Neepawa United Church

October 18, 2016


Present:    Kristin Woodburke, Eleanor Nicholson, Ella Jarvis, Bob Durston, Donna Newton, Bev Davie, Lynda Giannotti, Judy Elgert, John Douglas& Bert Lowry

Regrets:    Jane Goudie, Rowena Powell, John Forke, Ruth Hanke&Lyle Byram

1:  Call to order – Bert Lowry called meeting to order 7:00pm.

2:   Kristin read opening meditation

3:   Adoption of the agenda – Bob moved adoption of agenda 2nd by Donna. Carried

4:   Adoption of Minutes – adoption of corrected minutes moved by Bob, 2nd by John. Carried

5:  Correspondence – Code red pamphlet from town of Neepawa

6:   Committee Reports:

A)    Pastoral Care –  Report submitted by Eleanor

2 Sympathy cards, 9 get well/thinking of you cards and 6 One year Anniversary of a Death were sent.

B)    Mission & Service -   submitted by Susan

We had a guest speaker (Jake Hamm) from Canadian Food grains Bank on Sunday.  Jake is a farmer from the Plumas area who has been involved with the Food grains Bank for a number of years and did a great job of explaining how the organization works, who is involved, how long it has been around, etc.  His wife Carol accompanied him and read the children’s story.  Both are very knowledgeable and it was very interesting.  We served coffee and cookies after the service so that people would have a chance to talk further with Jake and Carol.  Bob accepted donations to the Food grains Bank and issued receipts on the spot!  Thanks Bob!    Also, we advertised the event on NACTV, and by poster at the Post Office, in case folks outside the church may have been interested.  And we sent out a mass email.  On Oct 30th, we will have another guest speaker, this time from the Roblin area, who has travelled to Nicaragua this past summer to work with people who have received aid from the Food grains Bank.  Again, we will advertise before the service, and serve coffee and cookies after the service.

Gifts with Vision catalogues have arrived and are on the table in the narthex.  Please help yourselves

C) Ministry& Personnel – Lynda reported to board on results from survey results & proposed actions. The M & P will report to congregation at a future date.

D) Treasurer – report to September 30/16


    Income                          $108,199.40

Expense                         $122,685.28

      Deficit                            $  14,485.88            

 Moved by Bob, 2nd by Judy. Carried


E)  Property –   John Douglas has taken over as property chair. He will talk to Doug about ladies washroom (complaints about cleanliness) the lift -The cost to reconfigure lift so no keys needed would be $500. Church would have to go to department of labour to have key removed. John suggested that key be attached to chain and the box and that a set of instructions on how to operate lift be posted in lift.  John will confirm with Kozak’s about snow removal.


F) UCW –submitted by Donna

Successful Fall Presbyterial Rally, about 40 ladies from Gladstone, Plumas, Portage la Prairie,  MacGregor, Langruth & Oakville

$1025.00 profit from Rummage Sale, thanks to all that helped especially set-up and take down’s men’s crew.

Fall supper $13.00 October 30 4:30-6:30

Lunch to be organized for Presbytery meeting Nov 12

There were 8 boxes packed to go to a Northern Reserve


G)  Ministerial – reported by Kristin

Kristin was part of UCW Rally, performed 1 graveside service and 1 church funeral. Is Co-presiding    wedding October 22 with Catholic Priest. Remits are coming up. Presbytery coming up. Will have a team of leadership.

H) Trustees – No report

 I)  Worship Committee – report by Kristin 

     Worship committee met, switched church anthem to accommodate one of the choir members so she could assist with Sunday School. Will celebrate all folks who have transferred from Arden. Christmas day is Sunday this year.

J)  Stewardship– no report

 K) Presbytery – No report

 L)  Special reports – Sandra has taken over Sunday School. She will incorporate little ones into program with a helper. Is excited about Nursery School.

Acceptance of all reports was moved by Donna, 2nd by Ella, Carried


7. Old business:

A)Stewardship Campaign Update – Kristin & Bert met to talk about letter that is to be out to congregation. They will meet 10:00 October 26th to stuff envelopes


B)     25 Year Celebration – Committee of Murray Hart, Brian Bailey, Ruth Hanke, Donna Newton, Jane Goudie& Eleanor Nicholson met Sept 17 after church to make plans for our New Church Building 25th Anniversary.  Date will be June 4th 2017. Will be part of regular Sunday service: the original building committee will be invited to attend. Will have a display of picture of construction of building and special fund raising projects. Dedication of passed members. Plans for a brunch or picnic with anniversary cake after service. The first service was held in the new church December of 1992.  Service of Dedication was held January 10th 1993. Original building committee members were: Vera Hockin, Brian Bailey, Ron Hutchinson, Donna Newton, John Douglas, Hartley Wilson, Ruth Hanke, Bob Frith, Cliff Hosler, Eleanor Nicholson, Mary Ellen Clark, Murray Hart, Germund Anderson, John Fork, Jacqueline Crowthers & Ivan Trail (Manager) we have plan for some form of remembrance of the 25th Anniversary.


C)     Pastoral Oversight Visits – Kristin, Bert, Ruth & Donna will go to Trinity United Church Nov 9/16

8.  New Business:

         A)  Canada Food Grains Bank -Donna suggested that people can still donate to Food Grains Bank as they see fit. Tax receipts will be given out Oct 30 service

          B) Remits – 1&3 Nov 24 2&4 winter 5&6 later

          C) Other – Nominating committee, Annual general Meeting date Feb 26/17 with worship service.


   9. Moment of Levity was read by Kristin

 10.Next meeting November 15th@7:00

11. Kristin gave closing prayer

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 9:45




1) Moved by Lynda that we amend motion of March 8th regarding wedding of Aug 5/17 between Hazel Malsi & Jeff Bay to allow marriage commissioner, Rita Friesen to perform the marriage instead of our minister. The wedding is to be performed in the Neepawa United Church. 2nd by Eleanor…Carried


2) Moved by John that be it resolved that AGM be held Feb 26th 2017 in conjunction with worship service with the understanding that reports be available in advance. 2nd by Lynda.... Carried