Neepawa United Church

October 13, 2015


Present:    Kristin Wood-Burke,Bob Durston, Bev Finlayson, Brian Elgert, Judy Elgert,

                   Bert Lowry, Ella Jarvis, Brian Bailey, Ruth Hanke, Eleanor Nicholson & Bev Davie

Regrets:   Maurice Kaye, Donna Newton, Susan Phillips & Lynda Giannotti


1:  Call to order - Brian Elgert called meeting to order 7:00pm.

2:   Kristin Wood-Burke gave opening meditation

3:   Adoption of the agenda moved by Bob Durston, Seconded by Judy Elgert

4:   Adoption of the minutes – moved by Bob Durston, seconded by Bert Lowry

5:  Correspondence – no correspondence

6:   Committee Reports:

A)     Larger Parish – Brian Bailey – larger parish will be meeting with Brookdale members to discuss budgets.

B)     Pastoral Care – Ruth reported for June 1 sympathy card, 6 get well/thinking of you & 2 one year anniversary ofa death.  July – 3 sympathy, 4 get well/thinking of you & 7 one year anniversary of a death. August – 2 sympathy, 6 get well/thinking of you & 2 one year anniversary of a death. September- 6 sympathy, 6 get well/thinking of you & 4 one year anniversary of a death.

C)     Mission& Service – Kristin reported Poverty lunch was successful. We had guest speakers. Amanda Naughton-Gale came to speak about poverty in our community & use of food bank at the Salvation Army.

Dawn Haines-Shaw form child and family services, spoke about some of the consequences of

       poverty here in our community  

The candidates’ forum had 80-90 people attend with 4 of 5 candidates present. Good fellowship  

following forum with people attending from Gladstone, Erickson, Sandy Lake, MacGregor,       

Carberry & Neepawa.        

The paper dolls will stay up until end of November

D)     Ministry &Personnel - Brian reported there will be a breakfast meeting October 19th, board discussed if there would be an interest in a Saturday night service.

E)      Treasurer – Bob Durston report to September 30

Income -       $103,086.03

Expenses -$109,955.44

Deficit -         $    6,869.41

F)      Property  -no report

G)     Finance – no report

H)     UCW – Bev Finlayson reported – Preparationsare underway for our “gently used sale” on October 16th& 17th and the fall supper has raised price to $13 and $6.50 for children.

Six UCW members attended the Fall Rally in Plumas. Neepawa will be hosting it is 2016. Least coin

Service November 6th St James Ang. Church            

I)       Ministerial – Kristin Wood-Burke gave report –  Since last meeting, working on creation time  

Theme, talking around stewardship. Kristin will be on vacation from October 19th to November 1/15 Rita will be doing service when Kristin is away. Kristin will be asked to be supervisor for McCreary presbytery.            

J) Trustees – meeting next month

K)    Worship Committee– Judy reported –Still looking at starting children’s choir.

L)   Presbytery – Ella Jarvis reported that Susan and Ella attended Rock Lake Camp

 September 18th& 19th. They will have a presentation for congregation October 25th. Next meeting in

 Oakville November.

M)Special Reports – men’s breakfast – no shows, Youth group has 10 members, and they painted

        Pumpkins , put up geese in sanctuary & CEC. They are meeting October 16th and October 30th for


        Sunday school – have extra teacher have split class in 2.Dale ran nursery class 2 weeks ago which

        went well. Numbers are up a bit.

 N)   Acceptance of all reports moved by Ruth seconded by Eleanor

   7. New business:    Time & Talent Auction to be held Sunday evening November22nd

Stewardship – letters will be sent out. Posting positions that need to be filled

   8. Moment of Levity was read by Ella

 9.  Next meeting November 17th @ 7:00

10. Kristin gave closing prayer

11. Brian Elgert adjourned the meeting at 8:56pm.