Neepawa United Church

October 20, 2020

via ZOOM


Present: Jane Goudie, Bert Lowry, John Lea, Bob Durston, Brian Bailey, Linda Hart, Pat Fedoruk, Susan Phillips, Jan Bailey, Nora Kaye, Ella Jarvis, Judy Elgert, Betty Ebner, Chad McCharles


1. Call to order – Jane called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


2. Opening Meditation John Lea reflected on the word “movement” and gave an opening prayer.


3. Additions to the Agenda

The following changes were made to the agenda:

- add to New Business: Purchase of New Computers, Neepawa Natives, Allen Hanke

- move Purchase of Donation Envelopes from Old to New Business

- add Purchase of Souvenir Bulletin to Old Business


4. Adoption of the Agenda

Bert Lowry moved adoption of the agenda as amended, seconded by Ella Jarvis. Carried


5. Adoption of the Minutes – Pat Fedoruk moved adoption of the Sept. 15, 2020 minutes, seconded by Brian Bailey. Carried


6. Correspondence

- Reverend Kristen Woodburke sent congratulations to Chad on his Covenanting as the new minister for the Neepawa United Anglican Shared Ministry (NUASM).    

- Public Health sent outline of procedures that need to be followed when we have the sanctuary and CEC open at the same time. The letter contained written permission for us to have both open. We also received a permit for designation as a Food Handling Establishment.


7. Committee Reports

A) Pastoral Care – Betty reported

Sympathy Get Well 1 Yr Ann of Death

Sept. 6 0 3


B) Mission & Service Susan reported


Our committee met—outdoors, physically distanced—to plan a short program for World Food Day, which we presented on October 4th!

We decided to focus on the Canadian Foodgrains Bank for a number of reasons:

  1. We are a farming community and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a farmer-led initiative. *

  2. Both the Anglican Church of Canada (through the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund) and the United Church of Canada are partners of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank

  3. The Canadian Foodgrains Bank has its roots right here in the prairies

  4. Farmers in our area participate in growing and harvesting crops for the Bank (There were 35 growing projects in Manitoba in 2019)


7B) continued

  1. We have had local speakers address our congregation in the past, and have some knowledge of the program

  2. Givings to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank are matched four to one by the federal government, so our dollars go a long way.

  3. The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is rooted in the belief that humankink is created in the image of God and that it is God’s desire that no person should go hungry!

  4. Covid 19 is making it harder for people to feed their families, and putting food on the table is even harder for vulnerable people.

  5. We really liked their Room at the Table resource packe (which we found on the United Church of Canada website). It was very easy for us to adapt to our needs and circumstances!

*Note that these days, grain is not shipped around the world, but sold here in Canada and the money from the sale is used to purchase food closer to the area of need This saves money and time, and provides support for farmers in developing countries—farmers helping farmers!


Also, we take great pleasure in announcing a new member of our committee! Bea Betts has agreed to join us! Bea is the rep for the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) for the St James congregation, so brings a lot of knowledge and new resources and a new energy to the group!


Things we’ll be working on: White Gift Sunday and the Mitten Tree, and learning from Bea about St James traditions!

The new Gifts with Vision catalogues have arrived.

Susan noted that since the Oct. 4th Service there have been donations totaling $395 for the Canadian Food Grains Bank. This amount is matched four to one by the federal government.


C) Ministry & Personnel – Brian Bailey reported that the Committee will be meeting soon. Brian indicated that the Committee will be working on the Criminal Records Check Policy and getting the necessary forms available.


D) Treasurer

Bob Durston presented the Financial Report to the end of Sept. 2020

Income $90,447.62

Expenses $109,099.42

Deficit $18,651.80


Moved by Bob Durston, seconded by Judy Elgert, that the Treasurer’s Report be adopted. Carried


Bob indicated that there is typically a deficit at this time of year and the Stewardship Campaign will help to decrease the deficit.


E) Property John Douglas sent his report

- Four Seasons installed a new gas flow relay in boiler

- Neepawa P & H fixed rattle in furnace

- Touchwood doing fall work

- There was an attempted break in

- Working on snow cleaning schedule

- P Baker will do parking lot clearing again


The heat was not working but is now fixed.


7E) continued

Discussion re: break in. The doors must be closed firmly for the locks to catch. Bert and Jane will speak with renters to make sure locks are engaged when they leave the building. This will also be mentioned to anyone who has a key to the church.



F) UCW Jan Bailey reported

NUASM ladies baked and bagged 250 cookies for covenanting service.

Executive meeting scheduled for October 21st at 10 am.

We welcome Arlene Waddell who will attend as liaison person with Anglican Church Women.


Susan mentioned that the left over cookies and a souvenir bulletin will be delivered to some who could not attend the Covenanting Service.


