Neepawa United Church

March 8, 2016


Present: Kristin Woodburke, Eleanor Nicholson, Ruth Hanke, Jane Goudie, Ella Jarvis, Bob Durston, Donna Newton, Susan Phillips& Bev Davie with Lynda Giannotti & Bert Lowry via Skype

Regrets: Brian Elgert, Judy Elgert, Rowena Powell, John Forke &Lyle Byram

1: Call to order – Bert Lowry called meeting to order 7:00pm.

2: Kristin read opening meditation

3: Adoption of the agenda – Donna moved adoption of agenda, 2nd by Eleanor. Carried

4: Adoption of the minutes – moved by Ruth, 2nd by Eleanor. Carried

5: Correspondence – No Correspondence

6: Committee Reports:

  1. Pastoral Care –There were 2 Sympathy cards sent, Submitted by:  Ruth Hanke

B) Mission & Service - We continue to read Minute for Mission and or present videos for some of the stories .We would like to recommend to the Board that we host a workshop on issues in the Middle East. This is a program put together by Jan McIntyre and Kathy Bergen. They will be travelling throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan in the first two weeks of April. The United Church of Canada has produced some excellent resources on Middle East issues for use in churches. During the 2 hour workshop, Jan and Kathy will briefly explain the history of the conflict, the role on International Humanitarian Law and UN Resolutions, share personal stories of Israelis and Palestinians working for a just peace, and discuss some of the barriers that prevent people from speaking out and becoming involved. They will be in Manitoba the week of April 1 With the arrival of thousands of Syrian refugees in Canada, this discussion would be very timely and informative. Submitted by Susan

C) Ministry& Personnel - The main focus of the M and P Committee this month has been Leslie Dyke's resignation as Secretary Treasurer for Neepawa and Larger Parish. Her letter of resignation was dated Feb. 17, 2016 and was given Susan Philips who immediately shared with committee members.

The steps taken by the committee have been:

- Inform church boards and Larger Parish board.

- Inform congregations at Brookdale and Neepawa.

- Start search for a new hire. Ads in newspaper and posters have been circulated with Mar. 22

being the deadline for applications.

- The M and P committee hopes to have new hire in place so she/he can have a week Apr.4-8

working with Leslie.

- An informal coffee hr will be planned for Leslie at a later date to thank her. Her last day of

work will be April 8". Submitted by Lynda

D) Treasurer – No Report submitted

E) Property – No report

F) UCW - There were 2 funerals in February. A suggestion was made that everyone saves grocery stamps and give them to the UCW to collect items to be given to someone in need or setting up a home (example glassware from Safeway). A successful World Day of Prayer service was held at Knox Presbyterian Church on March 4th. It was written by the Women of Cuba. Up-coming events: Rummage Sale April 15th &16th, items can be dropped off on the 14th.Soup and Sandwich Luncheon & Bake Sale May 5th

G) Ministerial – Submitted by Kristin Woodburke - I presided at 3 funerals in the past month, for Liz Guttman, Jack Hart (Brookdale) and Stan Oliver.-Season of Lent- some changes to the worship services for this season include snuffing a candle and replacing it with a rock during the Prayer of Confession, moving offering up to before the children leave to coincide with gathering the gifts and supplies we are gathering to donate to Salvation Army and Samaritan's House, and the Not Alone videos and New Creed near to the end of the service.-Continuing to be involved with the youth group- organizing a program to share at Country Meadows on Feb. 19.-I had my first trip to McCreary as their pastoral charge supervisor on Feb. 21 for their AGM. They do not meet often, and they appear to be in a healthy and stable position, so supervising them should not be very onerous.-I'm looking to holding Bible Study Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings starting in April. The theme will be the church year- a look at the different church seasons and holidays, what they mean, what the history is, and what scripture lessons fall on them. It's a good basics study, for folks who don't know a lot about church, but there should be new information for everyone, as I learned some new things while researching it.

H) Trustees – No report

I) Worship Committee– Submitted by Susan. We met March 1, 2016

Kristin reported:

- Busy with funerals—3 in one week.

- She will be meeting with Jeffrey Roy Bay and Hazel Bavi Malsi regarding their request to be married August 5, 2017. We recommend to the Board that this request be approved.

