Neepawa United Church

October 30, 2018


Present: Bert Lowry, John Lea, Bob Durston, Ella Jarvis, Pat Fedoruk, Brian Elgert, Susan Phillips, Jane Goudie, Brian Bailey, John Douglas, Judy Elgert, Linda Hart, Betty Ebner, Heather Cummings


1. Call to order – Bert called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

2. Opening Meditation John Lea led us in a reflection of someone we would hold in honour and share a one or two word description of their qualities.

3. Adoption of the Agenda – Jane moved adoption of the agenda with amendments, 2nd by Susan. Carried

Amendments were to change Lynda Lowry to Pat Fedoruk in 6i) Worship Committee and to add two items to New Business: a) Nominating Committee and b) Policies and Procedures Manual

4. Adoption of the Minutes – Heather moved adoption of the Sept. 18, 2018 minutes, 2nd by Ella. Carried

5. Correspondence

- A request from Susan Kohinski to hold a 4 to 6 week cooking class on Thursdays starting at 6 pm for the Neepawa Natives with 12 to 24 in the class. A motion was made and passed to approve the use of CEC and kitchen at regular rental rates.

- Great Plains requests the use of the sanctuary to put on a concert. Consensus was not to support this request.


6. A) Pastoral Care – Betty reported that the following cards had been sent out. September: 3 get

well/thinking of you, 5 one year anniversary of death; October: 3 sympathy, 4 get well/thinking of you,
1 one year anniversary of death

B) Mission & Service – Susan indicated that the coin collection of spare change on Thanksgiving weekend totalled $115.23 for M & S. The Gifts with Vision catalogue is now available at the Church.

C) Ministry & Personnel – Brian Bailey reported

- The Committee has met regularly to deal with the resignation of Dawn Gardy as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Neepawa and Area Pastoral Charge. An ad was placed in the Banner and 3 formal applications and 1 informal application were received. Dawn was assured before she left that if her new job did not work out, we would be glad to have her return to her position. That scenario occurred and we are delighted to have Dawn back in her position. As of Nov. 1 office hours will be Tues. to Fri. 9 to 3. Extra hours are due to increased work load resulting from lack of a minister, including time “counselling”. We feel this is an important part of her job as she is the “face” of our Church during the week. The Pastoral Charge Board will deal with an increase to Dawn’s salary as the minimum wage has been increased.

- Regarding the call for a new minister, we are currently waiting to hear from Rob Smith in Thunder Bay. He will peruse the Ministry Profile and job description and advise us of any changes needed. Hopefully, we can obtain the necessary motions from the Neepawa and Brookdale Boards at our December meetings and put out a “Call” early in the new year.

D) Treasurer – Bob distributed the Income/Expense Statement to Oct. 29, 2018.

Income $137,880.81

Expenses $120,014.06

Surplus $ 17,866.75

Bob noted that the surplus would only be $10,866.75 if we were paying the Larger Parish levy. Donations from the Fall Stewardship letter have helped to give a surplus for the end of October.

Moved by Bob, 2nd by Jane. That the Treasurer’s Report be adopted. Carried



6E) Property- John reported

- The chimney repair has been done on the outside of the chimney. Since the condition of the chimney was worse than expected, it was parged instead of repointed.

- Perry Sneddon of Neepawa Plumbing inspected the inside of the chimney and found that it is not of adequate size to allow a liner to be installed and serve the 2 existing furnaces. He recommended replacing the furnaces with high efficiency ones. He provided Budget costing of $12,202.87 for the installation of two furnaces. John recommended that we put the job out for tender and have the new furnaces installed in May.

-John has put in a request for Kozak’s to clear snow in the parking lot this winter. He is making a schedule for members to shovel snow from the sidewalks on weekends.

- Some of the new chairs in the CEC are coming apart. Doug will take them to Home Hardware where they were purchased to see what they can do.

F) UCW – Heather reported that the Oct. 28 Fall Supper was a success. Many compliments were received about the meal. We need volunteers to organize the Fall Supper for next year. The Board sends a vote of thanks to Donna Newton and her Committee for their great organization of the Fall Supper.

- Friday Nov. 2 is the Least Coin Service and it will be at our Church at 2:00 pm.

G) Ministerial - nil

H) Trustees – nil

I) Worship Committee –Pat Fedoruk reported.

- The Worship Committee met on Oct. 9, 2018.

