Neepawa United Church

November 17, 2015


Present: Kristin Wood-Burke,Bob Durston, Bev Finlayson, Judy Elgert,Brian Bailey,

Bert Lowry, Ella Jarvis, Maurice Kaye, Donna Newton, Susan Phillips& Bev Davie

Regrets: Eleanor Nicholson, Ruth Hanke, Brian Elgert& Lynda Giannotti


1: Call to order – Bert Lowry called meeting to order 7:00pm.

2: Kristin Wood-Burke gave opening meditation

3: Adoption of the agenda moved by Bob Durston, Seconded by Judy Elgert

4: Adoption of the minutes – moved by Brian Bailey, seconded by Ella Jarvis

5: Correspondence – card from Agassiz presbytery & greetings from David & Barb Chapman

6: Committee Reports:

  1. Pastoral Care – no report

  2. Mission & Service – Susan Phillips reported Sunday child poverty will be wrapping up and dolls will come off the sanctuary walls. Gifts with vision catalogues are in.

  3. Ministry & Personnel - They met Oct 19, points from the September 24 workshop were discussed. Regular meetings of the committee and posting of committee members were 2 action items. Both are important in communication between members, staff and congregation. Part of the meeting was spent talking with Kristin and Leslie individually at the church. Note the list of M&P members is posted on the bulletin board.

Presently, there are 2 documents denoting the Ministerial Job Description. It is important to combine these documents into a single job description.

Leslie Dyck requested attending a workshop on the stewardship & budgeting, November 14-15 sponsored by the United Church of Canada, held in Winnipeg. The committee approved her request and presented this request to the Larger Parish who agreed to her attending.

Upon hiring Leslie, one of the terms of agreement was that a performance appraisal would occur after 3 months and a .25/hr pay raise would be considered. The committee needs to make a motion to this effect for Larger Parish meeting and budget purposes.

  1. Treasurer – Bob Durston reported for end of October

Income - $125,309.04

Expenses -$131,546.28

Deficit - $ 6,237.24

  1. Property - Maurice Kaye reported – fours season repaired the C.E.C. air conditioningsystem in July at a cost of $2845.91 as was quoted.

Flynn roofing repaired and replaced the east and north perimeter of the C.E.C. roof as per the qoted cost of $9688.35. A one year warranty applies to these repairs.

CHCP Elevator Ltd has been contacted regarding replacement of the Lift at the church. To date they have not replied as to when the work will commence. An estimate of $45000.00 to remove old lift and replace it with a commercial handicap lift was received February 10th, 2015

A schedule for the snow clearing of the church walkways has been prepared and forwarded.

Maurice submitted a request to resign his position as Property Manager. He will continue his duties until a replacement for the position can be found.

  1. Finance – no report

  2. UCW – Bev Finlayson reported – there were 2 funeral lunches. The rummage sale made $1004.13

The fall supper was a success,raising$5621.78.Thanks to all.

Plans are being made for the General UCW Christmas party, December 2 at 2:00pm. All ladies are welcome to attend.

Christmas Cookie trays will be prepared and delivered to shut-ins etc. for a Christmas treat.

  1. Ministerial – Kristin Wood-Burke gave report – Kristin was away on holidays and was ill upon her return, missing 3 services. She helped with youth group before her vacation. She had one funeral, the Remembrance Day service and is looking at doing a Blue Christmas service. Beth MacDonald and Anglican Church minister will help with the leadership for that. Looking at holding a youth retreat, wants to get a feel for what is necessary to hold one in February 2017. It will be held at St Mary’s in Winnipeg February 2016. There are a lot of transfers coming in from Arden Church. Should we be cleaning up Rolls? Have had a request to perform a wedding outside the church. Idea of facilitating rides to Brandon for medical appointments.

  2. Trustees – Insurance time – there is concern about the abuse policy, the way it stands now we are

are only covered for $10,000. Board needs to proceed with abuse policy requirements in order to have policy changed back to $1,000,000.00

  1. Worship Committee– Susan reported choir will be caroling December 16. All are welcome

(encouraged) to join us. The choir willbe performing at the Choraliers Christmas in Song Dec 6/15

Carolyn has put her plans for a Junior Choir on hold, ass there are not enough young people interested at this time.

