Meeting of the Board

Neepawa United Church

September 23rd, 2013


Present:  Brian Bailey, Donna Newton, Bob Durston, Susan Phillips, Eleanor Nicholson,

                 Rev. Peggy Reid, Kristin Wood, Rita Friesen, Maurice Kaye, Ann Nielsen,

                Heather Cummings, Ruth Hanke and Lyle Byram.


Regrets:  Brian Elgert, Judy Elgert and Ella Jarvis.


1.       Brian called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m

2.      Kristin Wood gave the opening meditation on “Thoughts of Fall’ and an opening Prayer.

3.      The Agenda was approved as circulated with a change that Kristin request a

discussion on Membership be added.  Moved by Donna Newton and

seconded by Ruth Hanke.  Carried.

4.      The Minutes of the June Board Meeting were approved.  Moved by Heather Cummings

and seconded by Eleanor Nicholson.  Carried.

5.      Correspondence –

·        Brian read a thank you note from Rita for the gift.

·        Brian read a thank you note from Wayne Zalluski for the gift.

·        Correspondence received regarding the Alberta Flood and Donations

may be made through the United Church of Canada.

·        Letter received from Joy De’athe of First Baptist Church with an

Invitation to join them on September 29th to celebrate their 125th Anniversary.

Brian to write a letter of Congratulations.

·        Brian reported that Kathryn Hofley can attend here Novembert 24th weekend.

·        Letter from Jane Jardine requesting Joe Ball to officiate at their wedding

and Brian will reply outlining our Church policy.

·     Letter from Assiniboine North Parent Child Coalition requesting use

of  CEC.

MOTION #1:  Moved by Donna Newton and seconded by Heather Cummings that Assiniboine

               North Coalition be authorized to continue their use of the CEC on the lst and 3rd

               Monday of each month until June 2, 2014 (unless conflicting with Church functions)

               at a fee of $400. Carried.

·     Letter received from Kay De’Athe requesting use of the CEC for Pathfinders

and Guides.  Brian will reply to her letter.

 MOTION #2 – Moved by Susan Phillips and seconded by Eleanor Nicholson that the

               Neepawa Pathfinders and Guides be authorized to use the CEC facilities as in the

                past until May, 2014.  Carried.

·     Letter from Pro Chem Water treatment with Company change information.

·     Brian read letter he wrote to Lloyd Baker, Treasurer of Presbytery

regarding payment of Peggy Reid for being supervising Minister.

· Brian reported that the hearing assistance with the sound system does

not work and he will look into the matter.


6.      Business arising from the Minutes:

a)      Progress on funds raised for Projector/Screen – Bob reported a Donation of

$200 was received which brings the total to $2685.00

b)      Kathryn Hofley presentation – Weekend of November 24th

Saturday, November 23rd – Session for Board on Creative Methods for

Church Finances – one hour and half.

Sunday, November 24th  - all invited to attend  session -“Beyond the Offering Plate”

and ‘Legacy Giving’ – one hour and 15 min.  To invite Arden, Brookdale and

Carberry, Gladstone, Minnedosa, McCreary.  Kathryn Hofley offered to do the

Sunday morning Church service if we wish.

c)      Hosting of theatre group on September 29th – Susan Phillips spoke on the

Fund Raising Reader’s Theatre called “Nice Women Do” with Tim Higgins

at 7:30 at the Church.  Tickets are $15.00 and Student tickets are $10.00.

7.      Old Business – No report.

8.      Committee Reports:

A)    Larger Parish (Official Board) – Donna reported Larger Parish meeting

next Wednesday, October 2nd.

B)     Pastoral Care – Ruth Hanke reported they sent out 3 sympathy cards,

4 one year anniversary of loss cards.

Tuesday morning coffee will start  in November. Information to go into the

Bulletin as well as on the web site. Ruth also reported on GAP and

Blue Christmas is December 19th.  Christmas Eve service time to be decided.

C)    Mission and Service – Susan reported that she will continue to read stories

from the M and S booklet at the Church Service. Will have the money bags

out for the end of October.  Peggy suggested that they could have “Match

Your Meal” for Thanksgiving in that you donate the same amount of

money that you would spend on your Thanksgiving.

D)    Ministry & Personnel – no report.

E)     Treasurer – Bob presented his Financial Report.

                                 Income to date                  $94,120.65

                                Expenses to date                 84,422.68

                                                 Surplus           $    9,697.97

Moved by Bob Durston and seconded by Maurice Kaye that the Treasurer’s

Report be approved as presented.  Carried.

F)     Property –

· Maurice Kaye reported on the problems with the roof.  He had

an inspection done by  Flynn Canada (formerly Wheat City Roofing).  They

have sent a quote in the amount of $31,014.00 plus GST for the work that

needs to be done.  Discussion on these necessary repairs was held.

Motion #3 – Moved by Maurice Kaye and seconded by Bob Durston that the quote

                 for the roof repairs as per quotation contract  # 003183497000 from

                 Flynn Canada Ltd. be accepted and funds from the Building Fund account.

                  Amount quoted $31,014.00 plus GST.   Carried.

· Maurice also received a quote from John’s Electric  in the amount of  $5050.00

                 plus taxes  to extend heat tape  to prevent ice build up.


Motion: #4      - Moved by Maurice Kaye and seconded by Anne Nielsen that we accept

                        the quote to extend heat tape to prevent ice dams in troughs as per

                       quote provided by John’s Electric at a cost of $5050.00 plus taxes.  Carried.

· Maurice also received letter regarding the general maintenance of

Lift.  Discussion and decided Maurice to set up a meeting with

Brandon Elevator and see what our options are.

· Brick repairs needed on west side of Church. Maurice contacted Brian

Kasprick on this matter.

