Neepawa United Church

September 15, 2015


Present: Donna Newton, Kristin Wood-Burke,Bob Durston, Bev Finlayson, Brian

Elgert, Susan Phillips, Bert Lowry, Lynda Giannotti, Ella Jarvis, Brian Bailey and Bev Davie

Regrets: Maurice Kaye, EleanorNicholson, Judy Elgert& Ruth Hanke


1: Call to order - Brian Elgert chaired the meeting and opened at 7:00pm.

2: Kristin Wood-Burke gave opening meditation

3: Adoption of the agenda moved by Bob Durston

4: Adoption of the minutes – moved by Bob Durston, seconded by Judy.

5: Correspondence – Thank you card from Amber Zalluski,Letter from Neepawa Guiding lightre: use of CEC for guides/pathfinders

6: Committee Reports:

  1. Larger Parish – Brian Bailey – larger parish met last week& will be meeting with Brookdale members to discuss budgets.

  2. Pastoral Care – no report

  3. Mission& Service – Susan Phillips submitted report – lots going on in next few weeks. Sept 20/15: Poverty lunch. We have guest speakers. Amanda Naughton-Gale will come to speak about poverty in our community & use of food bank at the Salvation Army.

Dawn Haines-Shaw form child and family services, will speak about some of the consequences of poverty here in our community.

Sept 30/15 is the date of the candidates’ forum here in the sanctuary. We have visited all the UCW units to speak on the issue of Child Poverty, especially here in Manitoba. One unit suggested that we go to the NACTV and be interviewed in order to reach a wider audience. We will look into this. We are circulating posters within the Presbytery, through Ministerial and posting the information in businesses here in town. I can email a copy of the poster to anyone who would like one.

The paper dolls will stay up until later in fall as we continue to focus on child poverty. Oct 17th is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, and Nov 20th is International Day of the Child. We will choose one of these days to wrap up our awareness campaign.

We have collected cash donations and items for HMK again this year.

  1. Ministry &Personnel -Lynda reported there will be a M&P workshop September 24th. Leslie has settled in very nicely. Brian & Kelly met with Amber for exit interview. Brian would like to salute Kristin for her work with funerals, Lynda noted what a nice touch Kristin had with wedding she attended as well.

  2. Treasurer – Bob Durston reported cash donation to HMK for school supplies was $215

  3. Property -no report

  4. Finance – no report

  5. UCW – Bev Finlayson reported – 10 funeral lunches over summer. North Agassiz Presbytery

Meeting was Aug 31. It was attended by Bev F, Donna and Ella. Plans for the fall rally, Oct 8 were

finalized. The speaker will be from Stars Air Ambulance. All are welcome to attend.

  1. Ministerial – Kristin Wood-Burke gave report – she had 1 wedding, 10 funerals. Sunday school has started lots of new children. There is talk of an area musical presentation. Kristin was contacted about Birnie United Church property looking for information on who was to be looking after property? Kristin will be talking to board about study leave.

J) Trustees – no report

K) Worship Committee– Susan submitted report - Choir has started up again for the fall, as has

Sunday School and Youth Group. You’ll notice butterflies have come down, and we’ll wait to see what goes up in their place! We’ll be decorating for fall/Thanksgiving soon. We will have communion on World Wide Communion Sunday October 4th.

Kristin circulated sign up lists for scripture reading and for helpers for communion – both serving and set up/clean up. We have 8-10 people volunteering fir setting up and cleaning up. We are offering a short training session sept 17th at 5:15 for that. We will stay after church when it works for anyone who is not able to be here on 17th. Kristin will speak with the folks that have offered to serve.

Carolyn has expressed an interest in starting a children’s choir. The worship committee is recommending that we consider this.


L) Presbytery – Ella Jarvis reported that Kristin, Susan and Ella are attending Rock Lake Camp

September 18th& 19th.

M)Special Reports – men’s breakfast – small group, down in numbers, Youth group has started,

Maintained a lot of members and there are a few new ones. Sunday School has started up, it is

noted that Kim is doing a wonderful job with Sunday School. HIMS are starting September 17th.

N) Acceptance of all reports moved by Donna seconded by Susan.

7. New business: Donna & Susan talked abouttime Time & Talent Auction to be held 22nd of

November, will have coffee &dessert. Also talking pf planning a “Guess who’s coming to Dinner”


Stewardship – letters will be sent out. Posting positions that need to be filled. Willset up a display

Sunday after thanksgiving.

8.Moment of Levity read by Ella & Susan

9. Next meeting October 13th @ 7:00

10. Kristin gave closing prayer

11. Brian Elgert adjourned the meeting at 10:00pm.



#1 Moved by Brian Bailey, seconded by Lynda G that we accept the pathfinders request to use our facilities for their meetings Wednesdays. Carried


#2 Moved by Susan, seconded by Donna that we accept Carolyn’s proposal for starting a Junior Choir and that we pay her $25/week fee as requested. Carried