Neepawa United Church

March 10, 2015


Present: Donna Newton, Kristen Wood, Ruth Hanke, Susan Phillips, Bob Durston, Bev Finlayson, Brian Elgert, Marj Sanford and Bev Davie

Regrets: Brian Bailey, Ella Jarvis, Eleanor Nicholson, Maurice Kaye, Judy Elgert


1: Call to order - Brian Elgert chaired the meeting and opened at 7:00pm.

2: Kristen Wood gave opening meditation

3: Susan Phillips moved the adoption of the agenda, was seconded by Donna Newton. Carried

4: Moment of Levity – read by Susan Phillips

5: Donna Newton moved the adoption of the minutes, seconded by Ruth Hanke. Carried

6: Correspondence – Thank you card from Amber Zalluski for Christmas gift card

AGM from Brookdale

IPC Canada Brochure (decided to file it)

7: Committee Reports:

  1. Larger Parish – Brian Bailey absent- Oversight visit scheduled for March 26/15. Visit form Crossroad Pastoral Charge to meet with our pastoral charge. They will check our books & finances and we are to return to Portage April 14/15. There was discussion regarding office hours, Donna will let Bob know if office not open during regular hours.

  2. Pastoral Care – Ruth Hanke reported they sent out 5 sympathy cards, 6 get well/thinking of you cards, 1 palliative care card and 6 one year anniversary of death cards in January. For February, 2 get well cards and 1 one year anniversary of death card.

  3. Mission & Service – Susan Phillips reported Lenten calendars have been distributed. Last year project raised over $600.

Our committee is looking into the issue of Child Poverty in Canada, particularly in Manitoba. We are hoping to do a project to raise awareness on the subject, and maybe look for ways that we as a congregation could make a difference.

  1. Ministry & Personnel – need one more person to fill position

  2. Treasurer – Bob Durstan – Treasurers report to February 28/15 Income - $22,122.27

Expenses- $27,104.28 Deficit -$ 4,982.01

Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Donna Newton that the treasurer’s report be approved as presented. Carried

  1. Property - Bills were submitted for electrical & plumbing. Received Quote for elevator lift $45,000

Lobby mats have to be replaced, get a quote for 2 mats

Carpets need to be cleaned, arrange for July 2015.

Kristen’s office chair needs to be replaced. Kristen is to go look at chairs and submit bill.

  1. Finance – no report

  2. UCW – Donna Newton reported – no funeral lunches in February

World day of prayer service held at St James Anglican March 6/15 Service written by the women from Jamaica.

Rummage sale April 17th & 18th

Soup & sandwich luncheon & bake sale May 7th

Donation to Victoria’s Quilts following successful quilt top sewing February 26th, planning another sewing day April 9/15

  1. Ministerial – Kristen Wood

Ash Wednesday with St James hosting presbytery meeting February 18.

No funerals

Kristen is looking to have bible study group for Lent

Maundy Thursday service will be held jointly with St James Anglican service 6:00 pot luck April 2nd

Thinking of having church picnic may 24?

  1. Trustees – No Report

  2. Worship Committee– Susan Phillips temporary chair, Leila will chair May/June. Will continue to seek a more permanent chair!

Dora White has requested that her membership be transferred to Minnedosa United Church Maundy Thursday service: Kristen & Don (St James Anglican) are discussing a joint event to be held here.

We will have no organist for Palm Sunday. Susan emailed Myra Bennett to see if they will be back. Will also check with John Williams. Kristen has spoken with the HIMS to see if they will do anthem.

Noon time music during Holy Week is being planned again, with all but one day being filled so far. We are still looking for someone Monday march 30.

Like other committees, we could use more people.

30 palm branches have been ordered and palm crosses will be handed out.

May 31 – conference Sunday- service of Hymns


  1. Presbytery – no report

  2. Special Reports – Spring supper will be held April 12/15 with roast pork, baked potato, coleslaw, Caesar salad, bean salad & dessert.

Youth Group – went to Country Meadows to sing & dance

Youth group will be involved with April 12th service, they are having sleepover April 11.

Looking at fund raising idea for youth group – Perform-athon? Country meadows?

Camping trip end of June


Moved by Bob Durston, seconded by Marj Sanford that all reports be accepted as presented. Carried.


8. New business

Par Drive before summer?

April 21st meeting (reports to be read next meeting) will discuss how to get more people in the church

9. Next meeting April 21st

10. Kristen gave closing prayer

11. Brian Elgert adjourned the meeting at 9:40 pm.


MOTIONS: Moved by Susan Phillips, seconded by Bob Durston, that we approve the transfer of membership for Dora White to Minnedosa United Church. Carried.