- The Anglican parishioners were invited to join us for communion services. They replied that they have arrangements for their communion.

- Our next communion is Nov. 25. Results of 30 surveys re: communion style were 15 for intinction, 8 for traditional and 7 with no preference.

- Results of 30 surveys re: summer services with the Anglicans were 16 felt it was a good experience/attended, 7 thought it was a good idea, and 7 had no comment. A few comments suggested that regular worship between the two churches would be good.

- Advent is Dec. 2-23. A motion was made and passed for Rita Friesen to conduct the Blue Christmas service on Wed. Dec. 19 at 7 pm.

- We will be continuing with the Christmas morning service “baggie” program whereby a printed service, tea light candles and 2 tea bags will be distributed to those who wish to take them. The baggies are included in the Christmas Cheer hampers and the Neepawa United Church cookie trays. We will prepare 250 baggies.

- White Gift Sunday is Dec. 16 with the Sunday School children participating in the service. Bernie Mullins will be pulpit supply that day.

- Christmas Carol evening will be Dec. 17

- Approval has been given for Rita Friesen to preside at the Christmas Eve Service at 7 pm.

- A motion was made and passed giving permission to Rita Friesen to conduct communion services at Country Meadows and during in-home visits.

- A motion was made and passed to purchase a travelling communion kit for in-home and Country Meadows use.

J) Stewardship – Bert reported that the Fall Stewardship letter went out on Oct. 9. We will not send out a second fall stewardship letter.

K) Presbytery

- Susan will be attending the last Presbytery Meeting on Nov. 17 in Portage. Anyone interested can join her.

L) Special Reports – Brian Bailey reported that the HIMS will be singing at the Remembrance Day dinner at

the Legion on Nov. 10. Tickets for the supper available to purchase.

M) Acceptance of all reports was moved by Brian Bailey 2nd by Brian Elgert. Carried


7. Old Business:

A) Letter from Presbyterians re: sharing minister

A letter was received from the Presbyterian Church asking us to consider sharing a minister. The Presbyterian Church is running a deficit. Brian Bailey, Bob and Bert volunteered to meet with Presbyterian reps to determine what their circumstances are. Brian Bailey will set up a meeting.

Brian Elgert reported that we are still waiting for a meeting with the Anglican reps re: joint services.

B) Report on Digital Church

Brian Elgert reported.

- We can upload services to YouTube for young people, people who have moved away or people not attending church. NACTV will provide edited copies of the services. Currently services are shown weekly on NACTV. A question arose re: privacy issues. Brian Elgert will do some further investigating. Brian Bailey pointed out that the quality of the broadcasts is sometimes not as good as we would like. He will check with Ivan Trail to research a new camera and sound system for the Church.

C) Funeral Procedures in the Pastoral Charge

There was a discussion about how the Neepawa United Church pays a minister for a funeral in our Church. There was a consensus to support the motion passed in Sept. which states that while the Neepawa United Church is searching for a minister, the policy for funerals will be that the Neepawa United Church charge the going rates for pulpit supply plus travel costs.


8. New Business

A) Nominating Committee

Brian Elgert and Bert are members of the Nominating Committee for 2019. Bert asked current members of the Board if they are willing to serve again in 2019. Those present indicated that they are willing to be on the Board again. Bert will check with other members (not present) of the Pastoral Care, Mission & Service, M&P, and Worship Committees. UCW looks after finding their own representative for the Board. A Vice Chairperson is still needed and Bert is looking for suggestions.

B) Policies and Procedures Manual

Tabled to the January 2019 Board Meeting.

9. Brian Bailey shared a moment of levity.

10. Next meeting is Tuesday Nov. 20 at 7:00 pm. Jane to take minutes.

11. Pat Fedoruk gave a closing prayer.

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 9:00 pm.




#1 Motion made by Susan Phillips and seconded by Jane Goudie. That we approve the Neepawa Natives request to rent the CEC hall with full use of the kitchen at the posted rates. Carried.


#2 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Jane Goudie. That Rita Friesen preside for the Blue Christmas service on Wed. Dec. 19, 2018. Carried.


#3 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Judy Elgert. That Rita Friesen be given permission to conduct Communion Services at Country Meadows and during in-home visits. Carried.


#4 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Ella Jarvis. That the Board purchase a travelling communion kit for in-home and Country Meadows use. Carried.