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   We wish to extend our condolences to you and your family at this time. It is our hope to be of help and for that reason we have put together this information, designed to answer questions and to provide you with knowledge of resources in the community.


Theology or Why We Have Funerals in the Church:

We understand our purpose to be about God’s work and worship, and we believe as a Christian community that in the love of God there is hope for the dead, and comfort for the grieving. A funeral or memorial service is one way for us to proclaim that trust in God’s grace, in our remembrance and thanksgiving for the life that has now ended. We also believe that every life is God’s gift, and therefore no one will be refused the opportunity for this funeral ministry.

Funeral Costs:

Neepawa United Church is pleased to be able to offer their services to families in their time of sorrow. Many families ask for guidance in making voluntary contributions. We suggest a donation of $400 to help cover the cost of organist, caretaker, and the maintenance of the facilities. If an approved sound technician is necessary, an additional $30.00 is required. We suggest a $150 honorarium for the incumbent clergy. As with any donation, we will issue a charitable tax receipt.


Funeral Lunches:

Neepawa United Church is able to offer families the use of the Christian Education Centre, should you desire to have a gathering of friends and family following the service. Our U.C.W. will be pleased to provide one of the following lunch menus at the prices suggested below:

1. Cookies and Beverages at $3.00 per person or
2. Fruitbread, cheese, pickles, dainties and beverages at $4.00 per person or

3. Open face buns, pickles, dainties and beverages at $5.00 per person.


If you would like to use the Christian Education Centre for a reception catered by another group, we charge $125 towards the cost of upkeep and operation. A caterer that has not used the dishwasher before, will need instruction. And/or your catering group are expected to leave the facility as you found it.



Following the Funeral or What Next?:

As a church, we believe that what God can provide is holy and healing. Our ministry staff will attempt to keep in touch to see how you are doing after the funeral. Meanwhile, if you would appreciate a visit from any of our ministry staff, please do not hesitate to call us at 476-5881.



We annually host a joint worship service involving people from all the local churches, which we call “Blue Christmas”, or “the Service of the Longest Night”. This evening worship takes place around Christmas, often the 21st of December (the longest night), and is designed for those who have sustained a loss of any sort that makes the Christmas season painful rather than joyful. Even in grief, we find ways to worship and give thanks, but without having to pretend that we feel merry or happy in the holiday season. God loves us as we are and this service is a reminder of that light amid the darkness of the season.

In addition, as a congregation we are fortunate to be able to provide space for other groups that may play some part in meeting the needs of the bereaved.


Neepawa has a grief support group, called “New Beginnings”. This group meets regularly, offering a series of support and education evenings that many have found helpful. They work with people who have found themselves bereaved in a variety of situations. We encourage you to contact Genie Barnaby at 476-2009, or Gladys Anderson at 476-3027 for more information. The group also provides free of charge, a lending library of grief resources located at Harris’ Pharmacy in Neepawa.


In all these ways, we hope the Spirit of God will be with you to bring healing. Please know that you are always welcome to be part of the ongoing Sunday worship of our church. We meet at 11 a.m. and provide a Sunday School from September to June. Know also that you are welcome to contact the church or the ministry staff anytime you feel the need for a visit or ongoing pastoral care. We are pleased to offer these services at this time because they become, for us, an offering to our Lord.


We hope this information is helpful.

Yours in Christ’s name,


The Neepawa United Church

Congregation and Board


Revised February 2018


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