- Cliff Levandoski and Elizabeth Lindskog wedding will be April or May (previously approved by board)

- Bible study will go ahead—Tuesday afternoon and Thursday evenings in April. Topic – The Church Year—Seasons and Holidays.

- Considering a special, inter-generational service on April 24th. There will be no organist/music director available this day.

- We will be hosting Zeebu (youth gathering) to be held February 18 to 20, 2017

Judy reported:

-Sunday School going well. Sandra Wiebe is teaching this segment.

- Youth Group visited Country Meadows, performed and brought their homemade cookies! They invited friends to join them.


- The Hims participated in NACTV fund raiser.

- Vicki Elgert and Jessica Gibson have joined the choir for the Easter season.

- We recommend to the Board that 50 copies of More Voices hymn book be purchased and place in the pews, as many people might like to see the music as well as the words. We could use money from the Memorial Fund.


Music has been arranged for the Holy Week Noon Hour Reflection. We have Norm Kendall (Mar 21); Remi Bourchard (Mar 22); Darlene Geisbrecht (Mar 23) and The Hims on Mar 24th.

We will have communion on Palm Sunday. Lyle Byram and Jan Bailey will prepare the elements.

Maundy Thursday Service: Thurs. Mar 24th at 6 pm. We will start with a pot luck supper followed by a worship service. We will host and ask St James congregation to join us.

Our next meeting will be April 5th at 5:15 pm.


J) Stewardship - No report

K) Presbytery – No report

L) Special Reports – Sunday School – Sandra Wiebe is teaching during Lent with a special theme as well as the alphabet theme.  After Easter, they will finish the alphabet then prepare for the year end program May 29. Youth group – going curling on March 18th during the day as it is an in-service and then on March 19th will be volunteering at the Roxy.  Leaders will be getting together to plan activities for after spring break, Submitted by Judy

Acceptance of all reports was moved by Bob, 2nd by Jane, Carried

7. Old business:

A) Stewardship Campaign Update – Need 2 convenors, will announce from pulpit for volunteers

B) 25 Year Celebration – Donna, Ruth, Eleanor & Jane will look at ideas and present next meeting

C) Pastoral Oversight Visit – April 17 or May 1st @ Trinity United Church in Portage. Kristin, Lynda, Donna will go.

D) Spring supper update –April 10. Bert has spoken to shop easy about roast beef it will be approximately $4.50lb


8. New Business:

A) Canada Day Carnival - Leslie met with Amanda Novak form town office. We will hold our

Carnival in open area to east of pool. So far town is organizing (tentatively) a car show, a Farmers market, live entertainment for evening. They are willing to buy prizes for carnival.

The chamber may be doing the canteen but if not, we could possibly do it with any proceeds

going back to us. The rain date will be July 23, which is the same weekend as the drag races.

Leslie will put in a request in bulletin for anyone wanting to join this committee to come forward and will hold a meeting to nail down our ideas and get things going. The town is very supportive of us and is willing to help with several things


B) Girl Guides request use of space for sleepover (March 18-19)


C) Use of sanctuary for community choir

We tabled request to purchase More Voices until next meeting Susan moved, Ruth 2nd

9. Moment of Levity was read by Susan

10.Next meeting April 19@7:00

11. Kristin gave closing prayer

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 8:55pm.




#1 Motion made by Bob that Trevor be authorized to proceed with manufacture of custom height doors for the new lift at approximately cost of $10,600.00 2nd by Eleanor. Carried


#2 Motion made by Donna, 2nd Susan that we open our church sanctuary for the Neepawa & Area Community Choir that they might use for extra practise at no charge on Sunday afternoon as need be, only at times that Kristin would be present. Carried


#3 Motion made by Susan, 2nd by Bob, That the board give permission to the Girl Guides to have a sleepover in CEC March 18-19/16 Carried.


# 4 Motion made by Susan, that we approve the request of marriage between Jeffrey Roy Bay and Hazel Malsi on August 5, 2017 2nd by Ella Carried


#5 Motion made by Susan, 2nd by Ella that we approve M&S request to host a workshop during the 1st week of April in the Church regarding Middle East Issues. Carried