Neepawa United Church

Sept. 15, 2020

via ZOOM


Present: Jane Goudie, Bert Lowry, John Lea, Bob Durston, Brian Bailey, Linda Hart, Pat Fedoruk, Susan Phillips, Jan Bailey, Nora Kaye, Ella Jarvis, Judy Elgert, John Douglas, Betty Ebner, Chad McCharles


1. Call to order – Jane called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


2. Opening Meditation John Lea read a meditation on the word “dawn” and gave an opening prayer.


3. Adoption of the Agenda – Bert Lowry moved adoption of the agenda as amended, seconded by Nora Kaye


The following additions were made to the agenda:

- add to reports: Minister’s Report

- add to New Business: Implementation Committee


4. Adoption of the Minutes – Brian Bailey moved adoption of the June 16, 2020 minutes, seconded by Betty Ebner. Carried


5. Correspondence

- Thank you from the United Church of Canada for a $20 donation to help the people of Lebanon after the massive explosion there. This donation came from an individual in our congregation.           


6. Committee Reports

A) Pastoral Care – Betty reported

Sympathy Get Well 1 Yr Ann of Death

June 7 0 8

July 7 2 2

Aug. 6 0 5


Betty asked to be notified if any cards need to be sent that she might not be aware of.


B) Mission & Service Susan reported


Our M & S committee has been helping us stay connected with our church family by making calls to members of the congregation periodically. We will continue to do this as required.

We will be taking an active role in the church service on World Food Sunday (October 18th). We have prepared a short program that will include the Children’s story and information about the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. There are a couple of short videos that we will play. We’ll be meeting with Chad to discuss the content and to make sure that what we have will fit well with the rest of the Sunday service that day. The date of this service may have to be changed if Covenanting Service is on Oct. 18.

The new Gifts with Vision catalogue will be arriving soon, so watch for that!




6C) Ministry & Personnel – Brian Bailey reported that the Committee has not met but will be doing so shortly. Brian indicated that the Committee needs a member from the Anglican congregation and a member acting as a representative for Chad. Chad reported that the Anglican members are working on getting representatives for the different committees as needed.


D) Treasurer

Bob Durston presented the August 2020 Financial Report

Income $82,777.77

Expenses $95,512.96

Deficit $12,735.19


Moved by Bob Durston, seconded by Judy Elgert, that the Treasurer’s Report be adopted. Carried


Bob indicated that there has been a drop in income compared to a year ago. Jane will bring this up under Stewardship.


E) Property John Douglas reported



F) UCW Nora Kaye reported

Jan, Pat and Susan did an amazing job in preparing the “Camp in a Box” activities for youth in our congregation. Jan and Nora are planning a UCW Executive Meeting.


G) Pastoral Charge Supervisor’s Report John Lea reported

H) Trustees – nil


I) Worship Committee – Pat Fedoruk submitted the following reports


NUASM Worship Committee report to NUC Board August 25, 2020


WC met in person on August 25, 2020 at St. James’ parish hall.

We decided that the Elena Critchlow baptism should go ahead as planned for Sunday August 30 at 2 pm, at the entrance to the United Church. Worship is allowed under the Manitoba government phase four Covid plan and is exempt under the code orange restrictions. Board minutes should record that the approval of the Critchlow baptism motion was given by email vote.

6I) Worship Continued

There will be an additional baptism request brought forward at the September 15 Board meeting. (Martin)


Sunday school leaders are anticipating a start-up date in October. This should allow for leaders and children to be more at ease with covid protocols. They will meet in the large open area in the CEC basement if LDS no longer meets there. The leaders, Sandra Wiebe, Jacqui Acree, Allison Bailey and Nancy Hunter, would like to use an online curriculum called “Sermons for Kids” which is geared to the year and Sunday lectionary. To allow the leaders and the church secretary access to this program, we would like the monthly expense, approximately $30, approved by the Board. The formal MOTION will be presented at the next Board meeting.


Since the details of the shared ministry worship is a work in progress and operating under corona virus pandemic protocol, we are assembling greeters, ushers, scripture readers and communion servers from willing volunteers. At this time there is no expectation that the UCW would be responsible for greeting. Some help from members of the Board would be most appreciated to fill these tasks. Cathy Ford resigned as ushering convener after serving for approximately sixteen years. Thank you Cathy for your dedication in that role. Our hope is that sometime in 2021 we will get Dawn Gardy’s assistance to assemble the various schedules from the information that we will provide to her.


