Neepawa United Church

November 15, 2016


Present:    Kristin Woodburke, Ruth Hanke, Ella Jarvis, Susan Phillips, Bob Durston, Bev Davie, Brian Elgert, John Douglas, Jane Goudie& Bert Lowry

Regrets:   Rowena Powell, John Forke, Eleanor Nicholson, Donna Newton &Lyle Byram

1:  Call to order – Bert Lowry called meeting to order 7:03pm.

2:   Kristin read opening meditation

3:   Adoption of the agenda – Bob moved adoption of agenda as amended, 2nd by John. Carried

4:   Adoption of Minutes – Bob moved that M & P report be removed from minutes as M&P committee will report to congregation at a later date. Adoption ofminutes as amended, moved by Bob, 2nd by Jane. Carried

5:  Correspondence – Bob received letter from CCLI, Kristin will look at it.

6:   Committee Reports:

A)    Pastoral Care –  Report submitted by Ruth

3 Sympathy cards, 3 get well/thinking of you cards and 2 One year Anniversary of a Death were sent.

B)    Mission & Service -   submitted by Susan

Our committee has been busy in October.  Our focus was The Canadian Foodgrains Bank and we had two speakers attend worship services on two different Sundays.  Both were very informative.  Donations to CFB were accepted and Bob issued receipts on the spot!  Thanks Bob!

We have received Gifts with Vision catalogues and will continue to highlight those.  We will be putting up the mitten tree again this year.  We are meeting next week to talk about a project to begin in the New Year.  Meanwhile, we continue to read Minutes for Mission to let people know how their M & S donations are being used.

Ministry& Personnel – no report

D) Treasurer – report to October 31/2016


    Income                          $126,691.55

Expense                     $140,912.80

      Deficit                            $  14,221.25

 Moved by Bob, 2nd by John. Carried


E)  Property –   John reported that we will have to come up with plan for repairs needed to exterior of the building. The gutters are full of gravel, there is flashing damage, screws are pulled out of south side of building eve troughs, splash padsneed to be lifted and leveled, chimney in CEC needs to be re-pointed, water is not draining parking lot side as it needs fill. He spoke to Doug regarding lift, he confirmedwith Kozak’s about snow removal for same price as last year.  The toilet has been running in the men’s washroom in CEC. John has a work party lined up to clean up eve troughs and will get prices for next meeting.


F) UCW –submitted by Donna

We had a very successful Fall Supper serving about 460 people at the church, the two seniors’ homes and take outs. Thanks to all those that helped in any way.  We had about 48 people at the Presbytery meeting to serve soup and coffee break goodies.  The Least Coin service will be held at the Presbyterian Church on November the 18th at 2:00. All are welcome.  As December approaches we have some events in the planning stages. On December the 7th we have our UCW Christmas Party which all the women of the Church are invited to attend. On December 14th we will pack Cookie trays to be delivered to shut-ins, those that are unwell and those who have been bereaved this year. We also include thank you trays to the staff of the Church.

G)  Ministerial – reported by Kristin

Kristin was ill so was not in office as much. She co-presided at wedding in our church with catholic priest which was a really positive experience. There was one funeral, she attended Presbytery meeting here and participated in the Remembrance Day service at the Yellowhead Center.

H) Trustees – No report – John Forke had insurance renewal processed.

 I)  Worship Committee – report by Susan,

There was a motion about a baptism and a marriage and to remove someone from the church membership, Worship committee asked for the board's input on services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and decided on Christmas Eve at 7pm and Christmas day at 11am. Blue Christmas will be Dec. 21 at 7pm.we’ll be doing Christmas Morning Baggies again this year.  Some will go to Salvation Army to go in the Christmas Hampers, and some will be delivered on the night we go caroling.  Some will be available at the back of the church. 

J) Stewardship– no report K) Presbytery – No report

 L)  Special reports – Susan wanted to acknowledge great job by Judy Elgert of cleaning two Sunday   school rooms.

Youth group has had less attendance for last w weeks.

Acceptance of all reports was moved by Ruth, 2nd by Jane, Carried

   7. Old business:

A)Stewardship Campaign Update – Bert will draft a letter, he and Kristen will get together Nov 29th@10:00 to stuff envelopes with letter and pledge cards. Bert will talk to congregation on the 20th about pledges. Bert, Ruth, Susan and Kristin will make follow up calls.


B)     Pastoral Oversight Visits – Ruth, Donna, Kristin & Bert went to Portage. Started at 2:00, they interviewed both ministers, met with secretary; M&P served pizza, salad and muffins. They also met with leadership team and organist. It was a very positive experience. They will get together to write reports.


   8.  New Business:

A) Nominating Committee – Brian Elgert, Bert Lowry

          B) Offering – suggestion made to have offering plate for congregation in Narthex instead of having ushers collecting each week.

          C) Other – Hosting ZuBu in February, looking at having 3 dorms, male, female& inclusive dorm. Should look at changing signage in washrooms to “Washroom”



   9. Moment of Levity was read by Bert

 10.Next meeting December 13@7:00

11. Kristin gave closing prayer

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 8:55




1) Moved by Susan, that we honour Genie Burnaby’s request to be removed from our church membership roll. 2nd by Ella…Carried


2) Moved by Susan, that we approve request for baptism of Addison Violet Brown, daughter of Tannis & Kevin Brown on January 8/17 2nd by Bob.... Carried


3) Moved by Susan, that we approve request for marriage of Randy Gabel & Nicole Malfait on Saturday October 21, 2017, 2nd by Bob……..Carried


4) Moved by John, that the church hold a Christmas Eve service at 7:00pm and a regular Sunday morning service December 25 @ 11am, 2nd by Bob……Carried