Neepawa United Church

Sept. 17, 2019


Present: Bert Lowry, John Lea, Bob Durston, Pat Fedoruk, Donna Newton, Jane Goudie, Ella Jarvis, Nora Kaye, Brian Bailey, Jan Bailey, Linda Hart


1. Call to order – Bert called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

2. Opening Meditation John gave an opening reading.

3. Adoption of the Agenda – Bob moved adoption of the agenda with the following addition, seconded by Bob. Carried

Add 8F) Time and Talent Auction


4. Adoption of the Minutes – Bob moved adoption of the June 18, 2019 minutes, seconded by Donna.


5. Correspondence

A) Email from Judy Hare regarding Rita Friesen as Sacrement Elder

- Rita has been appointed as a Sacraments Elder for the Neepawa United Church from July 1, 2019 to

June 30, 2020 or until such time as we have a minister.

- A motion was made and passed to appoint Rita Friesen to the Neepawa United Church Board as Sacraments Elder.

B) Rita’s Activities for June, July and August


Home visits




Ctry Mead.

Sun. Services































C) Connex info for 2020 Minimum Salaries for Ministry Personnel

Pulpit supply fee will increase from $212 to $216. There will be a percent increase in ministerial salaries.
Bob will make the 2020 Budget with these changes included.

D) St. Andrew’s College – a letter asking if we want to have a College Day at our Church. Pat will make inquiries as to what this involves. We can then decide if we want to go ahead with this event.

E) Girl Guides asking for CEC basement space

A motion was made and passed to allow the Guides, Rangers and Pathfinders to meet in the CEC basement from 7 to 8:30 on Wednesdays, starting Sept. 18 to the end of May 2020.


6. Committee Reports

A) Pastoral Care – Betty Ebner sent a report of cards sent in June, July and August.

June July August

Sympathy 8 2 5

Get Well/Thinking of you 0 0 3

One year Anniv. of death 3 8 9


B) Mission & Service Donna reported on info received from Susan.

- In August, we began asking for donations for school supplies. We collected about $145, similar to last year. The money has been sent to HMK.

- In June we challenged the congregation to save their loose change to be collected during the Thanksgiving service.

- The 2019 edition of Gifts of Vision should be available soon.

- We are planning to borrow a Story Board display about the Brandon Residential School, perhaps end of October beginning of November. The display is freestanding boards with pictures and information. We plan to set up in Narthex with viewing during office hours and perhaps an evening viewing. Committee members would try to be available when the display is set up.

- We continue to read from the Minute for Mission book each Sunday.


C) Ministry & Personnel – Brian Bailey gave a report

- The M & P Committee did not meet formally over the summer. Thanks to committee member, Susan Phillips, we were able to fill the gap left while Dawn was on holidays. Thanks to Susan, along with Donna Newton, Ruth Hanke, Lynda Lowry, Linda Hart, Jan and Brian Bailey, we were able to staff the office from 9 am to 1 pm from August 6 to 27, on Tues., Wed., and Thursday. Dawn offered a short course in office management before her vacation. Thank you to Dawn for going the extra mile.

- There is still no activity in the search for a new minister. The search committee will be meeting soon to perhaps employ some new strategies.

- In the meantime, we will be using supply ministry along with our local volunteer group who have committed to providing a worship service 4 times a year. New volunteers on that committee would be welcome. Many thanks go to Ruth Hanke and Dawn Gardy, who are diligently working as the “gap committee”, filling the ministerial gap until we get a permanent minister.

- Once again, it is important to know that any concerns about the Church staff must be in writing, signed and addressed to the Ministry and Personnel Committee. Names of the M&P Committee will be posted on the bulletin board.


D) Treasurer – Bob distributed the statements to August 31, 2019

Income $100,336.98

Expenses $ 77,970.74

Surplus $ 22,366.24


- Bob recommended that the bill for the new furnace and hot water tank be paid out of operating income.


Moved by Bob, seconded by Jane that the Treasurer’s Report be adopted. Carried


E) Property John Douglas sent a report.

- Four Seasons Mechanical did the scheduled maintenance on the boiler and air conditioner. All good.

- The CEC entrance door has been fixed.

- The CEC painting in the hall is complete. The remainder is to be done in the near future.

- Neepawa Plumbing has installed the two new furnaces. They just have to be hooked up. The gas hot water tank from the CEC is to be moved into the Church.

- The CEC carpets have been cleaned by Clean Conscience. Jeff Bay will try to get remains of a stain out from downstairs.

- Rita and Doug trimmed the big spruce tree in front of the CEC.

-Touchwood has been contacted about fall cleanup.

- Brighter bulbs at the entrance to the Church have been installed.

- Pigeon proofing done and working.

- The fire inspector was at the church and gave his OK to the lift.

- John will be away Sept. 25 to 30



6F) UCW Jan reported.

- There were several funeral lunches in July and August.

- The UCW is purchasing 4 doz. 8 oz glasses for the CEC.

- The Gently Used Sale is Oct. 4 and 5. Men are needed Oct 2 for set up and Oct 5 for clean up.

