Ruth Hanke, Maurice Kaye, Ella Jarvis,

               Heather Cummings  and Lyle Byram.

Regrets:  Eleanor Nicholson and Brian Elgert.


1.        Brian opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

2.       Mark gave the opening meditation and prayer.

3.       The agenda was approved as circulated.  Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by

Maurice Kaye.  Carried.

4.        The Minutes of the May 17th meeting were approved.  Moved by Bob Durston and

seconded by Judy Elgert.  Carried.

5.        Correspondence

·         Information received regarding a Agassiz Presbytery Workshop  called

      “Plugging into the Divine”. Further information available if anyone interested.

·         Brian reported on the Church copyright regarding music.  Cost is $185.

Larger Parish paid for the licence before and Donna will look after this

with the Larger Parish as it will cover all the Churches. 

·         Donna had a report from Bert Lowry on the Spring supper and attendance was

down from other years.  There were 281 suppers and will plan for 300 next spring.

Bob reported total amount raised from spring supper was $4276.94.

6.        Business arising from the Minutes

(a)    Hymn Dedication Service received very good comments and raised a total

amount of  $2150.00.  Brian to announce in Church the total funds raised.

(b)    United Church Website – Brian reported that a member of the Church has

offered to engineer the website.

(c)     A discussion was held  regarding  a TV broadcast from our Church every

Sunday. Brian reported it would cost $1000 for the needed equipment from NACTV but if someone could operate a camera and record directly onto a DVD it could be put on NACTV directly from the DVD.  A committee would have to be set up that would be responsible to have someone  available to record each Sunday.  Brian and Terry will follow this up.

(d)    Sponsorship at Rock Lake Camp is $180 per child.  No applicants to date.

(e)     Brian presented the Proposal from Benmarks of  Brandon on the installation

of motorized screens at a cost of approximately $15,000.00.  There was a

discussion on this and Brian suggested that we sit on this over summer

and will discuss again in the Fall.  Brian advised there is money in the

Memorial Fund.  Susan suggested we talk to Plumas as they have one

installed in their Church.  Mark suggested we think about it over summer

and advise congregation of this idea.

7.        Old Business

a)      Information Board on finance in Narthex – Ruth suggested we present this to congregation before this is done. Bob reported that some people give on par so would only prepare a monthly report and not weekly.

It was suggested that we locate the old hymn number board or have a new one

made to record these numbers each month for information for the congregation.

b)      Library – Rita and Mark to check on this in the coming week.




8.        Committee Reports

a)      Worship Committee

·         Ann reported that Tyler Stilwell will help manage the sound box for summer

       when he is available as well as David Elgert.  Daniel Heschuk will replace Tyler

       in September, 2012.

      We wish Tyler well as he leaves for the U of M this Fall and many thanks for his

      dedication on Sundays.

·         We are honoring 8 Grads this year and Linda Gianotti will address the Grads.

Keith Babcock; Jamie Graham; Lea Heschuk; Kensie Hollier; James McKay;

Adrienne Schmall; Tyler Stilwell and Gabrielle Woods.

               MOTION:  Moved by Ann Nielsen and seconded by Ella Jarvis that the Board accept

                                    baptismal request for the baptism of Charlotte Peyton Cummings, daughter

                                    of Ian Cummings and Michelle Pong on July 8th, 2012.  Glen and Heather                  

                                    Cummings will sponsor.   Carried.

·         Sunday School now complete until Fall.  The children did a great presentation

on June 3rd, and gave an update of their sponsored child.  They are requesting a

little help with monthly upkeep as sponsorship is now $42.00 monthly.

·         Rita’s paper work is being processed to receive approval to administer


               MOTION:  Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Terry Smith that the Neepawa

                                  United Church request the licencing of Rita Friesen as Sacrament Elder to

                                   conduct our Sacraments for a 12 month period beginning August 1, 2012.


·         Rita and Judy will carry on with the Youth Group.

·         Peggy Reid will officiate at a wedding on October 13, 2012 if no clergy.

b)      Pastoral Care

·         Ruth reported they sent 4 Sympathy cards, one Get Well and 5 Thinking

of You (1 year anniversary – sympathy) for the month of May.

c)      Mission and  Service

·         Susan reported the Donations received for “Movie Night” was $111.00

Susan will place a container in the foyer for anyone wishing to donate

to “movie night”.

d)      Ministry and Personnel

·         Donna reported she will attend the meeting whenever one is called.

e)      Treasurer’s Report

·         Bob presented his financial report to date

                                   2012 Total Income                 $66,607.06

                                   2012 Total Expense                 77,078.90

                                                 Deficit                     -  10,471.80

                  MOTION:  Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Ann Nielsen that the Treasurer’s

                                   Report be approved as presented.  Carried.

f)       Property

·         Terry reported that the security door in the office has been installed.

·         Terry reported that there are were no roof  leaks following the recent rain.

·         Terry also reported that during Lily Festival in recent years the Church has

been used by the Bus Tours as a public washroom facility.  Terry reported the

the upper and lower level of the CEC have been rented for quilt displays


but the Church is only to be used if the elevator is required.  There are

washrooms available at the Roxy and Town Hall.  Terry to hire a person

to look after directing people and keep paper products in the washrooms.

Church doors will only be open on Friday and will be locked Saturday and

Sunday once Church has begun.   

·         Terry reported that the automatic door will be here any day.