We will be planning for World Wide Communion service (modified) on October 4 and the covenanting service for Rev. Chad on October 18, at our next meeting which is scheduled for September 8. Rev. John Lea and Rev. Harold Kenyon will be involved in the planning for the covenanting service.

Since the Worship Committee has been “meeting” over the past few months, I felt it necessary to report some of our discussions to the Board.


NUASM Worship Committee Report to the Board for September 15, 2020

This report highlights some points from our September 8, 2020 meeting.

A baptism request was received in June from Adam Martin and Delsie Burke for their daughter Eva Mackenzie Martin. The parents and grandparents, Diane and Murray Martin, are adherents and not official members of NUC. Bert and Lynda Lowry have agreed to sponsor the child for baptism. A motion was made and passed to approve this baptism.

Re-opening the church for Sunday services was September 6. Although it looked unfamiliar with following the covid protocol, all went well and we had a lovely commemorative first shared service at our location. There were 53 in attendance which included 8 walk ins. Seating for 83 was set throughout the sanctuary, narthex, choir loft and meeting room. Fifty-eight attended the September 13 service.


We request volunteers from the Board to help with ushering, reading or modified communion duties as we work toward rotation lists. Please contact a WC member or secretary Dawn to leave your name for any or all of these assignments.


There is no choir at this time as singing is not allowed. Music prior to, and two or three hymns during the service will continue. If we should be able to arrange for some other pianists or allowed instrumental players from outside of our congregation, would the Board support an honorarium? (Example: a bagpiper outside)


Our sound technician, Dale Elgert, has resigned due to work commitments. Judy Elgert secured Amy McCharles as his replacement. Since we thanked Nic Eu with a small gift card when he left, we would like to do the same for Dale. A motion was made and passed to purchase a gift card for Dale.

6I) Worship Continued

Services are now recorded live on Sundays with no mid-week recording. This means a few days delay to airing on NACTV but YouTube and Facebook links are generally available within one hour of the service. Thanks to our tech team for their dedication to this. They continue to work on improvements.


Altar Guild is an Anglican committee that is responsible for care of linens, silver, brass, wood, communion elements and candles. This is a wonderful extension to the Worship Committee. One Altar Guild focus is setting fresh flowers on the altar every Sunday. There will be an announcement made to invite others to contribute funds to the Altar Guild if they wish flowers presented in memory of a loved one.


Mid-week Eucharist will be in place each Wednesday at 11 a.m., starting September 16, in the sanctuary. All are welcome to attend.


The start-up date for Sunday school has not yet been determined. As mentioned in the previous WC report, the leaders would like to use an online curriculum called Sermons4kids. One leader currently subscribes to the program, at a reduced rate. We would like her subscription plus one additional to be paid. This will give each of the leaders plus the church secretary access to the program for planning and printing purposes. The program may also provide resources for the Camp in a Box program if it continues. A motion was made and passed to pay for these Sunday School costs.


The covenanting service is in the planning stages for the date Sunday October 18. We propose that the Sunday morning service be combined with the covenanting service for Rev. Chad at 3 p.m. that Sunday. This is necessary due to covid protocol requiring 72 hours between services due to our fabric pews and the schedules of the clergy representatives.

We submit expenses in the amount of $50.56 to be paid to Rev. Chad. These include sand for the commemorative urn, orange tape to mark off pews and two pieces of glass to protect tables from candle wax and water.


The next WC meeting is October 13 at 10 a.m.


Pat emphasized the need for volunteers for Sunday Church Services. Chad expressed appreciation for the work of the Worship Committee


J) Stewardship

Jane brought up the need for raising funds. Bob suggested sending fall canvas letters as we have in the past. Jane and Chad will prepare letters to accompany the financial information and pledge card. The letters are usually mailed toward the end of October.


K) Prairie to Pine Region - Susan reported.