- There have been no volunteers for convener for the Fall Supper. One suggestion was to have a ”supperless” supper. UCW Units are discussing this with a decision to be made at the next General UCW meeting on Oct. 2.

- UCW Units are also discussing raising the prices for funeral lunches and specifying that we can seat and serve 165 comfortably.

- There will be a Prairie to Pine UCW Meeting Oct. 22 and 23 in Winnipeg.


G) Pastoral Charge Supervisor’s Report

- John Lea reported that he enjoyed a quiet summer and mentioned that it has been one year since he started attending our Board Meetings.

H) Trustees – no report

I) Worship Committee –Pat Fedoruk reported.

- The Worship Committee met Sept. 10

- The returning Sunday School teachers are Jacqui Acree, Sandra Wiebe and Allison Bailey. They will be using a program called “Kids Can Celebrate” with the first ten weeks studying psalms. Jacqui and Allison did a thorough room clean up. In the future, they may want to repaint an existing wall mural.

- The Worship Committee recommends that the extra red chairs from the Sunday School be made available to the UCW to sell at the Gently Used Sale. We suggest a price of $5 each. A motion was made and passed to sell some of the chairs at the Gently Used Sale with proceeds going to the UCW.

- The organist schedule is in place for the next two months.

- World Wide Communion is on Oct. 6. Joe Ball is in the pulpit that Sunday and is eligible to serve communion upon written request. A motion was made and passed that Joe Ball be invited to serve communion on October 6. Pat will send a letter.

- Summer services with St. James Anglican church went well. Attendance in both July and August was favourable. We welcome feedback from the Congregation. Communication needs improvement as to who will unlock the Church doors for Sunday Service in the summer when there is no choir.

- The Membership Report to the end of June shows 220 resident and 48 non-resident members for a total of 268. The Worship Committee discussed encouraging non members (adherents) to become official church members. The recent transfer of membership of Janet Angus, at 101 years of age, could be shown as an example. The Worship Committee suggested placing information in the annual stewardship letter to promote some interest in becoming members. It was decided that Bert will include this in the letter.

- After Pat’s report, a question arose about the difference between the Registry and Membership. It was agreed that the Registry is the same as the mailing list and the Membership is the official listing of members of the Neepawa United Church.


J) Stewardship

Bert will prepare the Stewardship letter to be sent out in October. The mailing will include a Pledge Form and Financial Report. Volunteers will stuff envelopes. Bob will have the Sept. 30 statement ready.

K) Prairie to Pine Region – nil

L) Special Reports

The HIMS have started meeting again. They will be singing at Country Meadows this Sunday at the church

service and again in October as part of the UCW program.

M) Acceptance of all reports was moved by Donna and seconded by Ella. Carried

7. Old Business:

A) Photo directory

The Board decided not to undertake a photo directory at the present time.


8. New Business

A) Fall Supper

The CEC basement is available Oct. 20 if needed. It was pointed out that we cannot have the Fall Supper on Oct. 20 because the Westman Youth Choir is here that day.

B) Funeral Procedures

A question arose about what are the charges for using the CEC for a funeral lunch. There is a funeral guideline brochure and a list of funeral costs but not all situations are covered. Bert will look into clarifying the fee schedule and report back at the next meeting.

C) Westman Youth Choir Lunch

The Choir will be singing at our Church Service on Oct. 20. Colleen Taylor and Donna Newton are organizing lunch afterwards for the choir, approximately 60 people. A motion was made and passed that the Board pay for the lunch and give a donation of $250 to the Westman Youth Choir.

D) CEC Basement Rental

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are very happy with the space they are renting in the CEC basement for their Sunday services. A group of Neepawa United Church volunteers organized and cleaned the rooms in the CEC basement before the rental began. Thanks to them for their help.

E) Projector Purchase for CEC

The Board decided that they will not buy a projector for the CEC at this time.

F) Time and Talent Auction

We had an auction 4 years and 2 years ago. Bert contacted the Time and Talent Committee to determine their interest and they agreed the board should decide. Discussion resulted in a decision to hold off for this year.


9. Moment of Levity – John Lea shared a moment of levity.

10. Next regular Board Meeting is on October 15 at 7:00 pm

11. John Lea gave a closing blessing.

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 9:30 pm.




#1 Motion made by Brian Bailey and seconded by Donna Newton. That Rita Friesen be appointed to the Neepawa United Church Board as Sacraments Elder. Carried.

#2 Motion made by Donna Newton and seconded by Pat Fedoruk. That we permit the Girl Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers to use the basement of the CEC for Wednesday night meetings Sept. 18, 2019 to end of May 2020. Carried.


#3 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Jan Bailey. That we sell some of the little red chairs from the Sunday School at the Gently Used Sale and the proceeds go to the UCW. Carried.


#4 Motion made by Pat Fedoruk and seconded by Donna Newton. That Joe Ball be invited, by letter, to perform communion on World Wide Communion Sunday October 6, 2019.



#5 Motion made by Nora Kaye and seconded by Jane Goudie. That the Board pay for the lunch for the Westman Youth Choir(lunch being provided by the UCW) and that the Board make a donation of $250.00 to the Westman Youth Choir. Carried.