·         Rita reported that her granddaughter will open the doors on Sunday in


·         Terry reported that the cost for the repair to the elevator  is $558.00 for the jam earlier this spring.

g)      Finance – position to fill


h)      UCW

·         Heather Cummings reported that the proposal for funeral lunches has been

prepared and has been presented to the Units for approval and will follow

up in the fall when the unit meetings resume.

·         Heather reported that the UCW has donated $5000 to the Church Board.

·         The 50th Anniversary of the UCW is set for November 4th, 2012.

i)        Ministerial

·         Mark reported that we need a discussion about a one point charge.

Can we afford one  minister or one and half.  Board needs to talk about what we can and cannot afford.   Have a discussion with the Larger Parish on the issue. Neepawa picking up a larger share of operating costs.

·         Mark reported the Sunday School did very well with their program on

June 3rd.  The children spent a lot of time preparing the program and the

congregation was very small on June 3rd and the children noticed this.

·         Mark spoke to the Board about “First Impressions” and how they are

so important and to keep this in mind when we welcome a new minister.

He suggested we have someone introduce the new minister.

Have a few people in place for orientation at the Personal Care Home

and the  hospital.  Introduce the new minister to Mary Ellen at the hospital.

Have a “welcoming committee” and have a come and go introduction

prior to their first service.  Make sure the committee does a follow up

that everything is going well for the new minister.

Brian thanked Mark and said we have enjoyed having him with us for

the last two years!!!!

j)        Trustees

·         Judy reported she checked on liability insurance  and no changes are necessary.

k)      Larger Parish (Official Board)

·         Donna reported that the motions on JNAC passed.

l)        Presbytery – no report

m)    Special Reports – Men’s Breakfast had 5 in attendance with good discussion.

Next Men’s Breakfast September 13th .  Judy reported the Youth Group held

their windup on June 3rd at Big Valley. 

Singles Group will continue – 15 attended the last get together.

Tuesday “Coffee” will continue.

MOTION: Moved by Donna Newton and seconded by Ann Nielsen that

               the reports be accepted as presented.  Carried.


9.       New Business

A)      MOTION:  Moved by Donna Newton and seconded by Terry Smith that we

                                          authorize Michelle Babcock; Ann Nielsen, John Douglas and John Nelson

                                          to work on our behalf on the Larger Parish Search Committee.  Carried.

                          B)   MOTION:  Moved by Terry Smith and seconded by Donna Newton that we

                                          authorize Ruth Hanke to work on our behalf on the Larger Parish GAP

                                          committee.  Carried.

                          C) Discussion held regarding sponsorship of Filipino family. It was felt how do

                                we single out one family.

                           D) It was suggested when the Co-op has another program offering stamps for dishes,

                                cookware or knives that those who do not collect the          

                                stamps for themselves could collect the stamps and turn them in at the Church

                                and we could obtain the cookware or dishes that are being offered.

                           E) Ann provided a Moment of levity with a story on Noah’s Ark.

                            F)  Brian reported on a meeting he had with Peggy Reid as she will be our

                                 Supervisor until such time as we have a Minister. She spoke to Brian

                                 regarding Funeral protocol and if the people are active church members.

                                 Brian to speak to the funeral directors Brian and Nathan and have them

                                 ask the families at the time of funeral arrangements if they have a church


                                 Peggy also spoke to Brian about a lady that is retired in Gladstone that would

                                 be willing to help with a special project and we are to think of a specific task.

                                It was suggested to have a Joint Pastoral Charge newsletter in the Fall with input

                                from a variety of places.  There was a discussion regarding an optional time for

                                an evening service during the week or possibly a Friday evening.

                                Possibly coordinate the Board meetings with Arden and Brookdale in one location

                                with meetings going on at the same time and less travel for the Minister.  

                                 Judy reported she would like to donate her old fridge to replace the old fridge

                                 in the lower level of the CEC.


·         Mark reported on people tripping on the rubber mat at the front entrance.

The mat at the entrance to the CEC is a heavier mat. Terry will check this out.

·         Elevator is marked clearly to match the lines when operating.

·         Duties of the grass cutter are to mow grass and do trimming.

·         Susan and Ruth have volunteered to weed the flower beds.

·         Mark was excused from the meeting and Donna reported that Mark’s last Sunday is July 29th with a combined Choir and we will have Communion.

Following the Service the Larger Parish will provide lunch and will have

a time of fellowship as we say good bye to Mark.

                      MOTION:  Moved by Ann Nielsen and seconded by Heather Cummings that we contribute

                                           $75.00 to the Larger Parish to be given to the Humane Society of Brandon

                                            to show our appreciation of  Mark’s time with us.


10.    Next meeting – Regular meeting on September 20th or special meeting at call of Chair.

11.   Rita gave the closing prayer.

12.   Brian adjourned the meeting at 9:13 p.m.






1)      That the Board accept baptismal request  for the baptism of Charlotte Peyton Cummings,

daughter of  Ian Cummings and Michelle Pong on July 8th, 2012. Heather and Glen Cummings will sponsor.

2)      That the Neepawa United Church request the licensing of Rita Friesen as Sacrament Elder

to conduct our sacrament for a 12 month period beginning August 1, 2012.

3)      That we authorize Michelle Babcock, Ann Nielsen, John Douglas and John Nelson to work

on our behalf on the Larger Parish Search Committee.

4)      That we authorize Ruth Hanke to work on our behalf on the Larger Parish GAP committee.

5)      That we contribute $75.00 to the Larger Parish to be given to the Humane Society of Brandon

to show our appreciation of Mark’s time with us.