· Defective Air Conditioning breaker will be replaced by John’s Electric.

· Discussion on increase in wage to Doug Guy from $12.50 to $15.50

Effective October 1, 2013 with look at an increase after Christmas.

Motion #5 – Moved by Maurice Kaye and seconded by Ann Nielsen that Doug Guy

                        receive a wage increase from $12.50 to $15.50 per hour effective

                        October 1, 2013.  Carried.

·       Discussion on Key Control – save time to open and close.  Brian

suggested he would open and close on Sunday mornings. It was suggested

that  other users designate a person to sign the key out for their meeting.

Maurice, Brian and Doug to follow this up.

·      Maurice has contacted Four Seasons Mechanical to replace defective

air conditioning valve and do Fall service check on boiler. No response

to date.

·     Maurice reported the broken window in the front door and broken

flood lights from vandals has been repaired.  The matter is now with the

Insurance company.

G)    Finance – no report

H)    UCW – Heather Cummings reported that October is a busy month

·     A food safety course on October 8th at 2:00 p.m. with Kate Wilson

·     October 9th is Fall Rally in Gladstone with a Food Safety Course

·     October 18th and 19th is Fall Rummage Sale

·     October 27th is Fall Supper

I)       Ministerial – Kristin Wood reported she has been on Course in Winnipeg for the

Fall Learning Circle.  Has had a busy month here with 4 Funerals, 1 Graveside

and 2 weddings.  She asked about Membership classes for new members.

Kristin suggests a Bible Study group.

J)       Trustees – no report

K)    Worship – Ann  Nielsen presented her report

·        Sunday School started September 22, 2013. Their theme this year is

“People of the Bible”. Vicki Elgert will be helping Kim Smith and

teaching one Sunday a month. Sunday School is looking for someone

to help with music, preferably someone who can play an instrument.

·        Youth Group reconvened on September 20, 2013 with a weiner roast

at Ed and Rita Friensen’s. They will continue to meet every 2nd Friday

after school.


·        Monthly Choir practice started September 5th and Sunday AM weekly

practice at 9:30 a.m.  We welcome our new tenor.  New members

always welcome.

·        Bob Durston called asking for a wedding financial $500 breakdown.

Funeral costs at $450.  Do we have a wedding cost breakdown???

Discussion on this matter.

·        World Wide Communion on October 6, 2013.  Kristin will talk with

Rita as Kristin cannot do sacraments at this time. Permission has to be

obtained from Presbytery and if ok’d Conference then has to give permission.

This may not be available until the end of November.

·        Sheila has $200 on hand for grocery shopping for the Sally Ann food bank.

·        Singles Pot Luck noon lunches started September 18th – the 3rd Wednesday

of the month.

·         Creation Time is part of Pentecost and our Sanctuary will see additions

 to beautify until Thanksgiving.

·        Next meeting October 2, 2013 at 5:15 p.m. We will finish the Sanctuary

Thanksgiving decor and have a fellowship pizza party following.

L)     Presbytery – Peggy Reid gave the Presbytery report

·        A report on Rock Lake Camp – 541 people (none from Neepawa)

·        Heritage Certificates are available to congregations older than 100 years.

·        Interesting idea for 9 – 10 year olds – a Drive in Movie using big

Cardboard to make “cars” – each youth makes their own car!!!!

·        Alf for Youth in Morden October 25 – 27th.

·        Retreat for young adults (ages 15 -30) in early January.

·        Youth Conference in Swan River.

·        The way the Joint Search work has changed (on a trial basis) still

have Presbytery help with the JNAC but thereafter we lose the

presbytery people and pick up ONE person from the settlement commission.

·        Peggy remains supervising minister as Sacramental Licence for Kristin

has been held up until November. Rita is licensed to Neepawa only.

M)    Special Reports –

·        Men’s Breakfast – 2nd Thursday of month at 8:00 a.m. at Chicken Corral.

·        Youth Group – 7 youth attend Weiner Roast at Ed and Rita Friesen’s

and some youth enrolled in Alf in Morden October 25th – 27th.

·        Sunday School started September 22nd.

·        Singles Group continuing with Pot Luck luncheons.

N)    Moved by Susan Phillips and seconded by Ann Nielsen that all reports be

accepted as presented.  Carried.


9.      New Business

a)      Fall supper – October 27th – UCW planning.

b)      Brainstorming Sessions –Clergy Supervision – to discuss next meeting.

c)      Covenanting Service – November 17th – 7:00 p.m.


d)      Fall Stewardship campaign – Letters to go out in October with work party to

be called by Brian.


e)      Clarification of wedding policy – discussed the breakdown as follows:

                          Organist   ~    $100.00

                           Minister ~       150.00

                          Caretaker ~       30.00

                          Sound      ~        30.00

                      Sanctuary   ~       190.00



10.        Heather provided a moment of levity.

11.         Kristin gave the closing prayer.

12.        Brian adjourned the meeting at 9:30 p.m.




Motions Carried:


1.      That Assiniboine North Parent Child Coalition be authorized to continue their

use of the CEC on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month until June 2, 2014

(unless conflicting with Church functions) at a fee of $400.

2.      That Neepawa Pathfinders and Guides be authorized to use the CEC facilities

as in the past until May, 2014.

3.      That the quote for cost of roof repairs as per quotation contract #003183497000

from Flynn Canada Ltd. be accepted and funds from the Building Fund account

in amount quoted $31,014.00 plus GST.

4.      That to extend heat tape o prevent ice dams in troughs as per quote provided by

John’s Electric at a cost of $5050.00 plus taxes.

5.      That Doug Guy receive a wage increase from $12.50 to $15.50 per hour effective

October 1, 2013.