G) Pastoral Charge Supervisor’s Report John Lea reported


** a word of appreciation to the Worship committee, Chad, and all others for the excellent planning and execution of the Covenanting / Installation Service the past Sunday.

It was good to see folk in person that I’ve had contact with via Zoom & phone over the last 7 months.


** United Church & Board structure Minimum essential requirements In NUASM time:


Policy and procedure manual needs to be revised.


** ZOOM Zoom has changed their procedure on account sharing that has been the practice with the account that the region has. Now the meeting cannot start until whoever sets up the meeting logs in. After that another participant can be named to be the host of the meeting.


Cherry Abad and the regional office have been very efficient and co-operative with us. I am wondering if Neepawa United Church would set up an account with a local person doing the scheduling.


I am attaching an information sheet prepared in March, with helpful information about Zoom.


** I am attaching the full text of Judy Hare’s e-mail of greeting and blessing shared Sunday, for the record as correspondence.





Discussion following John’s report.

ZOOM - We need a person to act as host for all meetings if we purchase ZOOM. A motion was made and passed to purchase a ZOOM license after we have found a host. It was suggested that we have an announcement at church asking for a volunteer.


The NUC Policy and Procedure Manual - needs to be revised before the AGM in order for it to be adopted at the AGM.


7H) Trustees – nil


I) Worship Committee – Pat Fedoruk submitted the following report

Worship Committee Report to NUC Board for October 20, 2020

Our last meeting was October 13, 2020. We discussed the usher and reader rotation list and reviewed the Baptism and Communion services. Most of our time was spent in working out the Covenanting service with particular attention to the details of health protocol for the safety of the attendees. We are grateful to the additional efforts by all who assisted in this special service. This enabled more people to attend within the two buildings while following the current covid regulations. There were 74 people seated in the sanctuary and 16 in the CEC. In addition to the usual recording of the service, audio and visual was made available in the CEC and livestreaming was done. A lot of extra work went into microphone set up, sound and visual.


The Board minutes should record the approval, by email, of “permission” to make cookies for the October 18 covenanting service, and pay the costs of labels and individual packages, estimate $70. (Motion: Pat F., Second:------) Thank you to the ladies who baked and donated the cookies. Additional cookies were made with the intent to distribute them, along with a commemorative service bulletin, to those who would appreciate them but did not attend the live service.

Due to increasing attendance at regular Sunday services, we have added a further step to handle cancellations that are made after 3 pm on Fridays, (answering machine check Sunday morning). It is important to cancel your reservation, when possible, if situations arise. It is our hope that we do not have to turn away any walk in guests. We want all who desire to attend live worship to have an opportunity to do so, within the regulations. Reviewing the procedures will be ongoing.


Sunday School began safely on October 4 due to the diligence of our dedicated leaders. The “Sermons4Kids” memberships are being paid through donations from the teachers. There will be no cost to the NUC Board this year. We are blessed with Sandra, Jacqui, Allison and Nancy as co-teachers.


Our NUC Membership Convener reports 215 resident and 47 non-resident members (262 total) as at September 30, 2020.


In November, the WC will focus on the season of Advent which begins November 29.


Bert added his congratulations to the Worship Committee for the great job they did in making plans for and volunteering at the Covenanting Service on Oct. 18. Everything was well thought out and went very smoothly in this time of COVID.

Chad also thanked the Worship Committee for all their work.


J) Stewardship

Jane reported that the Stewardship letter will be going out this week.


K) Prairie to Pine Region - Susan reported. She noted that she and Donna felt that attending a meeting on ZOOM with over 200 people was almost like being there. Chad was pleased to be asked to give a prayer at his first Regional Meeting.


Report on Prairie to Pine Regional Meeting, Sept 30th and October 7th, 2020

This year’s annual meeting was held over two nights, via Zoom.


September 30th meeting included more than 200 participants and was primarily dedicated to the education and discussion of two items of business.



7K) continued

The meeting opened with worship, which focused in part on Orange Shirt Day, and in part on gender and diversity. We were invited to light a candle in our space, at the beginning of worship.


The first item to be discussed was the proposal to become an Affirming Regional Council. Because of our history as an Affirming Conference, and Affirming Presbyteries, the process required voting on an Affirming Vision Statement. The statement was up for discussion this week, and would be voted on the following week, (part 2 of the Annual Regional Meeting) The proposed statement follows:




Prairie to Pine, a Regional Council of The United Church of Canada, is called to offer an open door, an open heart, an open mind and an open hand.


An open door is evidence of the belief that all people are created in God's image and are unconditionally loved by the Creator.


An open heart follows Jesus’ teachings to love one another. We extend that love to all, inclusive of their ability, age, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or any other human division.


