Neepawa United Church

September 6, 2016


Present:    Kristin Woodburke, Ruth Hanke, Eleanor Nicholson Ella Jarvis, Bob Durston, Donna Newton, Bev Davie, Lynda Giannotti, Brian Elgert, Judy Elgert& Bert Lowry

Regrets:    Jane Goudie, Rowena Powell, John Forke &Lyle Byram

1:  Call to order – Bert Lowry called meeting to order 7:05pm.

2:   Kristin read opening meditation

3:   Adoption of the agenda – Bob moved adoption of agenda with addition of request from Sheila    Bremner to hold step together program in CEC from September/16 to May 2017, 2nd by Judy. Carried

4:   Adoption of Minutes – adoption of minutes moved by Bob, 2nd by Ella. Carried

5:  Correspondence – No Correspondence

6:   Committee Reports:

A)    Pastoral Care –  Report submitted by Eleanor & Ruth

For July & August 1 Sympathy card, 6 get well/thinking of you cards and 5 One year Anniversary of a Death were sent.

B)    Mission & Service -   submitted by Susan

Mission and Service:  we are meeting on Wed, the 7th to discuss the possibility of having a  representative from the Canadian Food grains Bank come and speak during a Sunday service in October.  We are also planning to invite a friend of Rowena Powell’s from the Roblin area who has just returned from Nicaragua where she worked with folks who have received aid from the Food grains Bank.  We will be meeting with Kristin to decide when this would be possible and appropriate.Presbytery:  not meeting again till Sept 22 to 23, at Rock Lake Camp

C)  Ministry& Personnel –

Lynda thanked everyone for support given to Dawn. Survey results have been collated.         Lynda and Rita met end of June and will need to meet as committee as to directions to take. Pleased with support of surveys.  Acknowledge GAP committee for great job filling  Pulpit when needed.

D) Treasurer – report to August 31/16

     Income           $ 94,798.47

      Expenses        $110,688.63

  Deficit             $  15,890.16 Moved by Bob, 2nd by Judy. Carried

 E)  Property –   to be taken over by John Douglas

    Lift fully operational waiting for official license to arrive but have ok from fire inspector to operate.  

    Carpets in CEC basement have been cleaned by M & K. Rest of carpets should be cleaned as they   haven’t been done since 2014.

 New hot water tank installed CEC August 24/16.

CEC  A/C acting up, Four Seasons just did work late last summer. Unit runs but no cool air, has only been used 3 times since it was repaired last summer. 

F) UCW –submitted by Donna, September meeting scheduled for September 7th. We did sponsor one camper to attend Rock Lake Camp. We are planning the UCW North Agassiz Prebyterial Rally to be held in Neepawa on October 6th. The speaker will be Jan McIntyre and the offering with top up will be donated to Victoria’s Quilts. Reminder – The fall rummage sale with be October 14th&15th, donated items to be delivered by Oct 13th please. Also Fall supper will be October 30th. We plan on discussing the price.

G)        Ministerial – Kristen reported she has finished study leave & exams. She presided at 3 funerals   in  August. Will have transfer services this fall. She has had 2 wedding requests.   

H)        Trustees – No report

 I)        Worship Committee – report by Kristin   

   Sandra doing more leadership with Sunday school. They would like to have children paint on walls, images from lesson.  We are getting into season of creation, will be decorating for thanksgiving.

J)        Stewardship– Kristin had no luck finding a head for committee. She will write a letter to send out

 K)      Presbytery – No report

    L)    Special reports – Youth Group – Thanks to Judy for all her help over the years, she is stepping back from weekly duties.  Sunday School bank account will amalgamate with Church bank account. Judy will coordinate with SS.

Acceptance of all reports was moved by Judy, 2nd by Donna, Carried

   7. Old business:

A)Canada Day Carnival- A thank you card will be sent to Leslie for work she did for July 1st festivities.

         B) 25 year celebration - waiting until October

         C) Pastoral Oversight visits – confirmed with Trinity meeting Nov 9/16@ noon at Neepawa. Meeting with ministers first & office staff. Lynda, Donna, Bert, Kristin & Ruth will attend.

         D) New chairs for CEC – Jane & Donna have researched chairs for CEC, they decided to try “local” and found Home Hardware have 3 chairs to choose from. One sample is available to try. Is this type that would fit purpose? Would be moulded plastic with metal legs be more suitable, at Staple’s these are $54 or folded padded chairs are $25 (according to internet, have not seen in person)

   8.  New Business:

A) Lift operation & dedication – October 2nd Coffee & tea in Narthex, Ribbon Cutting acknowledgements to be listed in book.

          B) Rental of Sanctuary to St. Dominic’s – Bert will compile letter to notify. Sunday Mass 9-10AM & any funerals.

           C) Brownies rental – Space is already booked for date requested.

           D) Other – Presbytery asked if we could host meeting for Nov 12/196. 1 day meeting need to provide meals (lunch) approximately 80 people. Donna will talk to UCW.

   9. Moment of Levity was read by Ella

 10.Next meeting October 18th@7:00

11. Kristin gave closing prayer

12. Bert adjourned the meeting at 9:45



 #1 Moved by Donna that we allow B.P.S.D. to run step together program from September/16 to May/17 for $400. 2nd by Ruth….Carried.

 #2 Moved by Kristin, That Kristin can co-preside with Father Mark the wedding of David Dreilich & Kayleigh Lavich October 22/16. 2nd by Donna….Carried

 #3 Moved by Bob, that Kristin Preside wedding request of Tyler Slewisnsky & Amanda Kopp August 12/17. 2nd by Eleanor…..Carried

 #4 Moved by Bob, That NUC provide the sanctuary to St. Dominic’s for funeral services @$300.00 less $75.00 if St. Dominic’s provides their own organist. Funeral lunches in CEC catered by St. Dominic’s will be charged $180.00. 2nd by Brian……Carried.

 #5 Moved by Donna, that we provide the sanctuary for Sunday Services for St. Dominic’s for $160.00 ( $100 sanctuary , $30 caretaker & $30 for sound system with their operator) 2nd by  Lynda…..Carried

 #6 Moved by Kristin, that NUC gist Agassiz Presbytery on Saturday November 12/16 as long as the UCW agrees. 2nd by Ella.....Carried.

 #7 Moved by Lynda, that 200 folding chairs item 4865-052 from Neepawa Home Hardware for use in the CEC, 2nd by Eleanor……Carried.