Neepawa United Church

June 21, 2016


Present: Kristin Woodburke, Ruth Hanke, Jane Goudie, Ella Jarvis, Bob Durston, Donna Newton, Bev Davie, Lynda Giannotti, Brian Elgert & Bert Lowry

Regrets: Eleanor Nicholson, Judy Elgert, Rowena Powell, John Forke &Lyle Byram

1: Call to order – Bert Lowry called meeting to order 7:15pm.

2: Kristin read opening meditation

3: Adoption of the agenda – Bob moved adoption of agenda, 2nd by Ella. Carried

4: Adoption of Minutes – adoption of minutes moved by Bob, 2nd by Jane. Carried

5: Correspondence – No Correspondence

6: Committee Reports:

A) Pastoral Care – No Report

B) Mission & Service - No report C) Ministry& Personnel -

The following points are our report:


Dawn Gardy was hired as Secretary Treasurer for the Larger Parish effective May 10,

2016. She received training from Leslie Dyke until May 19 and support for doing payroll on

May 26. Dawn signed a Terms of Employment as presented by the Larger Parish.


Thank you gift from Larger Parish and Neepawa Church was presented to Leslie at the

May 12 Neepawa Church service by Rita Friesen and Brian Bailey.


An Exit Interview was conducted with Leslie on June 4.


Results from the Congregational Survey and Discussions have been collated. The M

And P Committee have met once to discuss the results and process. The committee will

share results with Kristin after her holiday and study leave. The results will also be shared

withNeepawa and Brookdale congregations at the end of the summer and beginning of


D) Treasurer – report to May 31/16

Income $58,457.05

Expenses $69674.99

Deficit $ 11217.94 Moved by Bob, 2nd by Donna. Carried

E) Property – Committee for lift, Charles Swanson, Stan Rainkie & Grant Babcock. Is at a standstill, need to form committee to have job completed. Jane will call Maurice to see where it is at.

F) UCW - Soup & Sandwich luncheon and bake sale - $2200, Donated $7,000 to church board, Rock Lake camperships – no one of appropriate age

G) Ministerial – Kristen reported she is just back from week of study leave. Has another assignment & research paper to complete. There were 2 people present for first meeting & 5 people for June 20th meeting. Kristen is hoping people will become knowledgeable for Remit vote. One more information meeting before fall. First 4 Remit vote is June 2017. had 1 week vacation. Did a funeral service for Jack McDougall at Catholic Church with Father Mark.

H) Trustees – No report

I) Worship Committee– Kristin reported – Have a membership request for member transfer for Pat Fedorak,who has fallen off list of her previous church. We will accept her as member as a Profession of faith. Bob moved, Ruth 2nd, carried.

Sunday school had windup. Youth group going well, went to country

Meadows. Going camping at Big Valley. Did gifts with vision for father’s day. Worship

Committee had picnic after church June 6th. Grad theme service is June 26th, there are 2 Grads.

J) Stewardship– Received new pkg in mail.

K) Presbytery – No report

L) Special Reports – GAP report – Ruth reported that Rita will cover services that Kristin is away.

Acceptance of all reports was moved by Bob, 2nd by Donna, Carried

7. Old Business:

A) Canada Day Carnival- Donna moved we give Leslie up to $100 if required for carnival supplies. Kristin will contact her. Ruth 2nd carried.

8. New Business:

A) New chairs for CEC – calls were not returned for Evan’s chairs. Donna & Jane will be looking for best options.

9. Moment of Levity was read by Ruth

10.Next meeting September 20@7:00 p.m.

11. Kristin gave closing prayer

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 9:25 p.m.