An open mind calls us to continue working for justice, dignity, and the full inclusion of everyone in all aspects of the church community and society.


An open hand is a symbol of our work towards reconciliation as Indigenous and NonIndigenous peoples, and our call to live into the intercultural global community.


We recognize the unique and diverse Communities of Faith and recognize we are at varying levels of development and capacities.


The statement will require a 75% approval.


The court then moved on to the second discussion item: the Remit question. This was a Category 1 Remit, and so requires a vote by the regional councils (communities of faith do not vote on this remit.) IF approved by a two-thirds majority of regional councils, the Executive of the General Council may declare that the remit has passed and, if so, the policy change will automatically come into effect as of March 1, 2021. This will change the wording to the Basis of Union.


The current wording: “The Order of Ministry shall be open to both men and women.”


The Question:

Does the Regional Council agree that:

(a) the Order of Ministry be open to persons of all gender identities; and

(b) the Basis of Union be amended to reflect this change as follows:

10.0 The Order of Ministry shall be open to persons of all gender identities.


Liz Carter-Morgan gave a presentation using the Gender Unicorn visual resource to explain what gender identities are. It is based on how you see yourself, how you express your gender, the sex you were assigned at birth, who you are physically attracted to, and who you are emotionally attracted to. This remit asks if how you see yourself and express yourself should bar you from entering the ministry. (You can find this visual resource by googling Gender Unicorn).

The meeting closed with worship, including song and prayer, Rt Rev. Richard Bott’s version of the Lord’s Prayer, and ended with a Traditional Celtic Blessing.


The October 7th meeting began with the Acknowledgement of the Land.

Reports were heard/reviewed.

The Diversity and Equity Committee moved the acceptance of the draft affirming vision statement in support of the LGBTQ12S+ community, with the addition of:

7K) continued

An open table recognizes that Jesus Christ is our host and that we are all welcomed guests. All who seek to follow Jesus are invited to share in this significant and sacred meal.

The motion was carried unanimously.


Shannon McCarthy, The Region’s Executive Minister, introduced the motion to agree to the Remit question. The motion was carried.


The court then took a short break and we were invited to prepare our communion elements for the worship service.


Kristin Woodburke led worship.

Community members that had passed were remembered. Retirees were acknowledged.

We were introduced to Samuel (Sam) Ross, a Designated Lay Minister, and Rev. Elenor Thompson, an ordinand.

Lynne Sanderson and Heather Lea, along with members of the Communities of Faith Support committee, led the Call to Covenant of Mutual Commitment, Accountability and Support with over 90 Communities of Faith, who had completed their covenants and had been received and accepted by the Regional Council Executive. Neepawa United-Anglican Shared Ministry is one of those communities of faith, and it was wonderful to see a picture our church building and a worship service, pop up on the screen!

We were then led in a communion liturgy, in which Chad participated.

Finally, the new Co-Chairs were installed –Kwang Beom Cho and Diane Dwarka, and the meeting was adjourned.


So, over the course of two evenings, a total of about 3 hours, we conducted the business of the Prairie to Pine Region of the United Church of Canada, discussed, asked and answered questions, voted on and carried 2 motions, welcomed new ministers, acknowledged 90 communities of faith, 6 retirees, and the passing of 14 of our members, prayed and listened to each other, and for the voice of God, participated in 3 worship services, sang, and shared in communion. On Zoom. Praise be to God!


Donna Newton and I appreciate the opportunity to represent this community of faith at Prairie to Pine Region and thank the Board of Neepawa United Church for your support.


L) Special Reports – Sunday School teachers are paying for their own materials so no expense to the Board.


M) Minister’s Report Chad submitted the following report.




Implementation Com. mtg. / pastoral phone calls / Implementation com. work / COVID-19 precautions mtg. / brand creation


pastoral visitation / admin. / pastoral visitation


ministerial / altar guild / Worship Com. service prep. at NUC / Vestry


re-opening of UC / Sunday Worship


Worship Committee mtg. / worship fall set-up / office admin. / pastoral contact / funeral prep.


office admin. / pastoral visitation / funeral /


sermon prep. / pastoral visitation / liturgy prep. / pastoral visitation


Sunday Worship


covenanting prep. / Sunday liturgy prep. / admin.


Ministerial admin. / pastoral visitation / NUC board zoom mtg.


Holy Eucharist prep. / altar guild assistance / Wed. Worship /pastoral visitation x4 / covenanting prep.


sermon prep. / liturgy prep. / pastoral visitation / M&S letter / Stewardship letter




funeral prep. / Sunday Worship prep. / covenanting liturgy prep. / WC report


worship com. / pastoral visitation / wed. worship prep. / funeral / covenanting prep.


