Neepawa United Church

May 12, 2015


Present: Donna Newton, Kristin Wood,Bob Durston, Bev Finlayson, Brian

Elgert, Brian Bailey, Linda Giannotti, and Bev Davie

Regrets: Eleanor Nicholson, Judy Elgert, & Susan Phillips, Ruth Hanke, Bert Lowry, Ella Jarvis & Maurice Kaye


1: Call to order - Brian Elgert chaired the meeting and opened at 7:00pm.

2: Kristin Wood gave opening meditation

3: Adoption of the agenda moved by Bob Durston , seconded by Donna Newton. Carried

4: Adoption of the minutes, moved by Bob Durston, seconded by Brian Bailey.

5: Correspondence – Note from Presbytery to host meeting for 60 people on April 22-23, 2016.

6: Committee Reports:

  1. Larger Parish – Ministry& personnel met with regards to Amber’s resignation. Kristin will take calls for office Monday & Friday for funeral arrangements. Office hours will be Tuesday- Thursday 9:30-1, 1-3:30

  2. Pastoral Care – No report

  3. Mission& Service – No report

  4. Ministry &Personnel - Pastoral Charge secretary treasurer job description & position specifications were reviewedand presented to larger Parish on April 27,2015. Larger parish board approved the changes and expenses for advertising the position.

  1. Treasurer – Bob Durston – Treasurers report to April 30 Income - $47,948.95

Expenses- $55,085.05 Deficit -$ 7,136.10

Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Donna Newton that the treasurer’s report be approved as presented. Carried

  1. Property - no report

  2. Finance – no report

  3. UCW – Bev Finlayson submitted report– 3 funeral lunches

Donna, Ella & Bev F. attended N Agassiz Presbytery Meeting, plans for Oct 8 N Agassiz rally in Plumas were main item.

Soup & sandwich luncheon & bake sale May 7th realized profit of $2010.00

Our UCW donation of $7,000.00 to church board was moved.

Shower for Kristin is in the works for June 3, 2pm CEC. All are invited.



  1. Ministerial – Kristin Wood gave report

J) Trustees – no report

K) Worship Committee– Kristin reported May 24thSunday school doing service, picnic after. Fathers

Day service will have Tim Bits. June 21st is Grad service.

L) Presbytery – No report

M)Special Reports – mens breakfast – small group, down in numbers, Youth group are to be invited

to Ambers tea. Camp trip set for end of June. Sunday school numbers are up.


7 . Time sensitive matters – Admission of members at Large

Portrait of Jesus donated by Arden – Donna & Brian will find place to

Hang portrait. Was consensus of the board that Arden can put a plaque on portrait.

8. New Business:

Talk about time & talent auction & HIMS talking about fund raiser

9. Moment of Levity read by Kristin

10. Next meeting June 16 @ 7:00

11. Kristin gave closing prayer

13. Brian Elgert adjourned the meeting at 9:30 pm.



#1 Moved by Donna Newton that the Neepawa United Church agree to host the Presbytery meeting April 22-23,2016. Seconded by Bev Finlayson. Carried


#2 Moved by Brian Bailey that we purchase a piece of stained glass up to value $200 as a departure gift for Amber Zalluski. Seconded by Lynda Giannotti. Carried