Neepawa United Church

March 21, 2017


Present: Bert Lowry, Kristin Woodburke, Brian Elgert, Susan Phillips, Bob Durston, Donna Newton, Judy Elgert, Linda Hart, John Douglas, Brian Bailey

Regrets: Ella Jarvis

1. Call to order – Bert Lowry called the meeting to order 7:05pm.

2. Kristin lead us in an opening meditation

3. Adoption of the agenda – John moved adoption of agenda, 2nd by Brian. Carried

4. Adoption of the minutes – Donna moved adoption of Feb. 21, 2017 minutes, 2nd by Judy. Carried

5. Correspondence – A thank you was received from the Zeebu organizing committee thanking us for the use of the Church. A $100 donation was included.

6. Committee Reports:

A) Pastoral Care –Donna reported for Colleen Taylor who has been filling in for Pastoral Care: 3 sympathy cards, 5 thinking of you or get well cards and 2 first anniversary of death cards. B) Mission & Service - Susan reported that throughout lent the congregation is bringing in non-food items to be donated to the Salvation Army. Susan thanked Kristin for organizing.

C) Ministry & Personnel - Brian reported that the Committee had developed a ministerial check list to figure out where Kristin’s time is being spent and if the time spent corresponds with the job description. Kristin is working at completing the check list. The next M & P meeting is early April.

D) Treasurer – report to Feb. 28/17

Income $25,171.01

Expenses $26,242.43

Deficit $ 1,071.42

Moved by Bob, 2nd by Judy. Carried

E) Property - John reported that Doug had asked about getting carpet cleaned. John will clarify which carpets with Doug. Donna reported that there is a hole in the gyprock in the basement bathroom. John will check into. Some concerns have been voiced about general cleanliness. John will get a quote from Keith Porter for a thorough spring cleaning.

F) UCW – Donna reported that March 3rd was the World Day of Prayer, April 6th is the set up for the Rummage Sale which is on April 7 and 8, and the Soup and Sandwich Luncheon and Bake Sale are on May 4. Some men are needed to help with lifting for the Sat. morning clean-up at the Rummage Sale. Any donations of items to the Rummage Sale are welcome.

G) Ministerial – Kristin reported that she had been under the weather during the past month. She had one funeral at the end of Feb, has been working with the Youth Group and is getting Confirmation Classes organized. Kristin is now the Chairperson of the Neepawa Ministerial Assoc. They are hosting an Islamic speaker from the Brandon Islamic Assoc. on March 30 at 7 pm at Arts Forward. There were several baptisms the past month. The roof repair at St. Dominic’s Church has been completed and their church is back in full service. They thanked the Board for allowing funerals to be held at our Church during their renovations.

H) Trustees – No report

I) Worship Committee – Susan reported that the Committee is very happy to have 3 new members: Kay McKay, Pat Fedoruk, and Lynda Lowry. The Committee is arranging for music at noon hour during Holy Week, April 10 to 13 from 12:15 to 12:45 in the Sanctuary. 75 palm branches will be ordered for Palm Sunday. Communion dates are: April 9, June 4, and October 1. A motion was put forward and carried that we host Good Friday Service, April 14 at 11:00 am. The next meeting is April 4th.

J) Stewardship – Kristin has a package from the National Committee available to be used.

K) Presbytery – Susan reported that the next Presbytery meeting is April 28 and 29.

L) Special Reports – Judy reported that 8 students from the Sunday School went to the Salvation

Army last Tuesday and volunteered for over an hour. They hope to go again. Sandra Wiebe will teach

Sunday School next year.

- Brian reported that “The Hims” have 2 new members, Jim Aitken and Ivan Trail, making 9 in total. They recently sang at the NACTV Talent Show and at Country Meadows. They practice every Tuesday at 10 am.

Acceptance of all reports was moved by Brian, 2nd by Donna. Carried

7. Old Business:

A) Nominating Committee – There are still 2 vacancies on the Board, Stewardship and Vice Chair. The

Board has the authority to fill the positions.

B) Remits # 2 and 4 - will be discussed at the next Pastoral Charge Meeting

C) Canada Day - Leslie Dyke suggested that the Neepawa United Church does not coordinate activities

this year.

D) Summer Services - Kristin has contacted the Anglican and Presbyterian Churches. The Anglican

Church is in favor of joint summer services and Presbyterian Church has to discuss further. Kristin will

continue to investigate the possibility.

E) Youth Retreat – A motion was made and carried that we offer $50 gift cards to Noreen Hollier and

Donna Newton as a thank you for all their work for the Zeebu Conference.

F) 25th Anniversary Celebration- Brian reported that the celebration of 25 years at the new building is

on June 11, 2017. Past ministers will be invited. Dedication of past committee members and a slide

show will be on the agenda. Judy will work with Brian on a power point for the celebration. There will

be a picnic and BBQ and anniversary cake with a freewill collection for the lunch. We will rent the Coop

BBQ. A bookmark is to be made as a commemoration of the event. A motion was made and carried to

order 500 bookmarks from Leech Printing. The cost will be $98.93.


8. New Business

A) Annual Meeting – There was positive feedback for including the Annual Meeting as part of the Sunday Service.

B) Good Friday Service - The Worship Committee recommended that we hold the service at our Church. Motion was made and carried that half the offering go to the Ministerial Benevolent Fund and half to the Neepawa United Church M&S Fund.

C) CEC rental possibility for girls group - a request has been received from Stephani Klassen to rent the CEC one night a month for a girls group to meet. Kristin will contact Stephanie to determine exactly what the meetings will be for and tell her that the rent would be $75 per month. Kristin will e-mail info to the Board and ask Members for a decision.

D) Girl Guide request for pen pals - The Girl Guides are still looking for 3 pen pals. The request will be put in the Sunday Bulletin.

E) Spring Supper April 23 – Brian Elgert is organizing, Bert looking after BBQ beef, Lynda Lowry to organize the kitchen, advertising has started, phoners are needed if anyone wants to volunteer.

F) Time and Talent Auction – The date is Sunday Nov. 19, 2017. Susan Phillips, Bert Lowry, Lynda Lowry and Donna Newton are on the Committee. We need donations of time and talent.

G) Office Rental – A suggestion was made to rent out the second office which is vacant. Discussion led to decision not to rent out office but to clean it up. Table to the April Board Meeting.


9. Moment of Levity was supplied by Bob.

10. Next meeting April 18, 2017 at 7:00 pm

11. Kristin gave closing prayer

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 8:55 pm




#1 Motion made by Susan Phillips, seconded by Brian Bailey, that we host Good Friday Service April 14, 2017 11 am at Neepawa United Church and that half of the offering go to the Ministerial Benevolent Fund and half to the Neepawa United Church M&S Fund. Carried


#2 Motion made by John Douglas, seconded by Brian Bailey, that Donna Newton and Noreen Hollier be offered $50 gift cards and a thank you for their efforts for food services during the Youth Retreat. Carried


#3 Motion made by John Douglas, seconded by Donna Newton , that the 25th Anniversary Committee be authorized to purchase 500 bookmarks as per quote. Carried.