Neepawa United Church

May 19, 2020

via ZOOM


Present: Bert Lowry, John Lea, Bob Durston, Brian Bailey, Linda Hart, Pat Fedoruk, Susan Phillips, Jan Bailey, Jane Goudie, Nora Kaye, Ella Jarvis


1. Call to order – Jane called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


2. Opening Meditation John Lea shared reflections on the COVID 19 Pandemic.


3. Adoption of the Agenda – Bert Lowry moved adoption of the agenda as amended, seconded by Brian Bailey. Carried

The amendment was to add Video Camera to New Business.


4. Adoption of the Minutes – Nora Kaye moved adoption of the April 21, 2020 minutes, seconded by Pat Fedoruk. Carried


5. Correspondence

The Community of Faith Support Committee recommended that the Prairie to Pine Region accept the ESM Agreement with a few minor corrections. The Board will need to approve the final version of the ESM Agreement.


6. Committee Reports

A) Pastoral Care – no report


B) Mission & Service discussion under New Business


C) Ministry & Personnel – Brian Bailey submitted the following:

During this Pandemic Period we continue to provide weekly services on NACTV along with You Tube additonal services. Thanks to the Elgert family for making You Tube available for us. We are still concerned that the church services are not accessible to some members of our Congregation because they do not have the required technology to participate. It appears that the “empty church” pattern will be with us for some time and it would be satisfying for us to find a way to get our services to all. The leadership committee (consisting of 6 members) has decided to assign the May 31st service to 2 rather than all 6 members. Pat Fedoruk and Brian Bailey will do the service. Microphone sanitation issues prompted the decision upon the recommendation of Brad Danielson of Benmark’s of Brandon.


D) Treasurer

Bob Durston presented the April 2020 Financial Report

Income $46,783.37

Expenses $42,082.76

Surplus $4,699.61


E) Property John Douglas sent a report that the painting in the basement is ongoing. The mower has been taken to Alex Jarema for a spring tune up. The air conditioning units are ready to go. Bert was in touch with John re: completion by Chris Bellisle of the drainage project started last fall. John contacted Chris and the work is on his schedule for June or July. Bert will follow up with John.

6F) UCW Jan Bailey reported

Dorothy Babcock will be celebrating her 100th birthday on May 25. She is a long time member of Unit 4. We will acknowledge her special day with a small gift and card. Dawn is sending a card from the Church as well.


G) Pastoral Charge Supervisor’s Report

- The Regional Meeting will be held by ZOOM on two evenings this fall, Sept. 30 and Oct. 7.

- John Lea will be working with the Implementation Committee.


H) Trustees – The Trustees met after the Congregational Meeting to approve the ESM agreement. Jan Bailey will send the minutes to Linda.


I) Worship Committee – Pat Fedoruk e-mailed the following report:

We had email discussion on May 11. Plans were made to send cards to high school graduates who were baptized in NUC. We would like to ask Dawn Gardy if she would like to create the cards, if no objection from the Board. We also discussed what reopening of church might look like and when. We are committed to following the provincial health authority, United Church Council and NUC Board decisions. We looked ahead to summer services if the ESM should not be in place. Further discussion on this is an agenda item tonight.


J) Stewardship We will not send out letters re: signing up for PAR at this time but wait until the fall canvas. There was discussion about phoning to thank last year’s donors for their donations.


K) Prairie to Pine Region- no report


L) Special Reports –

- Susan Phillips mentioned creating a resource of activities to send home to Sunday School students. She got the idea from some camps that are making “Camp in a Box” activities for campers.

- Susan will investigate further and discuss ideas with Jan, Nora and Pat.


M) Acceptance of all reports was moved by Bert Lowry and seconded by Jan Bailey. Carried


7. Old Business

A) Search Committee

Brian Bailey e-mailed to us the Ministry Profile which has been revised with St. James’ Anglican Church input.

A motion was made and passed to request the Settlement Committee of the Prairie to Pine Region to approve the appointment of Rev. Cha McCharles.