Here are some items from the latest Prairie to Pine newsletter that might be of interest: (this is not a complete list—for that, go to the newsletter itself and scroll down. Each newsletter contains a ton of info, this is just a sampling 😊


Ministry Personnel Support Gathering

A decision was made that such gatherings would be offered every second week. The first gathering was held last Tuesday, September 08, 2020. Subsequent gatherings will be held on September 22, October 6 & 20 and November 3 and 17th, 2020. Here is the Zoom link information or you can check the Prairie to Pine Regional Events Calendar.

6K) Prairie to Pine Report continued

Orange Shirt Day September 30


On September 30, people all across Canada will wear orange shirts to remember and honour Indigenous children who were sent to residential schools right around this time of year.


Portage Residential School designated a national historic site

On September 1, 2020, Canada declared the Indian Residential Schools system an "event of national significance" and recognized Portage la Prairie Residential School in Manitoba, which was operated from 1925 until 1969 by The United Church of Canada, as a National Historic Site.

The United Church welcomes this designation and recognizes that is the result of advocacy by residential school survivors and their communities, who are determined that the history and continuing legacy of residential schools not be forgotten or repeated. Please read the full story of this important decision here. The Long Plain First Nation, on whose lands the school sits, tell us more about their response here


Notice: InfoPac is no more

For some this will be bad news: the print mailing of InfoPac to local ministries is no more, effective immediately, due to cuts to the General Council budget. One recommendation: sign your community of faith up for the various General Council e-newsletters through the link included here, so that you’ll get information about resources and updates.

Funds available for your anti-racism learning

Your Regional Council is offering the beginnings of a recommended reading and viewing self-education resource list. The Regional Council is offering up to $30 for resources of your choice, whether from this list or beyond. Please see the link above for details.


Rural Ministry Network

Catherine Christie of Abbey, SK notified us that  she and a few colleagues have set up The "United Church Rural Ministry Network", to serve the rural communities across the country. As UCRMN, they have put together a one page webpage at 

Also: --resources related to re-opening of buildings (on going)

--do we want to put an announcement regarding covenanting service? John Lea will make sure it is in the Prairie to Pine newsletter.

--Donna and I are registered for the Regional Meeting Sept 30 and Oct 7

-- a photo of the church is needed for the Regional Meeting. Brian Bailey has some photos that can be used.


L) Special Reports – nil


M) Minister’s Report Chad submitted the following report.




United Church tour


Implementation Committee / Vestry


Worship Committee


Admin / Country Meadows Devotion prep. / service recording prep.


Sunday Worship


Interview with Banner


COVID cleaning at St. James' / service recording






Canada Day!


Pastoral Support to flood victims


Pastoral Support to flood victims


Sunday Worship


Funeral prep. / service recording prep. / pastoral care / sermon prep.


Funeral prep. / service recording


Pastoral visitation / Admin


Funeral prep.




Sunday Worship / pastoral visitation x2


Admin / Funeral prep. / funeral prep. / sermon prep.


CHVN radio Interview / NACTV interview / admin. / service recording


Admin. / Mtg. with Mdsa Minister / pastoral care


Admin. / pastoral care / evening zoom meeting


Sunday Worship / pastoral care / vehicle blessing


Admin. / pastoral visitation x2 / sermon prep.


Pastoral visitation / service recording / pastoral visitation


admin. / Pastoral Visitation x2 / ordination @ St. Matthew's Cathedral


funeral / pastoral care / pastoral visitation / Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC


Sunday Worship / rectory admin. / Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC


Funeral / Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC / Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC / sermon prep.


Implementation Com. Mtg / Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC / funeral prep. / pastoral care / service recording


pastoral care / liturgical supplies procurement / Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC


Admin. / Pastoral visitation x4 / funeral prep / Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC


Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC


Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC


Sunday Worship / Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC


admin. / Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC / sermon prep.


Funeral / service recording / Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC


admin. / funeral prep. / Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC


baptismal prep. / fall planning / lunch meeting with new Pentecostal pastor / Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC


11am funeral / 2pm funeral / Pastoral coverage Mdsa UC






Sunday Worship


Sermon prep x2 / admin


Service recording x2


pastoral visitation x2 / wedding prep. / Ministerial admin.


Sermon prep x2


wedding rehearsal




Sunday Worship


study leave


study leave


study leave


study leave


study leave


study leave


Sunday Worship CANCELLED


service recording prep. / sermon prep.