Wed. Worship / admin. /


sermon prep. / admin. / pastoral vistiationx2


worship / pastoral visitation


admin. / Communion liturgy prep. / pastoral visitation / OSBCn zoom meeting / AC baptism prep.


liturgy prep. / COVID-19 consultation with Kildonan UC / Country Meadows consult re: Facebook worship


Wed. worship prep / admin. / UC baptism contact / Anglican property assessment



N) Acceptance of all reports was moved by Nora Kaye and seconded by Judy Elgert. Carried


8. Old Business

A) Motions passed by email are included with the Motions at the end of the minutes. The motions made and passed were to pay for the labels and packaging for the cookies at the Covenanting Service and to pay for Souvenir Bulletins to be handed out after the Service. The cost of these items comes for loose change donations.


B) Funeral Brochure Bert reviewed the changes to the Funeral Brochure.

A motion was made and passed to adopt the Funeral Policy Brochure effective Oct. 20, 2020.


9. New Business

A) Neepawa Natives

Chad has been appointed as the Neepawa Natives Chaplain. He would like to host Chapel in the CEC once a month. The Natives will sanitize after their meeting.

A motion was made and passed to host the Neepawa Natives for chapel in the CEC at no cost.


B) Purchase of Two Computers for Sound Booth

Judy has recommended the purchase of a computer for the sound booth to run the power point presentations and a computer for livestreaming and upload to Facebook. She supplied a quote from Team Electronics. Estimated cost is $2,500 with internal capture card.

A motion was made and passed to purchase the two computers, one with an internal capture card as well as a cord.

We also need a data projector for the CEC. Brian Bailey will discuss with Ivan Trail and get recommendations for the type that we need for our system.

St. James Anglican Church indicated that they will make a donation towards the data projector.

The funds for this equipment will come from the Memorial Fund.


C) Envelopes for Donations

A motion was made and passed to purchase envelopes that will be put in the pews for donations. The cost of approximately $110 will come from loose change.



9D) Allen Hanke

Allen Hanke, the principal of HMK School, has approached Jane to see if the CEC would be available to be used for 2 classrooms if the distance between students has to be increased due to COVID. Jane will get more details.



Chad sent a mockup of a proposed sign for the NUASM. The sign would be attached to the current NUC sign. The cost of approximately $700 would be split with St. James Anglican Church. NUC will pay the total cost and St. James will pay half to NUC.

A motion was made and passed to approve the sign and to have the sign made and installed by Provost.


F) Organizational Chart for NUASM, NUC and St. James

The Implementation Committee has prepared an Organizational Chart for the Board to review. A few questions arose about positions needed on each Board. The Implementation Committee will be asked to revise the chart with John Lea’s input.


G) Nominating Committee

Bert is in charge of nominations for the NUC Board. The Implementation Committee is forming a Nominating Committee for the NUASM Board. Jane is Chair of the NUC Board until 2022. Linda agreed to take another term as Secretary for the NUC Board. Bert will leave other positions for now until NUC Board composition is determined.


10. Moment of Levity – Chad shared a moment of levity.


11. Next scheduled Board Meeting is November 17, 2020 at 7:00 pm via ZOOM.


12. Chad gave a closing prayer.


13. Jane adjourned the meeting at 9:10 pm.








MOTIONS made by e-mail

#1.Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Bob Durston. That the Board pay for labels and packaging for the cookies being handed out at the Covenanting Service with an approximate cost of $70.


#2. Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Betty Ebner. That the Covenanting Service souvenir bulletin be printed at the Banner at a cost of approximately $52.00 and that the cost be paid from the ESM Sunday Loose Collection funds. Carried.


Oct. 20, 2020 MOTIONS

#3. Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Linda Hart. That the NUC Board purchase a
ZOOM license once we have found a person to host. Carried.

#4. Motion made by Bert Lowry and seconded by Susan Philips. That the Board adopt the revised Funeral Policy Brochure effective Oct. 20, 2020. Carried.

#5. Motion made by Judy Elgert and seconded by Jan Bailey. That the Neepawa United Church host the Neepawa Natives for Chapel once a month in the CEC at no cost. Carried.

#6. Motion made by Judy Elgert and seconded by Jan Bailey. That the Board pay for two computers for the sound booth, one with an internal capture card, with an approximate total cost of $2,500. Carried.

#7. Motion made by Betty Ebner and seconded by Ella Jarvis. That we pay approximately $110 for the printing of donation envelopes that will be placed in the pews. Carried.

#8. Motion made by Judy Elgert and seconded by Nora Kaye. That the Board Approve the design for the NUASM sign and have Provost Signs make the sign and attach to the present NUC sign at an estimated cost of $700. Carried.