Membership – Several people want to transfer from Arden. We will decide on a date to include acknowledgement is a Sunday service.

Youth group – 4 members attended AL fall retreat, Halloween party was held October 30.November 13th youth group was tying quilts to take to a shelter in Brandon. They are also collecting Canadian Tire money. There is a box on back table in the narthex.


Nov 22 – intergenerational service. Paper dolls will be taken down during the service.

Nov 26 - the tree will go up, and decorations in the sanctuary.

Nov 29 - communion, we will be using gluten free bread.

Dec 13 - White gift Sunday.

Dec 16 - Carolling. Leila will look after hot chocolate & cookies.

Dec 17 - Blue Christmas Service. Sheila & Leila will do coffee & cookies.

Dec 20 – Children’s Pageant.

Dec 24 - Christmas Eve Service @ 8:30.

Dec 25 - Christmas morning service in a baggie!!

Kristin has requested one week vacation and one week study leave from January 18-31/2016

  1. Presbytery – Susan reported that Susan and Ella attended last meeting in Oakville November 14

From 9:30 – 4:00. Kristin was recovering from a cold.

Rock lake report – not being used as much as it might. Attendance was down a bit this year. Always looking for young people to work as councillors. Neepawa is to make another pastoral oversight visit.

It was pointed out that we should be continually up-dating our needs assessment (we did one of these before hiring Kristin). If we keep it up-dated, it will be much easier than preparing a new one if the need arises.

There was also discussion on the role of the M&P committee. I felt very clever because we had a workshop here last month and now we feel like we have a much better idea of our mandate. But, we were reminded that members of the committee need to be listed and made known to the congregation.

From Conference – ½ position is being cut as of January. Not sure yet how the work will be divided. Lots of talk about restructuring. There will be 5 remits that that Pastoral Charges will vote on. It is important to vote! If a Pastoral Charge decides not to vote, that counts as a NO on the remit. The first of these will be coming in the spring. Conference will be providing study material. Also, they are hoping to facilitate 4 meetings around the province to help us prepare.

Conference will not be meeting this spring, in an effort to save money. They will meet in 2017. We spent a lot of time, in table groups, discussing the implications of becoming an Affirming Presbytery. We will continue the discussion in order to come to a more complete understanding of what this will really mean.

N. U.C. assessment will increase by about 2% but don’t know exactly how much since conference hasn’t informed presbytery.

L)Special Reports – Nominating committee – on hold, Men’s Breakfast – no interest, Youth Group –had

6 of 9 members attend ALF. Halloween party was enjoyed, got together last week and tyed quilts.

Next meeting will deliver to shelter in Brandon.

N) Acceptance of all reports moved by Bev F. seconded by Brian B.

7. New business: Time & Talent Auction to be held Sunday evening November22nd. We have 10

Items for silent auction and approximately 36 live auction items. Brad Meyers is coming to auction

There will be 2 spotters and 2 cashiers.

Stewardship –2ndletter prepared.

8. Moment of Levity was read by Brian B.

9. Next meeting December 15th @7:00

10. Kristin gave closing prayer

11. Bert adjourned the meeting at 9:40pm.




#1 Motion by Susan Phillips, seconded by Donna Newton - That the Neepawa United Church Board approve the minister to preside at the wedding of Elizabeth Lindskog and Cliff Levandoski, to be held off site and recorded in the church register, so long as the Pastoral charge Board approves this. Carried


#2 Motion by Judy Elgert, seconded by Donna Newton – That the Neepawa United Church Board approve the Trustees proceed with Abuse Policy requirements in regards to liability insurance. Carried


#3 Motion by Susan Phillips, Seconded by Judy Elgert - That the Neepawa United Church hold Christmas Eve Service @ 8:30 December 24/15. Carried


#4 Motion by Donna Newton, Seconded by Bev Finlayson – That Neepawa United Church Board contribute the rental of C.E.C. for 3 hrs to the time & talent auction. Carried.