Worship Committee mtg. /office admin. / pastoral contact / service recording / rectory admin.


season of creation liturgy creation


baptismal prep. / fall planning / funeral prep.




Critchlow baptism / pastoral care


admin. / moving of items from St. James' to NUC


As you can see by the record of my activities for the summer months, mission and ministry is alive and well

in the Neepawa United-Anglican Shared Ministry! It is an honour and privilege to be called to this new and vital

ministry in our community, and to be witnessing to the unity of Christ’s love as shown by Christians working

together to fulfill our mandate from Christ.


Journeying on with one another, it will be all too easy to lose sight of the joy and purpose of this ecumenical family

of faith, as many an issue and detail will provide us with ample opportunity to become distracted. I pray that as we

come to the conclusion of 2020, and look forward to our new NUASM board coming into being in January, that

we will remain steadfastly committed and focused on the strength we gain from one another.

[image]Respectfully Submitted by:


The Reverend Chad McCharles OSBCn

Incumbent Minister of Neepawa United-Anglican Shared Ministry




6N) Acceptance of all reports was moved by Bert Lowry and seconded by Judy Elgert. Carried


7. Old Business

A) Motions passed over the summer are included with the Motions at the end of the minutes. A motion was made and passed to reaffirm motions passed in the summer.

B) The Latter Day Saints missed 16 weeks during COVID shutdown. They are now using the CEC since the basement room is too small for the number in their group with social distancing. Jane will talk to them re: moving any of their stored items to a suitable location upstairs in the CEC.


8. New Business

A) Understanding CODE Orange

B) Sunday School was covered in worship report

C) Rentals

There will be very few rentals right now since the number that can meet is a maximum of 10.

D) Guides

The guides have more than 10 members. Therefore they will not be allowed to meet in the Church parking lot or inside until we are no longer in CODE Orange.

E) Church Call List

Susan reported that their group continues to call approximately 140 people. Jan, Donna and Susan are planning to send a letter to approximately 100 other people to keep in touch. Chad has prepared a letter to send. A motion was made and passed to approve the cost for mailing out these letters.

F) Funeral Cost Confusion

Bert pointed out that there are currently 2 brochures and the website with contradictory information about funerals at our Church. Bert volunteered to revise the funeral information and bring it up to date.

G) Library no discussion

H) Covenanting Service The proposed date is October 18 at 3:00. Jane will advise The Latter Day Saints that they have to be out of the Church by 2 pm that day.

I) Stewardship already covered

J) Implementation Chad is getting proofs and quotes from Provost Signs for a sign appropriate for the NUASM.


9. Moment of Levity – John Lea shared a moment of levity.


10. Next scheduled Board Meeting is October 20, 2020 at 7:00 pm


11. Chad gave a closing prayer.


12. Jane adjourned the meeting at 9:00 pm.


















#1.Motion made by Bob Durston and seconded by Judy Elgert. That the Board re-affirm the following motions passed by e-mail vote in the summer. Carried.

a) Motion: That we purchase an office chair for $135 plus taxes.

b) Motion: That we reopen for live church services on Sept. 6 following the guidelines as developed by the reopening committee.

c) Motion: That the NUC Board approve the baptism on August 30, 2020 of Elena Sheryl Belinda Critchlow, daughter of Kaiten and Brittany Critchlow, according to the requirements and procedures of the United Church of Canada.


Sept. 15, 2020 MOTIONS

#2 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Bert Lowry. That the NUC Board approve the baptism request for Eva Mackenzie Martin, daughter of Adam Martin and Delsie Burke. Carried.

#3 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Jan Bailey. That the Board pay the cost of membership for “Sermons4kids Plus”, at $9.99 US, per month. (or annual rate of $97 US per membership) for new subscribers. Additionally, cover the reduced renewal cost of the existing membership. Carried.

#4 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Bert Lowry. That the Board Treasurer purchase a $10. gift certificate for Dale Elgert, in appreciation for his work in the sound booth during church services.


#5 Motion made by Susan Phillips and seconded by Jan Bailey. That the Board approve the cost of mailing letters for the Church Call Committee. Carried.