Neepawa United Church Ė Funeral Information

Why We Have Funerals in the Church
   We understand our purpose is to be about Godís work and worship, and we believe as a Christian community that in the love of God there is hope for the dead, and comfort for the grieving. A funeral or memorial service is one way for us to proclaim our trust in Godís grace, and provide an opportunity to provide remembrance and thanksgiving for the life that has now ended. We also believe that every life is Godís gift, and therefore no one will be refused the opportunity for this funeral ministry.

   It is our hope to be of help and for that reason we have put together this information, designed to answer questions and to provide you with knowledge of resources that are available to you.

Funeral Costs

Neepawa United Church is pleased to be able to offer their services to families in their time of sorrow.

Sanctuary, CEC and UCW Lunch: (includes $30.00 caretaker)                  $480 + cost of lunch
Sanctuary, CEC with NO UCW Lunch: (includes $100 hall & $30.00 caretaker)    $580
Sanctuary only: (includes organist, caretaker, sound technician, minister)               $450


Funeral Lunches:

Neepawa United Church is able to offer families the use of the Christian Education Centre, should you desire to have a gathering of friends and family following the service. Our U.C.W. will be pleased to provide one of the following lunch menus at the prices suggested below:

            Choice 1: cookies,tea,coffee/cold beverage   $3/plate
            Choice 2: fruit bread, cheese, pickles, dainties, tea, coffee/cold beverage   $4/plate
            Choice 3: open face buns, pickles,dainties,tea,coffee/cold beverage    $5/plate


After the Funeral

   As a church, we believe that what God can provide is holy and healing. Our ministry staff will attempt to keep in touch to see how you are doing after the funeral. Meanwhile, if you would appreciate a visit from any of our ministry staff, please do not hesitate to call us at 204-476-5881.

 We hope this information is helpful.


Yours in Christís name,

The Neepawa United Church Congregation and Board