Meeting of the Board

Neepawa United Church

May 13th, 2014


Present:  Brian Elgert, Bob Durston, Donna Newton, Brian Bailey, Maurice Kaye,

               Bev Finlayson, Kristin Wood, Ella Jarvis, Judy Elgert, Ann Nielsen, Susan Phillips,

               Eleanor Nicholson and Lyle Byram.

Regrets:  Rita Friesen and Ruth Hanke.


1.     Brian Elgert called the Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

2.     Kristin Wood gave the Opening Meditation.

3.     Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Ann Nielsen that the Agenda be

Approved as circulated.  Carried.

4.     Moved by Donna Newton and seconded by Eleanor Nicholson that the Minutes

of the April meeting be approved as circulated.  Carried.

Committee reports to be discussed every 2nd month but time sensitive matters will

be dealt with at the monthly meeting.  This idea was discussed and it was decided to

try it for a few months and see how it would work. Committee reports to be forwarded

to Lyle to be included in the Minutes for all to read and discussion and approval of

Reports to be at the following month meeting.

5.     Correspondence

·       Brian Bailey received a letter from Carolyn Gwyer from Neelin High School

in Brandon and wish to have an evening Concert on May 30th in the Sanctuary.

Brian suggested we host the Choir as a Fund Raiser for our Church.  We would

require to pay an Honorarium of $200 and feed supper to approximately

70 people.


6.     Business Arising from the Minutes

   Spring Supper

·       Brian Elgert spoke of suggested changes to the Spring Supper –

There were some comments that the price was too high. However everyone

felt the meat was very good. Do we change the Menu for next year or

have the same Menu for less price???

·       This year the Soup and Sandwich and Spring Supper were too close together

and will plan better next year.

·       It was suggested that having some baked potatoes cut in half and wrapped was a good idea.

·       A lot of people are needed in the kitchen.

·       It was suggested that the desserts were cut too small.

·       It was mentioned that it was “great” to have the men do the planning!!


·       Brian Bailey  will follow up on the projector/screen with Benmarks of Brandon.


  Committee Reports

(A) Larger Parish

·       Brian Bailey reported on the Larger Parish meeting on April 30th.

Reported on the correspondence received from Agassiz Pastoral

Oversight Committee indicating that this Report related to

Neepawa United Church only and needs to be a full pastoral charge

of all 3 churches. Brian Bailey has replied with a letter of concern.

·       Brian reported that the change in time for Sunday worship could be

considered to allow Kristin to spend more time with the rural congregations

following the services.   The proposal was to move service in Arden/Brookdale

to 9:15 and the Neepawa service to ll:15 to allow Kristin some time

for fellowship following the services in Arden and Brookdale. It was

noted that Brookdale  was not willing to change the time.

·       St. Andrew`s United Church in Arden has passed a motion to disband at the end of  2014 and
will honor their financial commitment to the end of 2014.

·       All Boards have accepted the Pastoral Charge budget with the provision

that the use of the  surplus be based on regular allocation percentages. Brookdale will pay $8000. and
then their payment will come from the surplus.  Neepawa will probably need to dip into this Fund as well.

·       Barb Nicoll will apply for Kristin to be licensed to administer the Sacraments.

·       Kristin Wood will be commissioned on May 25th at Swan River.

·       Margret Kristjannson will be supervising Minister until June 30th               

(B) Pastoral Care

·       Eleanor Nicholson reported for the month of April they sent

4 Sympathy cards -  3 Get well cards and 3 One year after a death.

(C) Mission and Service

·       Susan Phillips reported that the congregation responded well to the

Lenten Calendar challenge this year.  Bob reported the total givings

totaled $646.21. This is up considerably from 2013 ($270.76).

·       The M & S met with Kristin this week.  Kristin shared stories and photos

of her trip to Guatemala.  We are now talking about and researching a couple

of projects we might want to focus on in the upcoming months.

Maybe there are ways we can really make a difference in the lives of some

of the folks Kristin met while she was there.

·       We have added some markers on the map of the world and included some

notes about the projects we`ve been involved with in those countries.

We`ll update the list regularly, so keep an eye on the World!

(D) Ministry and Personnel – No Report

(E)  Treasurer`s Report – Bob presented the Financial Report to April 30th.

                                   Income -       $41,899.89

                                   Expenses -      45,251.75

-         3,351.86

           Bob reported that the UCW has donated $7000.00 to the Church Board.


          Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Judy Elgert that the Financial Report be  approved as presented.  Carried.


(F)  Property – Maurice Kaye reported that the roof repairs have been completed

and invoice to be paid.

Soffet and Facia on east side of CEC to be examined to determine necessary

repairs. The flood lights have been replaced.

(G)  Finance – No report.

(H) UCW – Bev Finlayson reported that the Soup and Sandwich profit was $1,944.62.

Kristin Wood Guatemala Presentation went well.  About 20 attended.

UCW motion to donate $7,000.00 to Church Board.

Conference in Pinawa- June 6,7 and 8th.

(I)    Ministerial –

·       Kristin Wood reported she attended her final Learning Circle

on March 18 – 30 and she has finally graduated from the Centre for Christian

Studies.  When she returned from Winnipeg, part of her  immediate focus was

on finishing up Confirmation classes and preparing for the confirmations and

baptism that were held on April 13 along with communion.

·       Presided at a wedding in April and Easter week was a busy week.

 Presided at a funeral as well as a graveside service and a memorial service. 

·       Met with the Sunday School teachers to discuss ideas for the Fall.

·        Attended the Worship Committee Meeting in May and spoke at the UCW General meeting sharing experiences in Guatemala last fall. 

·       Also met with the Mission and Service committee.

·       Kristin also suggested ideas from Kathryn Hofley’s presentation last fall

               and suggested a Stewardship Team if it is an interest of this Board.

·       Also suggested a Sunday service outlining points of Stewardship. To use

             some of the information provided by Kathryn Hofley.

(J)   Trustees – No report.

(K) Worship Committee – Ann  Nielsen presented the following Motion.

Motion:  Moved by Ann Nielsen and seconded by Eleanor Nicholson that the Board

               accept the transfer of Church membership for Kimberly Smith from

               Wallace United Church (Virden) to Neepawa United Church.  Carried.

·       Ann reported that a donation of money approximately equal to

amount spent on carnations for Mother’s Day was donated to help dig

a well and support Strong Women Alone.

·       Choir going to Brookdale on June 15th prior to Church in Neepawa. 

Will have Tim Bits and coffee to honor Father’s.

·       Communion Sacrament on June 1, 2014.

·       Grad Sunday – June 25th and Heather Douglas will honor the Grads.

·       Next Worship Committee meeting June 3rd with pot luck at Susan’s.


(L)  Presbytery – Ella Jarvis had Information on camp at Rock Lake and passed

the information to Judy  Elgert for the Youth Group.


(M)            Special Reports –

             Men’s Breakfast – no report

             Youth Group – no report

             Singles -  no report

             Sunday School – no report

7.     Acceptance of these Reports will be at the June 16th Board Meeting.

8.     Review goals documents for developing a better Church.

·       Judy Elgert opened this discussion with the reading of a poem called

“Life after Delivery”. 

·       Brian Elgert wants to address some issues in the next year and where do

we want to be a year from now.

·       How do we live our lives outside the Church?

·       Susan Phillips made a suggestion of an idea she has heard of called “Messy Church” and  is
Worship Service  aimed at younger ages – could meet on a monthly basis or quarterly whatever is decided and is very casual. 

·       Susan  Phillips suggested a workshop on “A Welcoming Congregation”.

·       Kristin Wood  suggested perhaps a weekday afternoon for older folk and

singing of the old hymns.

There was a discussion on the above but was noted that these are only

suggestions and are open for discussion.


      New Business

9.     It was suggested that we write a letter of invitation to the Arden Congregation

inviting them to join our congregation at the close of their Church.  Brian Elgert

will prepare a letter on behalf of the Board to present at the June Board meeting.

10.  Brian Bailey opened discussion on the correspondence received from Caroline Gwyer

of Neelin High School regarding the Concert they wish to put on in the Church

on May 30th. It was decided that we would host the Choir as a Fund Raiser and

pay an Honorarium of $200. and feed approximately 70 people supper.  Brian Bailey,

Donna Newton and Susan Phillips will look after this.

11.  Brian Bailey gave a moment of Levity.

12.  Next Meeting – Monday, June 16th, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

13.  Kristin  Wood gave the Closing Prayer.

14.  Brian Elgert adjourned the meeting at 9:15 p.m.


Motion Carried:

1.      Moved by Ann Nielsen and seconded by Eleanor Nicholson that the Board accept

the transfer of Church membership for Kimberly Smith from Wallace United Church

(Virden) to Neepawa United Church.  Carried.