B) RCMP records check – Jane will determine from the RCMP what the necessary steps are to get the criminal records checks done. We will have to compile a list of people who need to get checks done.


C) Accessible Employment Standard Regulation – The document is a MB Government statement giving standards of accessibility for employees. Jane will send copies to us.


8. New Business

A) Implementation Committee

John Lea will be on the Committee which consists of Lynda Lowry, Murray Hart, Jane Goudie, Ann Nielsen, Anita d’Armada, Nancy Hunter, Daphne Hall, Arlene Waddell and Chad McCharles. Meetings will start soon.


B) Contingency Plans if ESM delayed

If we do not have a minister in place by July, Rita will be available for July services and Pat will speak to the Anglicans about looking after August services.



8C) Re-Opening Church

- Susan, Pat, Brian and John Lea took part in a Tri Region meeting by ZOOM on May 13, 2020. Susan submitted a report which is attached. The meeting was called to answer questions about re-opening our buildings. Face to face worship in our sanctuary won’t be happening soon.

- Susan reported that a group of volunteers have called more than 100 people from our church to see how they are doing. She proposed continuing this with more callers. Each caller would be responsible for keeping in touch with a group of people. She would like to get 15 to 20 callers. There is also a conference call system available from the United Church that could be used. Jan offered to check with UCW members to find phoners. She will be in touch with Susan.

- Susan also mentioned that when we are close to re-opening, our Church will need to prepare a written plan outlining procedures as will groups that rent our facilities.


D) Ideas for Offering – Promote PAR

Pat and Brian will mention PAR when delivering the May 31st service.


E) Video Camera

A motion was made and passed to purchase a new video camera. Brian Bailey will follow up.


9. Moment of Levity – Ella shared a moment of levity.


10. Next scheduled Board Meeting is June 16, 2020 at 7 pm via ZOOM.


11. John Lea read St. Teresa’s prayer.


12. Jane adjourned the meeting at 9:00 pm.







#1 Motion made by Brian Bailey and seconded by Susan Phillips.

That we purchase the following video camera:

Canon XA15 Compact Full HD Camcorder with SDI, HDMI, and Composite Output, Magnus VT-4000 Tripod System with Fluid Head, will need sd card any will work with more than 16gb, $1926.96 without sd card



#2 Motion made by Brian Bailey and seconded by Nora Kaye.


Having received and approved the Interim Ecumenical Shared Ministry Report at a Congregational Meeting on May 4, 2020,

and having received the appointment letter of the Diocese of Brandon of the Anglican Church of Canada, 

and having received the report of the Search Committee,

the Neepawa United Church Board request the Settlement Commission of the Prairie to Pine Region

approve the appointment by the Diocese of Brandon of the Rev. Chad McCharles,

effective July 1, 2020, with the following annual terms as prescribed by Diocese of Brandon:


SALARY: To be remitted twice monthly. Refer to PDC request sheet for amounts.

Annual: Monthly:

(a) Minimum Stipend: $35,662.59 $2,971.88

(b) Length of Service: $3,310.32 $ 275.86

Total Salary: $38,972.91 $3,247.74


Diocesan Minimum: $4,200.00 $350.00

Included in PDC gross salary

BENEFITS: *Benefit cheques must be payable to the Diocese on the 1st of each month:

Annual: Monthly:

*CONTINUED EDUCATION: $ 750.00 $ 62.50

*DENTAL: (Extended Health Care) $2,155.44 $179.62

*GROUP: $1,765.44 $147.12
(Life, Vision, STD, LTD & Optional)

*PENSION: $7,599.72 $633.31

Total Benefits: $12,270.60 $1,022.55



NAME: Rev. C. McCharles


TRAVEL TX $ 175.00

HOUSING ALLOWANCE (cash benefit) $ 382.50

UTILITIES (cash benefit) $ 125.00

TOTAL Gross Salary $2,306.37

C.P.P. $87.24

E.I. $48.26

TOTAL CPP \ E.I. $135.50 $135.50


GRAND TOTAL Owing Semi-Monthly $2,447.52


1 month vacation per year (minimum of one month, including 5 Sundays)